Best Backpacks for Travel 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guides

If traveling is your passion, then a backpack is the very initial gear to get started on your journey! It’ll be with you all the way while traveling. Hence, you need to ensure that it can carry every necessary thing you need for the journey.

But choosing a backpack for your traveling purpose is not such easy task to go to the market and pick one. Our primary goal is to find you the best product available in the market without causing you any effort, and here I've gathered the best backpacks for Travel that will help you figure out the perfect one


Best Backpacks for Travel - Comparisons 

Backpack Name





Hikpro Backpack For hiking, travel, School, Daypack

19.95 liters

Ballistic Nylon, Mesh, Polyester.

SANYA K backpack For Laptop & Travel 

35 Litres

Mesh, Polyester.

Outlander Lightweight Backpack  Travel, Hiking & Daypack

35 Litres

Mesh, Polyester.

Mardingtop Backpack For Camping,Travel & Hiking 

30 Liter


Vihir  Backpack For Travel & Hiking 

40 Liters


OutdoorMaster Backpack For Camping, Travel & Hiking

50 Liters

Nylon & Polyester.

SwissGear  Backpack For Travel & laptop

40-45 Liters

1200D ballistic polyester

Osprey Farpoint Travel Backpack

50 Liters

210D Nylon

Mountaintop For Hiking,Clibming, Campaign, Travel

60 Liters

Soft Nylon

Mountaintop For Hiking,Clibming, Campaign, Travel

70+10 Liters

1000 Denier Nylon.

 Best  backpacks for travel 2017-Reviews

01: Hikpro Ultra Lightweight Backpack 

Best backpacks for travel

The Ultra Lightweight Packable Backpack is the recent evolution to offer tech-optimized transport solutions. It is aimed to meet the demand around the globe. Hence it is simply one of the best backpacks for travel the manufacturers ever made. Featuring dedicated compartments along with intelligent organization for extra accessories it provides a customization fit and stable support while you are on a trip.

Product Specifications
  •  Product dimensions: 20 x 15.5 x 2.8 inches.
  •  The weight of this product: 2.4 pounds
  • ​ Item Model Number: KT-01-01
  •  Origin: USA.
  •  Material: Ballistic Nylon, Mesh, Polyester.
  •  Color: Available in Black Color.

Features & Benefits:

First of all, it's a faithful travel backpack that carries all your important stuff featuring 3 zippered compartments.

​This is a heavy duty handy backpack that is ultra lightweight while empty and hence helps you to avoid extra weight.

​Besides, you will get a long lasting service with the backpack featuring water resistant and high-quality nylon material.

​It is a handy backpack being portable and foldable. You can fold it up into even a small pocket.

The Ultra Lightweight backpack will be the most comfortable for you providing the wide breathable shoulder straps.

   Things We Like

  •  Comfortable to carry.
  •  Easy to fold up.
  •  A faithful travel organizer.
  •  Roomy and large enough.

  Thing We Don't Like

  •  The inside lining is shredded.

02: SANYA K Backpack Review

best backpacks for travel

Here I’m introducing you to the 2nd member of the SANYA K Backpack. This is a casual backpack that is compatible, versatile, ergonomically designed and fits with anybody. Besides, it has a huge dimension to carry all your important chores with the laptop. So, let's drive into the features.

Product Specifications
  •  Product dimensions: 16.5 x 11.8 x 7.1 inches.
  •  The weight of this product: 0.65 pounds.
  •  ASIN: B00FUWST60
  • ​ Origin: USA.
  • ​ Material: Mesh, Polyester.
  •  Color: Available in 5 Colors.

Features & Benefits:

SANYA k is a multifunctional and stylish bag for comfort and durability. Therefore, it's a versatile backpack for you.

It comes up with a massive storage. So, while traveling, you will get all the room you need.

The backpack is also electrically included. That's why it can be a special place for your small electronics.

It has added a laptop pocket so that your laptop remains safe while traveling.

Another important feature is the backpack is ergonomically designed. So, it removes your back pain.

Overall, the quality of this product is impressive. Moreover, this product successfully passed our test, and hence you can use it for your traveling purpose.

  Things We Like

  •  Easy to lock and secure.
  •  Easily adjustable with your straps.
  • ​ A well-constructed bag for a man with multiple  chambers.
  •  Lightweight and comfortable to carry.

  Thing We Don't Like

  •  This backpack is not waterproof.

