Best Backpack Diaper Bag 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Best backpack Diaper Bag

​Of course, you need to find the best one for you guys first. There is a checklist of factors that I am going to share the Best backpack diaper bag here. You’ll certainly find the inputs useful.

I’m sure most of you have used backpack diaper bags at some point. You know, the ones where you get to carry all your baby diapers?

If this is still a new thing to you, backpack diaper bags are diaper carrying bags which you can carry on your shoulders while you travel with your newborn or toddler.

 The Best Backpack Diaper Bag comes with a lot of bells and whistles. These come handy when you are traveling. You won’t have to pack everything in a regular travel bag. Plus, the top diaper backpacks provide you utmost comfort and ease.

Do you want to know what these baby backpack diaper bag brands are and what perks they have? Read this article further and find out!

 Best  Backpack Diaper Bag  2017- Comparison Reviews

Diaper Name





 Graco Gotham Diaper Backpack

 (Editor Choice)

1.8 pounds


12 pockets

Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Convertible Backpack

2.8 pounds


10 pockets

Skip Hop Baby Backpack

1 pound

100% Polyester

11 pockets

DadGear Diaper Backpack

(Editor Choice)

2 pounds


13 Pockets

JJ Cole Diaper Backpack

2.6 pounds

100% Polyester

10 pockets

Okkatots Diaper Backpack

2.7 pounds


10 Pockets

Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Diaper Backpack

2.1 pounds


10 pockets

Jeep Perfect Diaper Backpack

2.2 pounds

100% Polyester

12 pockets

Knuddelstuff  Diaper Backpack

2.8 pounds

Phthalate Free

13 Pockets

Bebamour Diaper Backpack

(Editor Choice)

1.3 pounds


14 Pockets

Best Backpack Diaper Bag Recommendations

Now that you all know the factors that contribute to making an average small diaper bag the best, here comes the next part. It is the part when you buy one suitable for your use. With heaps of best diaper backpack choices, you’ll find it hard to find one that applies to your needs.

That is where this section will help you. Below you will find short reviews of the Best Diaper Backpacks with positives and negatives. Feel free to select any one from the following.

Best Backpack Diaper Bag Reviews

01: Graco Gotham Smart Organizer System Back Pack Diaper Bag Review

Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Our first reviews on Graco Gotham the best backpack diaper bag for its durability and comfortable. its product specification, features & benefits are Noteworthy. Lets dive into it.

Product Specifications
  •  ​Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 14.5 x 4.5 inches
  •  ​Item Weight 1.8 pounds
  • ​ Material: Polyester
  •  Color: Black
  •  Item model number: GA11075

Features & Benefits

 Manufacturers used polyester for this product, and that makes it lighter than most of the diaper holders around.

Also, the material is water resistant and weatherproof. So, if you are heading out for a vacation this summer or during the monsoons with your family, this Smart Organizer System backpack is the product you will want to bring along.

Did I say “Smart Organizer Backpack”? Well, that is because it is smart and the number of pockets makes it convenient to use. You can store your baby’s necessities in multiple pockets. Have your own wallets and keys to secure? This Back Pack Diaper Bag has zippered pockets that keep your essentials safe too.

Another highlighting point is that Graco Diaper backpack comes with spacious inner pockets.

The thing that makes it one of the best diaper bag backpack is the fact that it comes with its own wipe dispenser. No, you won’t have to spend a few bucks separately to get yourselves a dispenser.

A particular benefit of this backpack is that it also comes with a removable changing pad. It allows parents to keep baby on a plush surface while changing the diapers. This plush surface is hypoallergenic, safe and non-reactive to your child’s skin.

You have a cushioned handle to carry this backpack wherever you go. Padded shoulder straps will allow you to be comfortable while you carry this thing on your shoulder to long trips.

  Things We Like

  •  Organizing things takes minutes with this product.
  •  This backpack has plenty of space.
  •  Changing station and wipe dispenser are the  striking points.

  Thing We Don't Like

  •  ​Customers complained about seam coming off.

