12 Best Charging Backpacks: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

Best For Students

The Vancropak is small (8.7L) but packs a punch as it is lightweight, can carry a laptop and has space for books.

Best For Travel

The Yorepak is large in size (45L) and TSA approved so it can handle laptops, airplanes and everyday use.

Having a backpack that charges your phone or laptop might seem frivolous at first glance. Most of us are used to realizing that we need to charge our devices ahead of time, or we plan to bring an adapter and find an outlet at a certain location.

However, with electronic devices being involved in more and more of our everyday work, a backpack with charging port may become the rule rather than the exception.

Charging Backpack Comparison Table





Check Price

MATEIN Travel Laptop Backpack, Business Anti...

Matein Charging Backpack

32 L


College Backpack, Travel Laptop School...

Vancropak Charging Backpack

8.7 L


YOREPEK Laptop Backpack for Men, Large 17...

Yorepek Extra-Large Charging Backpack

45 L


Mancro Laptop Backpack, 15.6 inch Business...

Mancro Anti-Theft Charging Backpack

35 L


No products found.

Tocode Durable Travel Backpack With USB Charging Port



kopack Laptop Backpack,15.6 Inch TSA Approved...

KOPACK Waterproof Anti-Theft Charging Backpack

~15 L


Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack for Women...

Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack With USB Charging Port

25 L


No products found.

MR. YLLS Business Laptop Charging Backpack

40 L


No products found.

Doingbag Laptop Backpack For Men

35 L


No products found.

Fresion Men’s Laptop Charging Backpack

26 L


Tzowla Travel Laptop Backpack Water Resistant...

Tzowla Business Laptop With Charging USB Port

~20 L


SUNKINGDOM Solar Power Backpack Waterproof...

SUNKINGDOM Solar Backpack

~30 L


What is the purpose of a charging backpack?

Most charging backpacks only come with an external USB port and an interior cable to connect the port to a power source, also known as a power bank. The power bank itself is usually a separate purchase.

There are a few solar-powered charging backpacks: in full sun, these backpacks actually can provide the electric energy to charge devices. However, if you want to store the electric energy, you have to connect the solar connection cord to a chargeable battery.

In either case, charging backpacks do not themselves provide charge; rather, they make it easier to connect a device to charge on-the-go; or, in the case of solar backpacks, they provide a potential source of electric charge for those who are away from man-made energy sources.

charging backpack

Types of Charging Backpacks


As far as the charging functionality is concerned, most of these backpacks are structurally similar. However, commuters generally will want a medium-sized pack. They might especially enjoy such convenience features as a headphone port, pouches to carry drink bottles, and slots to put small items such as sunglasses or ID cards.


Travellers will especially value USB charging anti-theft backpacks—you can carry and use your electronic devices, while still protecting them from theft. Air travellers especially enjoy TSA-friendly backpacks, which allow you to open the laptop compartment completely and lie your devices flat before the scanners without taking them out of the backpack itself.


The anti-theft feature is really good for anyone. You never know where life will take you; sometimes, thieves are in unlikely places. However, those who know they will be travelling to unfamiliar places frequently or those who regularly work in a highly public environment will especially value an anti-theft charging backpack.


Hiking, running, or biking may not seem like activities that demand a phone charging backpack, but actually people engaging in outdoor activities are more likely to end up away from an electric outlet. Carrying a backpack charging station with you is a great way to be sure you don´t get stranded with no way to make a phone call. Also, even if you´re not going far, a backpack that can charge your phone allows you to listen to as much music or any other media you want to on your journey.


During a long trek outside, you may not come across a decent place to charge your phone. However, people spending extended periods of time outdoors on a sunny day are exposed to consistent solar energy. A solar backpack is a great option in these situations, and most users are impressed with how unobtrusive the solar panels are and how quickly the apparatus charges their phone.

What To Consider When Choosing a Good Charging Backpack


While charging backpacks tend to be quite similar to one another regarding the USB port structure, there are other characteristics that might vary. You still need to assess how much carrying volume you need, and how much compartmentalization you´d like. Almost all charging backpacks have laptop, tablet, and phone sleeves, but you need to be sure the laptop sleeve will fit your laptop.

Phone vs. laptop

A smartphone doesn´t require as much charge as a larger device. Therefore, a small power bank or the solar panels of a solar backpack are sufficient. If you do want to charge a large device (or more than one device), you should be sure you have a large enough power bank or appropriate connecting cords to charge a power bank with solar panels so that you can store as much energy from the sun as possible as you go.