03:  Outlander  Lightweight Backpack 

Best backpacks for travel

If you are in the market to look for a casual daypack for travel, then this Outlander Packable Daypack is a must thing to consider. It’s a simple but stylish backpack perfect for outdoor or traveling. It's even perfect for your day to day use. Besides for the super minimalist who makes every gram count it's the best choice for them. 

Product Specifications
  •  The weight of this product: 0.55 pounds.
  • ​ Origin: USA.
  • ​ Material: Mesh, Polyester.
  •  Color: Available in multiple Colors.
  •  Product dimensions: 19 x 13 x 8.2 inches.

Features & Benefits:

The Outlander backpack is water resistant. The nylon fabric of it is highly rip and hence it would provide long lasting performance with the minimal weight.

​This is a compact bag that can fit anywhere. Therefore, this is a great gift for everyone.

​On the other hand, this backpack is roomy and can hold up to 35 liters. You can use it as a carry on for excess baggage.

​It features a classic shape along with several pockets. So, you can manage storage and keep things organized.

If you be a bit choosy for colors, then you are lucky because this item offers you many colors to choose.

   Things We Like

  •  The backpack provides your kit the highest  security.
  •  Keeps all necessary chores organized.
  •  Very compact and lightweight backpack.
  •  Durable and environment-friendly.

   Thing We Don't Like

  •  A bit narrow at the bottom

04: Outdoor Master 50L Backpack 

best backpacks for travel

The OutdoorMaster is a stylish bag that is sure to make your traveling experience much better and more efficient. This bag is larger enough and available in multiple sizes, and one of the best backpack for travel and hiking whereas other similar category product may be more expensive. It's perfect for traveling, and the lightweight allows the opportunity of not spending more than needed storage.

Features & Benefits:

​This is a spacious backpack that comes with many pockets. Therefore it's great for travel or hiking.

Moreover, it provides a capacity of 50 Liter and has a dedicated pocket for the rain cover.A dedicated rain cover is provided to protect your head from rain.

​Since the backpack is made with lightweight materials keeping your comfort in mind, you'll find it a compact and comfortable one.

Pockets within pockets can keep everything organized. And you would find it very effective while on the go. Besides, it offers compartments for business card, pens or folders etc.

This pack is a great way to organize, protect and haul your every gadget. If you be a guy like me who doesn’t want to be parted away from his tablet, smart phones or laptop even while being on the road then it would be the perfect choice for you.

Moreover, it’s been the most sold product and has a high rating online. So, don’t waste your time. If this product satisfies your necessity go here and know all updates and price about it.


  • It's Side all for carrying.
  • Waterproof and Ideal for hiking,Travelling.
  • Available multiple colors
  • Perfect for all purposes.


  • Some of the users noticed the headphone portal doesn't go anywhere.

05: Mardingtop 30 Liter Travel Backpack Review

best backpacks for travel

Having multiple compartments to keep various things comfortably on your shoulder the Mardingtop backpack is very helpful for you to make your daily life easier. Besides, this backpack can be used for both men and women. Because of, it's attractive and unique features we have kept this backpack at the top of our list . Hence, if you set your mind to buy a bag, it's a must to check. Let's know more about the features it provides

Product Specifications
  •  Product dimensions: 13.4 x 8.8 x 17.7 inches.
  •  The weight of this product: 3.25 pounds.
  • ​ ASIN: B00CF5OGP8.
  •  Origin: USA.
  •  Style Name: Orange Interior.
  •  Color: Black.

Features & Benefits:

The Mardingtop, 30 Liter backpack, comes up with SBS brand zippers to zip and unzip easily.

The adjustable sternum strap is perfect for your body, and it comes with emergency whistle buckle.

Outstanding 2 long padded areas on the back promotes air circulation through your back.

Most importantly, You will get a long lasting service with the backpack since it features water resistant and high             quality nylon material.

It is a handy backpack being portable and foldable. You can fold it up into even a small pocket.

If you need a versatile pack that would be fantastic for your day to day errands, we highly recommend it. This backpack guarantees you that it saves as much weight as possible and also saves your money. So, enjoy your traveling while on vacation with this Mardingtop Backpack.

    Things We Like

  •  The backpack provides a huge capacity
  •  Good for people of all ages.
  • ​ Comfortable to carry and easy to clean up.
  •  It offers your essentials the highest safety and  security.