02: Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. Legacy Collection B.F.F. Convertible Diaper Bag

best convertible diaper bag

J-Ju-Be B.F.F. is the best thing when you are searching for the best convertible backpack diaper bag. Yes, this ju-ju-be b.f.f convertible diaper bag can be used as a travel bag also. You have optional shoulder straps that you can detach when not needed.Lets Check out its Product specifications, Features & Benefits & Pros, Cons.

Product Specifications
  •  Product Dimensions: 11 x 14 x 5.5 inches
  •  Item Weight: 2.8 pounds
  •  Target gender: Unisex
  •  Material: Thinsulate
  •  Color: 3 Available Colors

​Features & Benefits

I like the fact that this one comes with Agion Coating. It is anti-microbial and keeps my kids out of harm’s way.

People can use the insulated pockets to store all the baby bottles there are. Speaking of pockets and compartments, this baby diaper backpack has what you call a “Mommy’s Pocket.” You can put all your “Lady Things” in there including glasses and jewelry.

To be precise, this small diaper bag contains 3 exterior and 7 interior pockets to store baby’s things and yours. And no, it doesn’t fatten up when you store things within these compartments. As a bonus, it comes with a nice comfy changing pad for your child.

This bag is easy to clean. It’s got Teflon exterior. So, dirt, mildew, dust and other forms of stains won’t stick on the bag’s surface. Also, you get luggage feet at the bottom of this backpack/travel bag. This protects the lower part of the bag from dust and dirt. To top it off, the bag is machine washable. Maintaining this product is like a breeze.

The warranty package places it among the best diaper bags. You get a lifetime limited warranty on this Ju-Ju-Be B.F.F. product.

  Things We Like

  •  Cleaning this accessory is as easy as it gets.
  •  Thanks to the luggage feet the bag doesn’t topple  over that easy.
  • ​ Changing pad is made of memory foam which  contours the body of the child/toddler.
  •  The bag is convertible and versatile.

  Things We Don't Like

  •  ​The bag is a bit heavier and bulky than what  normal people expect it to be.
  •  First time users may find it difficult to get  acquainted with this backpack.

03: Skip Hop Baby Forma Pack and Go Diaper Bag Backpack with Insulated Changing Pad and Bottle Packing Cubes Review

best backpack Diaper Bag

The heading for Skip Hop Baby diaper bag backpack gives a lot of features away. Polyester, the lightweight material, makes carrying this bag super easy without taking a toll on your body. It is what you call an ultimate “Travel-Friendly” backpack with various tricks stored in its pockets.Check Out its full review......

Product Specifications
  •  Product Dimensions: 16 x 8 x 14 inches
  •  Diaper Weight : 1 pound
  •  Material: 100% Polyester
  •  Target gender: Women & Men
  •  Handlebar Height Range: 3 inches

​Features & Benefits

First of all, there are interior pockets which are cube shaped. So, you can insert pretty much anything up to 15” of height. Don’t worry about space. These pockets are elasticized. They can suck up anything you through at them. For example, one can keep iPad or laptop in these while traveling.

There is a total of 11 pockets in this backpack. To go with them, you have insulated bottle holders to keep feeders and water bottles organized. The good thing is, people can pack in clothes and snacks thanks to the mesh cubes this thing has.

Skip Hop Baby Forma Pack the best backpack Diaper Bag for moms rivals even the best designer diaper bag out there when it comes to fashion and functionality. Remember the cool laptop/iPad pocket? You can use the pocket to store up the changing pad of your baby that comes along the package.

The backpack is easy to maintain. Polyester is BPA free and has no phthalates. Rest assured Forma Pack Go Diaper Backpack won’t stink even if you use this product repeatedly day after day.

I’ve seen people hanging this by the stroller of the child when traveling. This diaper backpack stays by your side even when the little child turns into a toddler plus the multipurpose use makes it one of my particular "Go to" baby diaper bags on the list.

  Things We Like

  •  This bag offers great compartmentalization and  management options.
  •  Insulation system of this backpack is top of the  line.
  •  Lightweight bag eases strains on your shoulders.
  •  You can carry all your essentials within this  product.

