12 Best Backpacks for Disney World: Reviewed & Compared

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We love the Frozen disney designed backpacks as it fits 4 - 7 year olds comfortably.

Best For Adults

We love this backpack cooler as it is the perfect accessory for parents on a daytrip to disneyland.

There’s something about planning a trip to Disney World that really gets people into the spirit.

Just like you might decorate your house for a holiday, masses of people come to Disney dressed to the nines – Disney character outfits, hair clips, shoelaces, hats, you name it!

This article looks specifically at cute Disney themed backpacks. What better way to get your kids (or yourself!) into the spirit of your next Disney trip than with a delightful accessory that is also useful?

Your kids truly won’t mind lugging their own belongings around with these cute and functional Disney backpacks. And for information on our other lightweight, everyday backpacks please visit us here. (insert link)

Backpacks for Disney World Compared



Age Group

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Mickey Mouse Face - 12 Inches

Disney Personalized Minnie Mouse Face Backpack

18 months to 7 years

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American Tourister Kids' Disney Children's Backpack Frozen

4 – 7 years old

No products found.

Disney Toy Story 4 Kids Backpack 

18 months – 4 years

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Disney Beauty And The Beast School Backpack

7 to 10 years

No products found.

Disney Mickey Mouse & Friends 12"

4 – 7 years

No products found.

American Tourister Disney Backpack, Finding Dory

3 – 5 years

Loungefly Disney Villains Womens Mini...

Loungefly X Disney Villains Mini Backpack

Ages 12+

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Loungefly Darth Vader 3D

Ages 8+

No products found.

Disney Lilo And Stitch Girls

Ages 8+

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Aristocats Marie

Print Backpack

Ages 8+

JanSport Disney SuperBreak Day In The Park...

JanSport Disney Superbreak Backpack 

Ages 8+

Coleman Chiller Series Insulated Portable...

Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler 

Age 16+

Why Kids & Parents Love Disney Backpacks

Disney World is all about making memories with the ones you love, and we often connect these recollections with their movies and characters in a way that makes us long for our own childhood.

Disney backpacks are extremely popular and are an easy way to express your specific “Disney Style” while touring the parks. Everyone who goes to Disney is there to have fun and make memories, and sporting a Disney character on your clothing or backpack is just a fun and easy way to connect with others around you.

Styles are available no matter what your preference is, whether it’s bright and bold or super subtle. And with a variety of options and affordable prices (especially on Amazon), there’s a Disney character backpack for everyone to be able to get into that Disney spirit on their next trip.

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Types Of Backpacks For Disney World

There are a variety of different types of backpacks that can help make your next trip to Disney World a success:

Small/Mini Backpacks for Toddlers

Toddlers love carrying backpacks. It gives them a sense of independence as they learn to carry and be responsible for their own items. When looking for a Disney toddler backpack, you’ll want to make sure that the size is right. Most toddler backpacks are just 10 to 12 inches tall and carry just a few small items, which is ideal for their body frames.

Standard Mini Backpacks

Mini backpacks are great for older children and adults alike, as they often take the place of carrying a fanny pack or purse. Mini backpacks are usually large enough to carry the essentials like your phone, wallet, keys and snacks.

Character Backpacks

Disney World is all about the different characters that made up the movies and toys of our childhoods, and character backpacks are a great way to show-off the characters you love the most.

Printed Backpacks

Like character backpacks, printed backpacks often display our favorite Disney characters. Brands like Jansport and Loungefly often use fabrics that have the Disney characters printed on them prior to assembly. This means that most of these printed backpacks will slightly vary from each other – no two being exactly alike.

Customized Backpacks

Customized backpacks make great, personal gifts. Not only that, but they’re a great way to keep track of your own belongings while out and about at Disney World. Some Disney backpacks can be customized with your name or nickname to add a little extra magic to your next trip.

Rolling Backpacks

Rolling backpacks are great in that they have a dual purpose. When your child gets tired of carrying the backpack in the traditional way, they can easily pull it behind them for a little while. Rolling backpacks also make great carry-on bags for your travels to and from Disney World. They’re small enough to stow under an airline seat but big enough to carry all your essentials.