    Thing We Don't Like

  •  Shoulder straps of the backpack may become  longer       for short people

06: Vihir 40 Liter Travel Hiking Backpack Review

best backpacks for travel

The 5th item of our list of the best backpack for travel 2017 is the Vihir 40 Liter backpack. This backpack was designed with a perfect combination of size, shape, durability and storage friendly. However, if the quality is your highest concern you may have a check on the backpack. Because this is a high-quality backpack and the manufacturer designed it especially for hiking.

Product Specifications
  •  Product dimensions: 15.4 x 9.4 x 20.1 inches.
  •  The weight of this product: 2.62 pounds.
  • ​ ASIN: B01LZYM64G.
  • ​ Origin: USA.
  • ​ Capacity: 40 L.
  •  Color: Black, Red, and Grey.

Features & Benefits:

​You will be surprised knowing the huge capacity it provides. The pockets help you keep things orderly.

​The breathable back system promotes upper body mobility and ventilation.

​The backpack is also electrically included and Hence it can be a special place for your small electronics.

​Premium accessories provide an utmost safety for outdoor adventure.

​Indeed, was designed to be functionally versatile and comfortable for any purpose that's why it's a perfect companion.

Interior and exterior organizer contain mesh pocket with strong zipper and a flap over the main compartment with a buckle closure. That makes the backpack strong and also roomy.

If you are travel lover, then I suggest you try the backpack. However, I ensured it’s a quality bag with an enhanced durability and the rating of this pack says it's the best for travel made yet. Therefore, I guess this product will meet all your expectations and needs.

    Things We Like

  •  A multi-function backpack.
  •  Perfect for using on a rainy day.
  • ​ Suitable for a day to day use.
  • ​ Available at an affordable price.

   Thing We Don't Like

  •  The side pockets are a bit small.

07: SwissGear Travel Gear Backpack Review

Best backpacks for travel

The Swiss Gear backpack is mainly a travel backpack. As this backpack is listed on our best backpacks for travel both men and women can use it. If you love traveling or fond of going countryside for few days then, I suggest you use this bag. Let us see the other features of this travel bag.

Features & Benefits:

The SwissGear is made with polyester materials to withstand harsh conditions.1200D ballistic construction makes it water resistant and durable.

​It comes up with a laptop part to carry up to your 17 inches laptop.

​​This pack provides contoured shoulder straps with side compression for comfort.

​Swiss Gear has an impact protected front panel that serves to protect the bag in case of drops or falling during your travels.

Automatic pressure equalization valve functions like a mini robot and it avoids the backpack from being heavier while carrying lots of things.

If you need a backpack that is easy to carry and ensures the utmost protections of your necessary chore then this one is just the thing you are looking for.

Besides, it has a high rating that says most of the users found it useful. I can assure you that if you buy this product your money will never go in vein. Hence I guess it’s a must buy for you, if your requirements matches with this product. I wish it to be a good buy for you. Whatever, if you have more questions about this product go here.

   Things We Like

  •  An abrasion resistant and waterproof backpack.
  •  This bag includes laptop part.
  •  Speed through airport security.
  •  It offers an extended durability.

    Thing We Don't Like

  •  If you carry the laptop, it kills a lot of space.

08: Osprey Farpoint 55 Travel Backpack Review

Best backpacks for travel

The Osprey Farpoint 55 travel backpack is  for  perfect for a long weekend travel. This backpack is designed in such a way to carry up to 50 pounds. Honestly speaking, for a long day trip or hiking, no other backpack is going to be better than this. Therefore, if you ever wish for a trip feel free to ready your gears and start your journey with this Osprey Farpoint 55.

Features & Benefits:

The Osprey Far point 55 has a lightweight as well as compatible wire frame suspension that transfers  your load from the harness to hip belt.

Another important aspect of this product is the dual compression straps during transit that keeps the  cargo from shifting.Zippered lockable sliders to protect the main compartment.

Besides, mesh on the harness reduces the load and the back panel improves ventilation.

This backpack also has an internal dedicated TECH SPOT sleeve for keeping laptop or tablets. So, you can keep your laptop or tablet very securely in it. It also has dedicated media pockets.

Overall, the Osprey Far point 55 backpack is good for its price. Also, it's one of the most popular packs for travel all over the world. Therefore, for traveling or hiking purpose it would be an ideal choice for you.