  Thing We Don't Like

  •  For some users, the bag felt a bit shorter than the  usual ones.

04: DadGear Backpack Diaper Bag - Black Retro Stripe Review

best diaper backpack for dads

I am down to the best diaper backpack for dads Contender number four. This diaper bag is something that will go with the style and persona of the dads. DadGear has brought out it's best small diaper bag that is easy to carry and can be used in multiple ways. Lets go below to read full review of its.

Product Specifications

  •  Product Dimensions: 10 x 12 x 18 inches
  •  Weight: 2 pounds
  •  Material: Polyester
  •  Target Gender: Both men & Women
  •  Warranty: Lifetime 
  •  Origin: USA

​Features & Benefits

First of all, you can carry it on your shoulders. There are padded straps. Since it focuses on males, the straps are well-knit and rugged to withstand much of the wear and tear.

Of course, you have stroller straps as well. These allow you to attach this backpack with your baby stroller. This frees the hands and lets you enjoy food, shop and have fun on the go while caring for your kid.

This is one of those high-end designer diaper bags minus the price. You’ve got a “Clamshell Opening System.” No, you won’t have to open it and shove through the pile to find the necessary items. Rather than that, it opens up like a briefcase. Dads can see what’s inside in one go.

DadGear is known for its padded shoulder straps and ergonomic design. The design allows you to be comfortable while on long trips. Instead of shoving everything in,

DadGear Diaper Bag features a diaper hammock that stores your kid’s diapers. Now you don’t have to be all mean and messy about changing pads.

With this, dads will have fun with baby wipes. These wipes are easy to access with the “Flap Cover” pocket on the outermost layer of this back pack diaper bag. You can take them out whenever you need, wherever you need them.

To square things off, it comes with a lifetime warranty. With the perks, backpack style looks and the price, it can be the next fashion statement for aspiring fathers.

  Things We Like

  •  Comes with a nice patterned front.
  •  Clam shell design works well to make the  navigation through items easier.
  •  The bag is bigger than most and has a ton of  space inside.
  •  Another backpack with great compartmentalized  design.

  Things We Don't Like

  •  It tends to get heavy and bulky as you put stuff  inside.
  •  It might prove too big for some people.

05: JJ Cole Backpack Diaper Bag Review

best backpack diaper bag for moms

Midway through my list and I have the best backpack diaper bag for moms from JJ Cole. It presents you with a boatload of options. Most importantly, it has grips and removable straps that allow you to carry this versatile diaper bag in as many as “Three” different ways! lets jump into its whole review.

Product Specifications
  •  Product Dimensions: 16 x 5.8 x 14.5 inches
  •  Weight: 2.6 pounds
  • ​ Material Type: 100% Polyester
  • ​ Color: 3 Different Colors
  •  Item model number: J00726

​Features & Benefits

If the previous one is for dads, then this baby diaper bag is for the moms. The clear cut design makes it easy for females to organize essentials in a better way. Polyester construction makes it BPA free and lightweight for use.

For example, the interior of the backpack features large pockets. Naturally, large and wide things go into these pockets. Even with everything packed in, you’ll be left with an extra room that you can use.

Now to the exterior as we find four different pockets here. The side pockets do well in holding water bottles. Other two are simply zippered pockets. Mothers can put essentials that need security. When the time comes, you’ll be able to find those things in a jiffy.

For the outgoing mothers, this bag features a changing pad. You can lay your toddler on top and change his/her diapers whenever you need to. It is a quick yet efficient way of disposing diapers on the go. When you are done using it, just fold it up nice and quick to store it in one of the side pockets or the in one of the inner pockets.

Remember I told you about three ways of carrying this small diaper backpack around? Well, you get a grip for strollers. Just attach it to the handle and you are done. Parents can use it with shoulder straps too. If nothing else interests you, just carry it like a standard backpack.

  Things We Like

  •  Inner and outer pockets provide lots of storage  options.
  •  Cloth diapers, cloth wipes and even wet bags can  be put inside.
  •  The “Zipper Closure” under the flap adds extra  layer of security.
  •  Doesn’t look odd or too big while people use it.