Charging backpacks tend to come in understated colors (black and grey, most often) and have a utilitarian, gender-neutral look. Some are quite masculine-looking, and some have a futuristic quality to them. However, it´s possible to get an equally functional charging backpack in a more feminine or expressive color, such as red, blue, or green. While it´s not the majority, there are a few charging backpacks that have a nostalgically fashionable look, as well.

Weight & Durability

In general, the external USB port and power source connection cord don´t add much weight, and so charging backpacks are as lightweight as their non-charging counterparts. When it comes to durability, charging backpacks are on par with good-quality non-charging backpacks. Durability is a little more important in a charging pack, because people often carry multiple, potentially expensive electronic devices in these backpacks.


If you have a charging backpack, it´s probably because you want to carry electronics. Unless you have all waterproof electronics (or waterproof covers for individual devices), waterproofing is more important than ever in a charging backpack. It´s unlikely you will end up completely submerging your backpack or leaving it in a puddle, and so waterproof fabric and covered zippers are probably sufficient waterproofing. A water-resistant pack with a rain cover is also acceptable.


Most people do not need their backpack to have more than 30L of interior volume for daytime purposes (business commute, everyday carry, short walks, etc.). However, if you´re using a backpack for hiking or travelling overnight, you definitely need at least 40L. Also, many older students need over 30L, as well. (However, keep in mind that it is potentially injurious to chronically carry more than 20% of your body weight on your back.)

Method of Charging

In general, a power bank should have a charging capacity around 20,000 milli-ampere-hours (mAh). If you truly just need the backpack to charge your phone, then a 6,000 mAh bank might be sufficient, but you´ll want more charge if you anticipate charging multiple larger devices. You must get a chargeable battery and appropriate connecting cords if you wish to store the energy of a solar backpack as you go. Otherwise, the solar panels come with a cord that goes directly to a device, usually a smartphone.

Security Features

Most USB-charging anti-theft backpacks only have a lock on the laptop compartment. Some have double zippers with holes in the handle tabs that are suitable for attaching your own combination lock. In less secure cases, the zippered opening not locked but is located towards the back of the pack, making it hard for a thief to covertly reach. Keep in mind that front pouches, if there are any, are generally easier to get to (for you and for a thief).


Thankfully, budget is not a big issue with USB charging backpacks; they are similar in price to non-charging backpacks. All of the packs reviewed below are below $100. Vulcan Bags and HighKey are companies that sell somewhat more expensive USB charging backpacks, but even theirs are under $100.


Most USB charging backpacks are relatively inexpensive, so if a company doesn´t offer any warranty at all, that doesn´t have to be a deal-breaker. The best way to get warranty information is to visit a company’s website. Keep in mind that most warranties are limited—they only apply to clearly demonstrable manufacturing flaws in the product, not damage or wear and tear with use.

12 Best Charging Backpacks Reviewed

1. Matein Charging Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Best for = Travel, Business, School
  • Capacity = 32 L
  • Waterproof = No - Water Resistant
  • Laptop Compartment = Yes - 15.6’’
  • Anti-theft = Yes

This Matein backpack is versatile—its look and features would be great for professionals, students, and travellers—but it really seems like a slam-dunk for college students. This streamlined-looking pack comes in 7 different colors, and it has compartments and pockets of a variety of sizes, including fairly large side mesh pockets.

Ideal for the student turned traveller, it has a luggage strap on the back so that it can be attached to the handle rods of a rolling suitcase. It´s very well-cushioned - both internally, for the laptop, and externally for the wearer. The laptop compartment is deep enough to hold a laptop of some thickness plus a smaller laptop, tablet, or book.

Note that this is a backpack with a charging station only; power bank and external USB cord are not included. There is merely the external charging port which serves as a possible connection point between a power source and a device.

Also note that, while the back lumbar pocket is difficult for thieves to reach, there´s no RFID-blocking element; also, the zippers are lockable, but locks are not included.

2. Vancropak Charging Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Best for = Travel, Business, School
  • Capacity = 8.7 L
  • Waterproof = No - Water Resistant
  • Laptop Compartment = Yes - 15.6’’
  • Anti-theft = No

The Vancropak charging backpack is great for students, commuters, and professionals—depending on their capacity and compartmentalization needs. This streamlined-looking backpack comes in 6 colors.