    Things We Like

  •  Available in 3 different colors.
  •  It provides a huge capacity.
  •  It contains internal compression straps.
  •  Easy and comfortable to carry.

    Thing We Don't Like

  •  The price of this backpack is a bit high from the  other       products

09: Mountaintop 60L Water-resistant Backpack Review

Best backpacks for travel

We all need to carry a lot of things with us in our day to day life, especially when we go outdoor for a trip or travel. Backpacks are also needed for our office because we need to carry our important kit with it. So, you need a quality pack which will last long. Here this Mountaintop backpack that has a roomy main compartment we have collected for you. Moreover, it is best  for travel those wants to go on a long journey. Now, let's know more about this backpack.

Features & Benefits:

This bag comes with a huge capacity of 60L. Therefore it is a perfect one for going on a long journey.

The material of this bag is Ripstop nylon which is water resistant and so much durable in nature.  Hence, stormy weather will not be a problem for you. Water can't reach the inside of this bag.

Since it comes with adjustable weight decomposition system, you can adjust the weight for three sizes.

The back panel of this bag has air channels by which air flows on your back. As a result, your back remains dry and  cool.

Multiple straps are available with this for attaching extra gear or attachment with this bag.

 It comes with a high number of pockets. Therefore you can keep your small but important things here.

    Things We Like

  •  A bag with a huge capacity.
  •  Durable material.
  •  Lightweight backpack.
  •  You can attach an extra gear with it.
  •  Perfect for going on a long journey.

  Thing We Don't Like

  •  The Mountaintop is a bit heavier than others for its  strong and sturdy construction.

10: Mountaintop 70L+10L  Backpack 

Best backpacks for travel

A backpack is so much important. We are so much busy in our life and so that we need to keep moving. But we have a lot of things with us which we need to carry. Therefore we need a quality backpack for our daily life. However, now I am introducing to you this travel backpack available in the market. It has huge capacity so that you can carry a lot of things with you. Let's know more about it.

Features & Benefits:

This bag has a quick access system to the main compartment along with the zippered front so that you can quickly  access to it's the main compartment.

A perfect one for going on hiking as well as it comes with eight compression straps in which you can attach extra  gears for your hiking.

The hydration system is available with this bag. It also has a water bladder sleeve in the first compartment.

It is made with robust and durable material which ensures it's long lasting ability. Besides, it also contains top-ranked  and sturdy YKK zippers.

A rain cover is available with this in the case of rough weather.

If you are a hiking lover, then this bag is really for you. However, it comes with all the stuff which you must need if you want to go on a hiking or adventurous journey.

   Things We Like

  •  It has sturdy YKK zippers.
  •  The material of this bag is durable nylon.
  •  It comes with a lot of pockets.
  •  You are also getting a rain cover with this.
  •  The hydration bladder is available with this.

   Thing We Don't Like

  •  Although this backpack is not waterproof, you can  avoid  this by using a rain cover.

How to Choose Best Backpacks for Travel

Since bags from different companies and manufacturers come up with different standards and quality and you, have to choose your one from the variety of these packs I suggest you might keep these key factors always in your mind.

1. Trip length to volume capacity:

Before choosing the backpack, you need to know your trip length for traveling. The longer the trip length, the bigger will be the pack. Besides, if you’re traveling in winter, the volume capacity will be more to hold the necessary things.

Weekend trip: It’s a trip for 1-3 nights. So for this short trip, you need 30-50 liters capacity volume of the backpack.

Multi-day trip: It stays for 3-5 nights. Hence, you need 50-80 liters of the capacity.

Long trip: It extends for 6 nights. So you can see longer day requires high capacity pack for carrying the necessary things. Here, the capacity volume for the backpack is 70 liters+.

2. Look The More features of  Backpack

After checking the capacity, the more important thing to consider is how many features it offers. Obviously, backpacks offering much more features are the best backpacks for traveling. Here I have mentioned some must check features-

  •  Whether it is internal, external and frameless backpack is essential to know.
  •  Suspension panel for ventilation.
  •  Backpack with Top-loading openings and the zippered front panel is great!
  •  You also can never neglect the removable day pack, number of pockets and sleeping bag compartments.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Backpack

Size of the Backpack:

When you buy a backpack, size is one of the most critical issues. The size will vary depending upon your purpose of use. So, I suggest you might consider and analyze the physical size of it both when it's full and empty along with whether it's hard to frame or collapsible. In our list of the backpacks for travel, you will find product specification with every review which will help you to choose the proper one.