  Thing We Don't Like

  •  ​The straps can be a bit uncomfortable for some  people.

06: Okkatots Travel Baby Depot Backpack Diaper Bag  Review

best travel diaper backpack

The Okkatots – best travel diaper backpack for  is designed to fulfill all the requirements you seek in a diaper bag. It is one of the best backpack diaper bag for its lightweight – And  very comfortable to carry in everyday travel mainly due to the shoulder straps that are designed to cause no stress. 

Product Specifications

  •  Product Dimensions: 16 x 15 x 6.5 inches
  •  Weight: 2.7 pounds
  • ​ Material: Insulate
  • ​ Color: Black & Light Grey

​Features & Benefits

every time you visit the zoo or the park with your baby, carrying all the necessary things is no fuss. Plus, it has reinforced stroller straps. It provides excellent reliability.

Okkatots is a spacious travel bag. Its dimensions are 16” X 15” X 6.5”. Added to that are multiple dedicated pockets for you to store things like cell phone, laptop, etc. The pocket for the bottle is insulated. People can carry hot water and not worry about it getting cold.

The best backpack diaper bag for travel is safe for taking your kid’s stuff like pacifiers, diapers, clothes, etc. There is a pocket for storing the pacifier, and it is antimicrobial. Moreover, the changing pad and the compartment for storing dirty clothes are also antimicrobial.

As a result, you do not need to worry about any contamination. After all, your child’s safety is of top most priority. One critical feature of Okkatots Travel Bag is the main compartment. The main compartment can be fully opened up, just like you would open a book.

This allows you to pack your stuff efficiently and without compromise. The travel bag lets you carry your baby’s things in an organized and comfortable way.

  Things We Like

  •  Manufacturers have used sturdy materials in the  making of this bag.
  •  The compartment design compliments the  backpack to the utmost degree.
  •  Insulated bottle pockets hold up just fine. Even a  coffee sipper and/or a bulky bottle fits through.

   Things We Don't Like

  •  Sadly, the straps fall a bit short when I use the  bag.
  •  The bottom part of the bag is not water resistant.

We have listed Ju-Ju-Be Be Right one of the best diaper bags 2017 probably the right bag for every parent. It is designed to deliver efficient performance, especially dedicated to all the mothers. It is a very bright diaper bag, which comes in various printed designs.Lets go Forward to discover its features.

Product Specifications
  •  Product Dimensions: 12 x 5.1 x 15.9 inches
  •  Diaper Weight: 2.1 pounds
  •  Material Type:  Nylon
  •  Color: 3 Different Colors
  •  Material free: BPA Free
  •  Handlebar Height Range: 2.5 inches

​Features & Benefits

Ju-Ju-Be is manufactured with a synthetic fabric material that is very comfortable to carry. It has ergonomically curved and padded shoulder straps that provide you with comfort, so no strain on your shoulders.

Plus, the back of the bag is designed with breathable mesh covered padding. It has a lot of space and many compartments. Altogether it has 4 main pockets, 5 zippered pockets, and a mommy pocket. The specialty of the mommy pocket is that it can be unzipped entirely, which allows you to store and look for all the necessities.

Not only that, the Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Backpack has pockets for sunglass, key fob, and photos. The sunglass holder and the key fob stretch cord are included in two smaller pockets for ease of access.

On either side of the diaper bag, there are two insulated pockets for carrying bottles. As a result, you can travel without worrying about the water getting cold (or vice-versa). Plus, it has a changing pad lined with memory foam, the best kind of foam there is.

This Be Right Diaper bag is made for both the mother and the baby. The Ju-Ju-Be is made of Teflon fabric protector along with Agion protector which keeps the surface of the bag clean. Thus the hassle of cleaning the bag is greatly reduced.

   Things We Like

  •  The design is a huge plus point of this product  making it one of the top choices.
  •  Ju-Ju-Be Be Right Back Diaper Bag excels as a  backpack unit.
  •  The two Insulated pockets are the plus points of  this backpack slash diaper bag.