Along with the external USB port that can be plugged into an internal power bank (not included), there is a headphone port/hole at the pack’s top. The main compartment holds the laptop sleeve and has small pouches for other items, such as tablets or smartphones.

There are relatively small side pouches, a decent front pocket, and a card slot in one of the shoulder straps. This is a low-capacity backpack, and so it´s ideal for those who only want to carry electronics and a few small personal items. (It´s not sufficient for middle or high school students who need to carry a lot of books and/or equipment for extracurricular activities.)

It´s not specifically designed to be a travel pack—it has no anti-theft or luggage attachment features, but it would certainly be small enough to fit under an airplane seat as carry-on.

3. Yorepek Extra-Large Charging Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Best for = Travel, School, Hiking, Biking
  • Capacity = 45 L
  • Waterproof = No - Water Resistant
  • Laptop Compartment = Yes - 17’’
  • Anti-theft = No

The Yorepek extra-large is a top-notch USB charging backpack for laptop and is ideal for school, outdoor activities, and travel. The pack comes in two gender-neutral color patterns.

It has external compression straps and an especially strong top handle; it´s effectively water-resistant (but not waterproof), with its polyester fabric and waterproof zippers. The back panel and suspension system are appropriately breathable and cushioned for a pack this size.

Overall, this is a backpack for those who want practicality and capacity more than fashion. Along with the external USB port (power bank not included), there is a headphone port near the top of the backpack.

This backpack is TSA-friendly; that is, it´s possible to open it in such a way that laptops (and/or other devices) inside are exposed. The compartmentalization is excellent—side mesh pouches, three internal compartments, a front compartment containing slots for small items, and a small zippered pocket in the upper front. The zippers are in doubles, so it is possible to lock them.

4. Mancro Anti-Theft Charging Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Best for = College, Business, Travel
  • Capacity = 35 L
  • Waterproof = No - Water Resistant
  • Laptop Compartment = Yes - 15.6’’
  • Anti-theft = Yes

The Mancro Anti-Theft backpack with USB charging port comes with durable double zippers on the laptop compartment that can be locked with an included combination lock.

The compartment in front of this one has several slots suitable for one tablet, two smartphones, and two pens—plus space for books, and in front of it is a small zippered space for yet another small device or belonging.

The side pockets can be closed, making them ideal for sunglasses or other small items, as well as bottles or umbrellas. The elasticated straps directly above the side pockets could be used to attach additional small items.

The pack comes in 7 solid colors. It has S-shaped shoulder straps, which are more comfortable for some. There´s an external USB charging port on one side of the pack, but the power bank itself is not included.

This backpack has simple, clean-cut look that makes it perfect for a professional commuter or stylish college student. Most users are impressed with how much stuff they can get into it and how water resistant it is. Furthermore, it´s a good size for carry-on and usually fits under seats.

We have comprehensively reviewed this brand at this page.

5. Tocode Durable Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port

No products found.

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Best for = Travel, Business, School, Hiking
  • Capacity = 35 L
  • Waterproof = Water-Resistant
  • Laptop Compartment = Yes—17.3’’
  • Anti-theft = Yes

The Tocode Durable Travel backpack is an incredible value. Not only does it have an external USB port, but is also comes with a password lock that can be used on the double zippers of the laptop compartment (or another compartment, if you want).

This backpack has excellent compartmentalization. There´s a laptop compartment with straps to stretch around a laptop (and possibly a tablet, too) for a stable hold. The compartment in front of this has pockets for two smartphones and plenty of space. There are then two more zippered pockets in front.

The pack comes in four color patterns, but all are black or grey, and the overall look of the pack is relatively masculine. The suspension system is excellent and includes a chest strap; the back panel is soft and breathable.

There are D-rings on the shoulder straps and attachment points along the front of this pack, including the compression straps. This backpack is one of the best on this list for hiking, and it has everything a student could want.

6. KOPACK Waterproof Anti-Theft Charging Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Best for = Business, Travel
  • Capacity = ~15 L
  • Waterproof = Yes
  • Laptop Compartment = Yes - 15.6’’
  • Anti-theft = Yes

The KOPACK is a great USB charging backpack for work—whether work means staying in an office or being on the move all day. It comes in two color patterns: dark grey and light grey. Its minimalistic exterior shows that it´s more for utility than fashion; accordingly, fewer openings contribute to both its waterproof and its anti-theft functionalities.