Cooler Backpacks

Cooler backpacks are a great addition to your Disney World trip. They’re especially handy for the parents carrying infant items like milk and baby food. Or, if you just want to bring along your own snacks and drinks, they can save you the fortune that would otherwise be spent in the parks. Cooler backpacks are often larger and should only be carried by adults.

Other daypacks

If you’re just not into the Disney themed backpacks, but need to carry your items throughout the park, check out some of our other highly reviewed backpacks here.

12 Best Backpacks For Disney Reviewed

1. Disney Personalized Minnie Mouse Face Backpack 

Mickey Mouse Face - 12 Inches
  • Product Type: Toys And Games
  • Material Type: 100% Polyester
  • Package Dimentions: 6.502 cms (L) x 27.889...
  • Package Weight: 0.249 kg

This darling little Minnie Mouse backpack is the perfect Disney toddler backpack. It’s just the right size for pint-sized body-frames to carry all their special belongings.

This bag easily carries a change of clothing, a special lovey, some diapers and wipes, and two sippy cups in side pockets. My kids feel so big and independent when they’re carrying their own items around! The straps fit a toddler perfectly, but they’re also long enough for mom or dad to wear when the child gets tired.

The adorable design on this bag has big Minnie Mouse ears and her famous big bow. I especially love the classic disney faces which are always a winner when it comes to children. This backpack ideal for taking to preschool or daycare as well so it wont be a one off purchase!

What Age Group Is This Backpack Best For? 18 Months To 7 Years

2. American Tourister Kids' Disney Children's Backpack Frozen

No products found.

Frozen fever is still upon us, and it doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon.

This backpack featuring the sisters Anna and Elsa is the best kids backpack for Disney World, not only because it’s cute and completely functional, but because it’s extremely well made and of super high quality.

Not only that, but it comes with a 10-year warranty, which means it will probably last longer than your daughter’s love for the movie itself.

One of the best features on this bag is that it has an identification card on the section where your back would rest. This allows you to put your name and contact information right on the bag, but nobody will see it unless the bag is off your body, so it adds that extra protection.

The straps have extra padding that make long-term wear comfortable, and the side compartments can hold full-sized water bottles. I’d highly recommend this bag for your next Disney trip or for school!

What age group is this backpack best for? 4 – 7 years old

3. Disney Toy Story 4 Kids Backpack 16"

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I just love the Toy Story franchise, and with the brand-new Toy Story Land open now at Disney World, this is the best Disney mini backpack for your toddler to tote around!

Your son or daughter will feel so special with this backpack that’s just their size that features all their favorite characters from Toy Story, including Woody, Buzz Lightyear, the classic aliens, and more.

This backpack is on the smaller size at just 12 inches, which is why I referenced it above as a mini backpack. It won’t hold a full-size lunchbox or binder like a regular school bag but will be perfect for an outing at Disney World.

The side pockets are perfect for sippy cups. Inside you can easily store a change of clothes and diapers, and the front compartments are just right for a toddler-sized snack, some extra crayons, and their favorite toy cars.

For bigger kids who need a larger backpack and love this Toy Story look, there’s a very similar backpack that’s 16 inches and can be found here.

What age group is this backpack best for? 18 months – 4 years

4. Disney Beauty and the Beast School Backpack

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The animated classic, Beauty and the Beast, came out when I was five years old. Now that my daughters are of a similar age, I’m so happy to see that its popularity has continued (if not grown) over the years!

The Be Our Guest restaurant at Disney World has taken the story to a whole new level of excitement, and this classic Beauty and the Beast backpack is the perfect compliment to your next Disney trip.

It’s the perfect size for a school-aged child (7-10 years old), but I’d say it’s also a desirable size for a mom or dad to carry instead of a diaper bag for younger children.

It will easily carry everything you need, from water bottles, change of clothes, diapers, wipes, snacks, crayons, books, and more. You’ll find that its durable design will long outlast your Disney trip and can be used as a school or daycare bag as well.

What age group is this backpack best for? Ages 7-10 years

5. Disney Mickey Mouse 16" Large Rolling Backpack

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I’m not sure there’s anything cuter than a young child pulling a rolling backpack down the sidewalk. This Mickey Mouse Disney rolling backpack takes child independence to a whole new level, as the backpack can be worn either traditionally or pulled like a rolling luggage piece.