  Thing We Don't Like

  •  This backpack diaper bag doesn’t suit toddlers  very         well.

08: Jeep Perfect Pockets Backpack Review

best backpack diaper bag

​Our 8th reviews On the best backpack diaper bag named Jeep perfect backpack.this diaper bag more features and benefits than others. It is very comfortable to carry and perfect for travel also.Lets jump into it.....

Product Specifications
  •  Product Dimensions: 6 x 17 x 12 inches
  •  Item Weight: 2.2 pounds
  •  Material: 100% Polyester
  •  Color: Black & Grey
  •  Pocket: 12 pockets

​Features & Benefits

This imported diaper bag is made of 100% polyester material. It is very easy to carry around. The padded shoulder straps put next to no strain on your shoulders.

Plus, there are stroller loops that allow attaching the Jeep diaper bag with the bar of the stroller for easy maneuver. Jeep Perfect helps you to organize your things very

smoothly. On both sides of the backpack, there are big storage compartments where you can store additional stuff like bottles, diapers, etc.

This diaper bag has a separate pocket for storing the bottle. This very pocket is insulated, so the temperature of the bottle remains unchanged for a long time.

Jeep Perfect, the best backpack diaper bag for travel has a total of 12 compartments. On the front, there are 4 compartments where you can store smaller items and then easily reach for them later on. In fact, these pockets are so easy to access that putting things in and taking things out is a matter of seconds. ‘

Adding to that, it comes with a hard wipes case, which you can use to store diapers and then quickly take them out when needed. The Jeep Perfect Pockets Back Pack has a long zippered compartment that allows you to organize and carry stuff efficiently.

There are also two mesh pockets and a zippered pocket inside the bag. All these pockets make packing a breeze. Lastly, this diaper bag is stylish. This one feature is mainly for the eyes of the admirers.

  Things We Like

  •  The bag is perfectly in line with the price.
  •  Good for infants up to two years of age.
  •  The design is sturdy and lasts for a while.

  Things We Don't Like

  •  After repeated use, the seam might come off.
  •  I expected the diaper wipes and other  compartments to   be a bit larger.

09: Knuddelstuff 'Buckingham' Diaper Backpack Review

best diaper bag backpack

The Knuddelstuff Buckingham is the best diaper bag backpack that comes with classy looks. This backpack is made of s silky smooth material that is phthalate free. The size may seem small, but when you look closely, the backpack has a lot of space inside.Lets see its more things.

Product Specifications

  •  Product Dimensions: 17 x 14 x 4.5 inches
  •  Weight: 2.8 pounds
  •  Material: Phthalate Free
  •  Color: 3 Different colors
  •  Target Gender: Unisex, Female, Male

​Features & Benefits

This is actually a 3-way bag – firstly you can use it simply as a backpack. You can also store the backpack straps away and mount it on your shoulders using the padded shoulder straps. And lastly, you can attach the diaper backpack with the stroller for a lot easier carriage.

The bag itself is lightweight (weighs only 2.8 pounds). The Buckingham diaper backpack comes with a detachable clear bag, in which you can store either makeup (well, you know) or pacifiers. This diaper bag is equipped with heavy duty buggy clips which you can use to attach the bag with any sort of baby transport.

This best diaper backpack contender allows you to store multiple bottles. In total, there are 5 pockets for bottles – 2 large padded holders, 2 small ones and 1 insulated one. The insulated bottle holder ensures that the temperature of the bottle remains unchanged for long period of time.

It has a lot of compartments for storing all the necessary items. There is an outside compartment for storing wipes that help you get them quickly without having to open the bigger compartment. The large front compartment serves as a padded changing pad for your baby. And during other times it is a large storage area.

There are loops for storing pens or spoons, large and small mesh pockets, two dividers and a zippered wet bag for storing dirty clothes.

  Things We Like

  •  The bag presents you a lot of space.
  •  If you have multiple kids, this is the bag to go for.
  •  Compartments are well designed.

   Thing We Don't Like

  •  There should have been another side pocket for              bottles.