It even comes with a rain cover to ensure waterproofing, and it has reflective strips for added safety in cloudy or night-time conditions. Therefore, this is perfect for those who anticipate long walks in the rain with multiple electronic devices in their backpack.

This is also an all-around great travel backpack: along with its hidden zipper line (anti-theft), small size, and suitcase attachment strap—it is TSA-friendly, as well. The external USB port is comparable to those of other charging backpacks.

The interior has sleeves for at a tablet, a laptop, smartphones, and pens. The back of the pack has secret pouches for cards and other small accessories.

7. Modoker Vintage Laptop Backpack with USB Charging Port

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Best for = School, Esp. College
  • Capacity = 25 L
  • Waterproof = No - Water Resistant
  • Laptop Compartment = Yes - 15.6’’
  • Anti-theft = No

The Modoker Vintage Laptop backpack comes in 3 colors and has an attractive, traditional look, with leather straps and buckles on a top flap that covers the 2 main zippered compartments. (The flap is actually closed by snaps, however.)

Strips of leather trim and golden zippers make this an unusually stylish backpack. The main compartment has padded sleeve with retaining strap for a laptop. The second compartment in front is large enough for a tablet.

Overall, there´s moderate compartmentalization—ideal for the student who wants to keep devices in place but yet needs plenty of free space for the belongings needed on any given day. With its moderate size and stylish appearance, this backpack could be an excellent everyday carry bag—especially for those who want/need to bring their devices with them at all times.

Of course, the external USB port makes it easier than ever to use electronic devices anywhere. It probably doesn´t have the volume needed by many high or middle school students, however.

8. MR. YLLS Business Laptop Charging Backpack

No products found.

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Best for = School, Travel, Hiking
  • Capacity = 40 L
  • Waterproof = No - Water Resistant
  • Laptop Compartment = Yes - 15.6’’
  • Anti-theft = Yes

The MR. YLLS is a great value as an anti-theft usb charging backpack. It comes in two fairly similar color patterns—black and grey. Either way, the overall appearance of the bag is gender neutral and attractively utilitarian.

As an anti-theft feature, there´s a flap with snaps that covers the zippered main compartment. It has good-sized side pockets that have snap covers over them. This pack has an excellent build: the laptop compartment is well-padded; the fabric of the pack is both highly water-resistant and scratch and abrasion resistant; even the interior fabric is waterproof; and the buckles are metal.

There are interior pouches for small items and a small zippered front pocket. The external USB port is comparable to those of other charging backpacks. As a bonus, this pack comes with a 1-year warranty. This bag is a great charging backpack for school—middle up to graduate school. It is also a good size for carry-on and the anti-theft features are a plus for travellers.

9. Doingbag Laptop Backpack for Men

No products found.

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Best for = School, Business, Travel
  • Capacity = 35 L
  • Waterproof = Yes
  • Laptop Compartment = Yes - 15.6’’
  • Anti-theft = No

The Doingbag Laptop men’s backpack comes in one pleasant color: coffee. While this is labelled as a men’s backpack, it could also be seen as gender neutral. In addition to an external USB port, there´s a headphone port (small opening through which you can string a headphone cord), as well.

The waterproof fabric along with the protective flaps over the zippers make this one of few waterproof charging backpacks. The interior build is simple but effective: there is a laptop sleeve in the main compartment and space for tablets and books; there´s also a small zippered pocket at the top of the main compartment ideal for keeping a smartphone safe but within reach.

There are open side pockets, and two front zippered pockets—one with a covered zipper and a smaller one that zips vertically. This pack is great for the student who doesn´t need a lot of volume, the professional commuter; or is just a great everyday carry bag, as well.

10. Fresion Men’s Laptop Charging Backpack

No products found.

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Best for = Travel
  • Capacity = 26 L
  • Waterproof = No - Water Resistant
  • Laptop Compartment = Yes - 17.3’’
  • Anti-theft = Partially

The Fresion Men’s Laptop Charging Backpack only comes in black and has a streamlined, utilitarian look; it would certainly work for women but definitely has a good look for men. It can stand on its own and has a suitcase strap. It´s also TSA-friendly.

This backpack doesn't actually have anti-theft features, but it does have double zippers which can be locked closed with your combination lock. It has a well-cushioned suspension system and back panel, along with a soft but substantial top handle. There are sleeves with retaining straps in the back compartment for a laptop and for a tablet.