For Which Purpose the Backpack is Designed for?

Backpacks are designed differently according to the purpose of their use. Hence it's vital to determine for which purpose you are going to use the backpack after purchasing it. A backpack may be good or bad depending upon the purpose of your using it. I want of informing you that these all types of backpacks are kept in the list.

Best fit for WOMEN & YOUTH

Some backpacks available in the market are women or youth specific. Women specific design is like- curved waist belts, short torso length, narrow shoulder width etc. Though they can, carry unisex packs but they find these designed pack more comfortable and user-friendly. On the other hand, the youth specific design is- smaller capacity pack, adjustable suspension of the bag, etc.

 So if you’re woman or youth select the pack accordingly.

Weight Capacity of the Backpack

Every backpack has a definite weight capacity. Therefore, before choosing a backpack to buy it’s an obvious thing to consider how much the backpack can accommodate. Besides, you might have the concept of how much weight you are going to carry. Hence, the load capacity of a backpack is one of the most important issues.

Weight of the backpack

It’s an important factor to consider while choosing the backpack. Some choose ultra-light pack for travel comfort. But they don’t understand that the ultra-light pack comes with thinner straps and bad framing which will minimize your comfort level. Hence, only cutting the weight of the pack is not a good solution rather look for the minimum weight with thick strap and good framing pack to upgrade your comfort level while you’re in adventure!

Price Vs. Quality

If you need the best backpack and don't want to be overcharged while buying it, then check the price along with the quality of the backpack. Besides, good backpacks may be costly, but in the long run, it saves your money. Trust me you'll be slapping yourself on the back if you take one of low quality for a low price.

Check the size – or so length

Size-torso length is for checking the height of the backpack according to your size. If the the pack is too long it will be tough for you to handle. On the other hand, if the pack is very small that would not be a good fit for you. Thus check it before buying the pack.

The standard size of the bags available are:

  •  Extra small bag: up to 15 ½”
  •  Small size: 16″ to 17½”
  •  Medium/Regular size: 18″ to 19½”
  •  Large size: 20″ and up

On the other hand, measure your torso length along the base of the neck to the top of the hip bone. This is the torso length.

Thus, select the backpack which matches with your torso length.

Consider Other Customers Reviews

The opinion of other people who used this backpack is one of the most important issues to consider. No review can describe this product better than the people who used this product. Always try to follow their opinion and suggestion.

Others important features to consider:


Padded strap: the strap should be padded to enhance your comfort zone. The padded strap spread the weight and you won’t feel overload in the back or in the shoulder. If the strap is padded, it’ll bring a huge difference in comfort while carrying the pack.

Waterproof or Water resistant material

The bag must be water resistant or waterproof. This is because when you’re trailing to a long distance and get stuck in bad weather what you’re going to do? Your necessary belongings will get wet along with you. Then your traveling is going to be a disaster! Hence, ensure whether it’s waterproof or not and again it dries back quickly or not.

· Pockets

I always love the option of having more quick access pockets because when I need something, it just zipped away and helped to access quickly. I find it far better than digging through any deep pockets. Hence, pay attention to the quick access pockets as well as the size of the pockets. These quick access pockets provide a necessary foundation not taking up too much space.

1. Water bottle pocket with elasticity: The water bottle is usually not of the same size. Hence, the water bottle pocket should be such that it can be expanded or contracted.

2. External hip belt pockets: There can be external pockets so that it can be handy for the easy and frequent access to the things like- snacks or mobile phone.

Final Verdict

If you want your journey to be thrilling and adventurous, then tailor yourself with the right backpack! Don’t ruin it only because of the wrong choice of the pack. Don’t be confused for a long time rather have a perfect pick from best 10 backpacks for travel within your budget limit. If still, you’re in confusion, we recommend you to go through the buying guide section once again to know about the important features of a quality backpack for traveling.

Finally, we are now at the last part of our review. First of all, I want to thank you for reading the whole review. Besides, I believe that after going through all the previous lines you've already found your favorite one from our list of best backpacks. Each and every product of this list is a good buy for anyone looking for the best Backpacks for Travel on the market.

At the end of the day, a good preparation ensures a perfect memory of your journey.

Happy traveling!

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