10: Bebamour Travel Backpack Diaper Bag Tote Handbag Purse Review

best backpack diaper bag for twins

The Bebamour is my last entry on “best backpack diaper bag List.” It has designed a very stylish, lightweight (only 1.3 Lb) and a multipurpose backpack. It is made of 100% polyester and does not necessarily need to be used as a diaper bag. It can be used as a diaper bag, tote handbag or simply a travel bag.

Product Specifications

  •  Product Dimensions: 6.7 x 5.5 x 15.6 inches
  •  Daiper Weight: 1.3 pounds
  •  Material: Polyester
  •  Color: 3 Different Colors

​Features & Benefits

This designer diaper bag has ergonomically contoured shoulder straps that make sure no strain is exerted on your shoulders even when you are carrying it all day long. The zippers are also made to deliver excellent performance. So, even with continuous use, the zippers will not falter.

Moreover, the Bebamour diaper backpack comes with a changing mat that can be stored inside the bag and stroller straps. As you can guess, the stroller straps will help your harness the backpack with a stroller for easy carriage.

The best backpack diaper bag for twins has a lot of space and can provide you with a lot of storage area. It has a large front pocket and two vertical zipper pockets. There is also a large open pocket with vertical zipper on the back and has two open side pockets.

On the inside, there are 8 more pockets, one of which contains the changing mat. Along with these, there is an insulated pocket for storing bottles. With the help of all these compartments, you can pack and organize in an efficient way. This classy multipurpose backpack comes in three colors – light khaki, yellow and orange. So you can choose your favorite one.

  Things We Like

  •  Lots of pockets keep things well-organized.
  •  If you are tall, this is the product for you with padded shoulder straps and adjustable height.
  • ​ Manufacturers have used great stitching process  to guard the backpack diaper bag from falling  apart.
  •  The fabric is very smooth to touch.

  Things We Don't Like

  •  Has small bottle holders.
  •  The “Diaper Bag” part of this backpack is meant  for newborn babies.

Why Would You Need a Diaper Backpack?

This is the first question that will pop up on your mind. I get that. A standard diaper bag can get heavy. Carrying one while you multitask is a bad idea. The solution is a backpack diaper bag for your baby that has enough storage. It keeps your hands free and takes away the stress.

When you are traveling with your toddlers, holding a bulky diaper bag may prevent you from securing your little one into the car and on the seat. Not with these special baby diaper backpacks. In fact, these backpack bags for diapers put a little stress on your shoulders. As a result, you can freely move your hands around to do the job.

Doing interesting this weekend or simply going shopping with your child? One of these backpack diaper holders will save you some strains. You can roam around and shop all you want while carrying the diapers for your toddler in a lightweight bag.

These things are especially helpful if you have shoulder pains or strains. Traditional “One Sided” baby diaper carriers place a huge threat to your shoulders. Also, you cannot really carry too much of the other necessary stuff in a standard diaper bag for your baby.

Switch to backpack style diaper bags and you’ll see there are so many things you can pack in when compared to the regular ones. With conveniently placed pockets and available space, you can take a mini inventory to travel with you. There can be a water bottle, clothes for your child, medication, and other stuff inside.

How to Select an Ideal Diaper Backpack for Your Baby?

Now that we’ve established that backpack style small diaper bags are good alternatives to the tedious big ones, you need to select the ideal one that suits you and your children. To do that, let us narrow down few indicators that you need to keep in mind to better select such equipment. Below you will find factors that make a backpack diaper bag the best in its range.

Pay Attention to the Materials the Backpack Uses

Materials of any large or small diaper bag are critical. Especially, if you want to carry the bag on your shoulders and you are traveling. While traveling, materials which conduct heat faster than usual won’t do you any good. Because, often travelers stay out in the sun for long periods.

Don’t go for portable diaper bags that are made of heavy materials too. The weight of the material will contribute to the overall bag’s weight. It will come down crushing on you while you carry that thing around.

Instead, go for bags made of lighter materials. You can carry them for a longer period without fatigue. Also, go for materials that are typically less susceptible to wear and tears. A material that fits all the categories above can be cotton or even polyester.