In front of that is the largest compartment that can bit personal belongings almost like a little suitcase; in fact, all of the zippered compartments on this backpack open completely—like a suitcase. There are two small front zippered pockets for small items, and two good-sized side pockets.

There´s also a zippered card slot in one of the shoulder straps. The external USB port is comparable to that of other charging backpacks. In general, this backpack is great for travel and is suitable as carry-on.

11. Tzowla Business Laptop with Charging USB Port

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Best for = Travel, Business, School
  • Capacity = ~20 L
  • Waterproof = No - Water Resistant
  • Laptop Compartment = Yes - 15.6’’
  • Anti-theft = Yes

The Tzowla is an anti-theft USB-charging backpack that comes in 3 solid colors and has an overall gender-neutral design. Unlike most other charging backpacks, the Tzowla has a headphone port attached to the external USB port; some users may find that this makes headphone wear less tedious than with the normal headphone port, which is really just a connection opening to the bag’s interior.

The spacious laptop compartment comes with a combination lock on the zippers. The large compartment in front of this has sleeves for a tablet and smartphones. The side pockets can be snapped closed with small leather belts—a great feature if you want more carrying space, rather than bottle holders. (That said, the side pockets can be opened and work fine for bottles, too.)

This pack also has compression straps that could double as connection points to carry items on the exterior. There is a suitcase strap on the back, as well. All in all, this is a very versatile backpack, suitable for students of all ages, professionals, and travellers. An added bonus is Tzowla’s LifeTime Quality Commitment and 24-7 customer service.

12. SUNKINGDOM Solar Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Best for = Hiking, Travel
  • Capacity = ~30 L
  • Waterproof = No - Water Resistant
  • Laptop Compartment = Yes - 15.6’’
  • Anti-theft = Slightly

The SUNKINGDOM Solar backpack is the only battery-charging backpack on this list, being fitted with a 12W solar panel to provide electricity. Also, unlike the others on this list, the USB port is inside the pack. This makes sense, though, considering that the power source is outside the pack.

The emphasis is not so much on being able to have external charging as on having a power source. The suspension system and back panel is very cushy, a feature that makes this pack comfortable for long-time wear.

The far-back position of the zipper provides some theft protection. There is also a large, cushy top handle. There is one main compartment that has the laptop sleeve and also open and zippered pouches suitable for tablets, smartphones, and other electronics.

There are slots (potentially for sunglasses) on the shoulder straps. An advantage of this simple structure is that you can hook any device inside the backpack to the power source. Overall, this is a great buy for someone who fears losing the ability to charge his/her phone during a long outdoor adventure.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is it vital for my charging backpack to be anti-theft?

No, it is not vital. You may be someone who is fortunate enough to spend most of your time in thief-free environments; maybe you seldom have expensive devices in the backpack—you just wanted a way charge your phone while keeping it in your hand. However, anti-theft features are good to have, and most of these mechanisms can be disengaged if you don´t want to bother with them.

How much power can a charging backpack typically hold?

In general, a power bank with around 20,000 mAh is large enough to charge a tablet and smartphone, but if you want to charge a laptop, you will probably need a power bank with more charging capacity (around 50,000 mAh). These usually are physically larger, though, so they will take up more space in the backpack.

Which brands of phones and tablets can be charged?

All phones and tablets can be charged. Most of these devices come with a charging cord that goes into a USB drive, so that the phone or tablet can be charged (or share information) with a computer. Many times, the USB end goes into an included adapter that allows you to charge the device in a household outlet. All you have to do is take the adapter off and plug the USB end into the backpack port (assuming you have already plugged the charged power bank into the interior of the port.

Where can I buy good quality charging backpacks?

Amazon offers some of the best deals on backpacks. However, Walmart, Dresslily, and Groupon also offer some good deals, too. Also, to get a sense of what's out there, you could visit the company websites of brands mentioned in this article.


Ultimately, it´s up to you to decide whether or not you could benefit from a charging backpack. If you´re not much of a techie, having a phone charger in your backpack may seem like too much trouble, or having an external USB port may seem unnecessary.

However, if you´re a busy commuter who wants to work on the way to work or a student who needs a laptop or tablet almost constantly, an external USB port may be a convenient and fashionable way to keep life moving.

  • Updated April 16, 2021