Bago Lightweight Backpack Review: The Complete Guide

If you travel regularly and you struggle to find bags that can be used as a carry-on bag, you may want to invest in a Bago backpack.

This is because Bago backpacks are designed to be used for travelling – but if you want to find the right Bago backpack, it can be useful to read some reviews first.

After all, there are a few different styles and sizes to choose from – but thankfully we’ve got your back. Here is our complete Bago backpack review.

Bago backpack

What Makes The Bago Brand Popular?

Overweight charges, limited baggage space, bulky suitcase...

The Bago backpack is very popular with travellers and commuters. This is because the Bago backpack has been designed for on the go use; it’s very light, with most models weighing less than 0.4 pounds. So even if the backpack is full, it still shouldn’t be too heavy!

It’s also very easy to fold the backpack away if you don’t need to use it anymore; every design comes with a foldable feature that means it’s easy to pack the bag anyway. In fact, you can even fit the folded backpack in a large pocket!

This is ideal travelling, but that isn’t all; it’s also well-suited to camping trips and commuting to work. This is because you can use the bag to carry your lunch and water, and once you have eaten you can easily put the bag in your pocket (or your work backpack).

The backpacks are also very well made. Most of the designs are made from a durable nylon honeycomb material that’s very resistant to ripping, so you don’t need to worry about the bag tearing if you fill it to maximum capacity.

The designs also have two-way zippers that make it harder for thieves to get inside – which is perfect for public spaces such as the airport!

Finally, the bags are designed to be ultra-convenient. Instead of being filled with multiple internal pockets that are hard to access, this backpack has both internal and external pockets that make it easy for you to stay organized.

This includes large external pockets that can be used to store water bottles and bike locks, as well as more secure internal pockets that can be used to store your passport and keys.

Who are Bago backpacks made for?

Bago backpack review

Bago backpacks are made for adults and young adults who live life on the go.

This includes people who travel the world and fly regularly, as well as commuters and hikers who need a durable, sturdy backpack that is convenient and affordable.

This is because Bago backpacks are not designed to be expensive, or luxury; instead they are designed to be useful and affordable.

Yet despite this, the bags are very durable – they can last for years or even decades without becoming damaged, which is partially due to the high quality, rip-resistant fabric that they’re made from.

However, it’s worth noting that Bago backpacks aren’t really suited to children. This is because the backpacks are fairly large, even though they’re very lightweight – so they’re probably too big for small children. However, they are perfect for teenagers and adults who need a practical, useful backpack!

What We Looked At: Bago Bag Buyers Guide


If you want to buy a high-quality backpack that won’t become damaged or ripped, it’s important to look for a backpack that’s made from a high-quality material. Thankfully all Bago backpacks are made from a rip-resistant fabric that ensures that the backpack will last for months or even years…. Even if you’re using the backpack every single day.


A high-quality backpack will also have comfortable straps. For instance, the straps could be padded to help distribute weight, even across your shoulders, or they could be wide straps to stop them from digging in. Most importantly the straps should be adjustable, as this means that you can adjust them to fit the height and shape of your body.


It’s also important to consider the size of the backpack. If you’re using the bag as a carry on bag you’ll need to make sure that it’s within flight regulations, but if you plan on only using the backpack for hiking and camping trips you may want to go for a larger backpack that will easily be able to fit everything you need inside.


You should also think about how many compartments the bag has, especially if you like to keep organized. After all, some backpacks only have two internal pockets and one external pocket, which is enough for a day at school – but it probably isn’t enough for a hiking trip or a plane trip.

So you may want to find a bag with at least a few internal and external pockets if you will be using the bag to travel with regularly.

Style Options

Style is also very important to some people, and if this is the case for you, you may want to find a bag that’s both practical and fashionable. This could mean looking for a bag that fits your style (such as a grungy bag, or a sporty bag), or it could simply mean finding a bag in a color that you like.


Some backpacks also come with a warranty (in fact, some backpacks even come with a lifetime warranty!), which is very useful – although it is important to note that lots of high-quality bags don’t come with any warranty. So while this can be a useful indicator of quality, it isn’t necessarily a deal breaker.

Bago Backpack Reviewed

Here we will be reviewing the most popular Bago backpack.

Bago Lightweight Foldable Backpack for Travel and Sport

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Waterproof = Yes
  • Number of Compartments = 6
  • Laptop Sleeve = No (But Can Hold A Laptop)
  • Colors Available = 7 Colors Available
  • Size = 25 Litres
  • Warranty = 30 Days

This Bago backpack design is the by far the most popular Bago backpack – which is probably due to the cool features. The bag is extremely light as it’s made from light melange polyester fabric, but that isn’t to say it is a small bag; in reality, the bag can hold up to 25 litres, which is very impressive!

The bag is also collapsible, so if you’re not using it you can easily store it in another bag (or even your pocket!). This is very useful for people who are travelling, as extra items can really slow you down and ruin the trip.

The backpack has lots of pockets, which makes it easier to stay organized on the go. This is ideal for travelling as it means you don’t have to spend ages searching through your bag looking for your passport or your water; instead, you can store specific items in specific external pockets so you can find them within a matter of seconds.

One of the only downsides to this backpack is the size. The backpack is quite large, so it isn’t really suited to children (although it should be fine for teenagers and adults). However the size is definitely a benefit for people who have lots of things to carry with them, so this could be a pro or a con depending on your needs!

The bag is also waterproof, making it ideal for fishing, hiking and camping trips.

Another one of the benefits of the backpack is how affordable it is. This particular design is around $25, which is very cheap when you consider how many features the backpack comes with.

There are also two other Bago backpacks (a leather design and a college design). Both of these models are very stylish, but they’re not as practical as the original Bago backpack; neither design is waterproof, and neither can be folded away.


  • Lightweight at about 6 pounds
  • Convenient design
  • Compact and foldable
  • Available in 4 colors


  • The outside pockets are too small to fit a pair of sneakers.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Are Bago backpacks good quality and durable?

Yes, they are! They’re made from a durable, waterproof fabric, and the zippers are high quality so they can last for years without becoming damaged.

Are Bago backpacks good for school?

Yes, they are. This is because they’re very light so they’re easy to carry. They’re made from waterproof material to protect the contents, and if you want you can easily fit a laptop inside.

I need a large backpack. Will this brand be good for me?

Bago backpacks are fairly large – after all, they are designed for travelling! This means they’re ideal for flights and short hiking trips, but if you are planning a week-long wilderness trip you may want to go for a larger backpack.

Can you take this backpack + a carry on bag on airplanes?

Yes, you can! Bago backpacks are designed to meet US carry on rules and regulations, so you should be able to take it on your next flight without any problem.

Bago backpack foldable
How do you wash or clean a Bago backpack?

Your Bago backpack will come with washing instructions on the label. Make sure to follow these instructions so that you don’t damage your Bago backpack.

Where can you buy backpacks at cheap prices?

You can buy Bago backpacks for less than $30 at Amazon, which is very affordable! We also sell other Bago backpack designs, including a leather design that’s very stylish.


Bago backpacks are durable, high-quality backpacks that are perfect for travelling, hiking, work or college. This is because the backpacks have lots of space inside, and there are lots of pockets to help you stay organized. But most importantly Bago backpacks are affordable, so if you want to buy one you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank.

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