Some people prefer mesh pockets at the side of designer diaper bags, but it is very much a personal choice.

Check the Number of Pockets Your Backpack-style Diaper Bag Has

I am not kidding when I say to select the best backpack diaper bag have more pockets than the normal ones. I know many who don’t like too many pockets in a backpack bag. But when it comes to even the best small diaper backpack bags, more pockets keep you more organized.

More pockets mean you can put in more stuff. Try putting different items in distinct and separate pockets. You can be more organized that way. Sure it will be hard to remember all the things you put in and where you put them, but with repeated practice, you’ll get the hang of it.

These pockets need to be deep too. Otherwise, stuffing the pockets with too many things can be a problem.

The Backpack Diaper Bags with Big Pockets Work Fine

The whole point of a backpack diaper bag is to carry essentials. Ones that come with big pockets are better equipped to house big things. Don’t confuse the “Big” pockets with the “Deep” ones. These pockets are roomier than usual. You can pack a lot of stuff.

Getting all the stuff in one place eliminates the need for other bags. You won’t have to carry any extra luggage for example.

Make sure the diaper backpack you purchase keeps these pockets close to your shoulders. More than likely, baby items will be heavy. So, buy a backpack that keeps these heavy items close to your shoulders. That way, you will feel less weight coming down on you. There will not be any tiredness due to overexerting your muscles.

Check if the Backpack Has Pocket for Baby Wipes

Besides the diapers, we need baby wipes for many reasons. For one, it facilitates quick cleaning when you are on the go. So, backpack diaper bags with a pocket for baby wipes are ideal purchases for most travelers.

These pockets come without zippers. So, you can basically take out the wipes whenever you need one without wasting an extra second or two. Also, some baby backpack diaper bags come with these pockets located close to your hands.

Now we all like to use wipe dispenser of our own. You can purchase backpack bags that come with their own wipe container. Or, simply use the dispenser that you’ve purchased with the diaper bag that you buy.

Make Sure the Shoulder Straps Are Padded

With so many pockets and so much stuff, your diaper backpack bag will feel heavy. Add to the fact that you’ll have to carry all the stuff on your shoulders. For most of the parents, it is a painful experience.

However, you can avoid the pain by being a bit careful. Just buy a product that comes with padded shoulder straps. Normally, the shoulder straps are durable. But most of them are not sewed or padded perfectly. This results in discomfort. Also, these backpack style diaper bags dig deep into your necks and leave marks.

But those with sufficient padding relieve the weight and the stress off your shoulders. Also, see to it that the padding is sewed perfectly. Otherwise, the material inside will leak out. You will have torn straps to deal with.

Look at the Price

Famous backpack style diaper bags come with many perks and advantages. Everything from the material, the cushioned side, and shoulder straps to the spacious pockets have their uses.

But, these things come at a price. Some of the comfortable brands and models command more price than the others. If you want more bells and whistles, simply throw in the bucks.

You need to be careful here. Carefully consider what you need out of your diaper backpack. Do you require more space? Do you need a durable material or snug padding around the corners? Do you want the best diaper backpack that is lightweight? According to your needs, the price of these things will shoot up or come down.

It is important to strike a middle ground between your wallet and the bells and whistles you want. Too cheap and you miss out on things you need, too expensive means getting stuck with things you don’t.

My Last Thoughts on This Article

If you are a first-time mom/dad, believe me when I say getting the best backpack diaper bag is important if you travel a lot. A simple diaper bag is too much of luggage

to carry around. Instead, a backpack and diaper bag combo can do a lot more and take up a lot less space among your things.

I hope my insights on How to choose the ideal product will help you make the right purchase. These factors are the key, and I’m saying this because I have had my share of experience with these things. The price, benefits and the size of the thing have to sync up with what you need.

Even if it seems right, anything can go wrong at any given point of time. So, I’d advise you to go through best diaper bag backpack reviews whenever you decide to buy one. The reviews will tell you actual buyers’ experiences with these products. It is better to be informed rather than ill-fated with these things. Make sure you have all your bases covered.

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