Its large size will also allow you to use the backpack for the entirety of your Disney trip, beginning with the transportation. If you’re flying, you will find that this large backpack is perfect for stowing coloring books, crayons, a personal DVD player or iPad, and more.

It’s small enough to be used as a personal item and be stowed under the airline seat. Then at the parks, there will be plenty of space left over to fill in the compartments with drinks, snacks, and souvenirs too.

What age group is this backpack best for? Ages 4-7 years

6. American Tourister Disney Backpack, Finding Dory

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American Tourister is a company that’s known for their high-quality backpacks, but I think what’s surprising is that they’re also very reasonably priced.

I feel like you really can’t go wrong with any backpack from the company because they have exceeded expectations for many years with their products.

That said, I love this Finding Dory backpack. It’s the perfect size for a pre-schooler to carry for either travel or school. The back and the shoulder straps both have extra padding, and the side compartments are ideal for full-sized water bottles.

The zipper pulls are larger than usual, which makes it less frustrating for young children to open and close. Like the other American Tourister backpacks, there’s a special spot for putting your contact information without being obvious to onlookers.

What age group is this backpack best for? Ages 3-5 years

7. Loungefly x Disney Villains Mini Backpack

Loungefly Disney Villains Womens Mini...
  • Officially Licensed

One of the best things about Disney in general is that all characters are equally represented, even the villains. This Disney mini backpack features many of the characters we love to hate, including Cruella De Vil, Queen Grimhilde, Ursula, Maleficent, and the Queen of Hearts.

Its design is made in such a way that from a distance, it just looks like a purple and red backpack, but once you’re up close you can really make out the different characters.

I love this backpack as an alternative to carrying a purse or fanny pack at Disney World. It’s not so big that you feel like you’re carrying a full-sized backpack, but it’s large enough to hold the essentials like your cell phone, wallet, and personal items.

The faux leather is a nice added touch that easily wipes clean, and this backpack looks like it costs a lot more than it does.

What age group is this backpack best for? Ages 12+

8. Loungefly Darth Vader 3D Molded Nylon Backpack

No products found.

Star Wars fans of any age will love this Darth Vader backpack. From 50 feet away, it will look like you’re just wearing a simple black backpack, but as you get closer you can easily see that the bag has Darth Vader’s famous mask molded right into the design.

I think that this backpack serves as a great reminder that character bags are not “just for kids,” as this backpack would fit a full-grown man just fine. It can carry up to a 15-inch laptop on top of everything else that you’d need during a full day at Disney World.

It’s a little disappointing that there are no side compartments for water bottles, because I like to be able to grab my water while I’m wearing a backpack, but overall I think this is a solid backpack that you’ll get a lot of compliments on.

What age group is this backpack best for? Ages 8+

9. Disney Lilo and Stitch Girls Large School Backpack

No products found.

This adorable Stitch and Hawaiian themed backpack is great for girls! Stitch is one of those characters who’s usually perceived as more masculine and mischievous within most Disney items, and I think this backpack really shows the cuddly and cute side of him that Lilo comes to love in the classic movie. My daughter especially loves the hibiscus flowers in the print.

As for carrying this backpack around Disney World, it’s probably ideal for a child between the ages of 8 and 11 due to its size, but there are many adults who have also used it and stated that it has plenty of room for their needs.

There’s one large compartment that’s big enough to fit a couple of ponchos, a jacket, wallet and accessories. The small zippered pouch will fit a small snack.

What age group is this backpack best for? Ages 8+

10. Aristocats Marie Print Backpack

No products found.

The Aristocats Movie may have come out in 1970, but the characters are no less relevant today. This adorable backpack features the kitten Marie from the movie in an all-over print that fans will just love and knowing that it comes from the Loungefly brand means that it’s both high-quality and durable.

As a mother, anything white makes me a little sceptical because it often gets dirty easily and is sometimes impossible to clean. I was happy to learn that in-person this backpack is more grey than white, and that it has a stiff, sturdy material that really blocks dirt and grime.

Like most of the Loungefly backpacks, I only wish this one had water bottle compartments on the side. With that small addition, this backpack would be perfect.

What age group is this backpack best for? Ages 8+

11. JanSport Disney Superbreak Backpack (Day in the Park) – 

When I was in school, it didn’t matter what your backpack looked like as long as it had the classic Jansport logo somewhere on it. Everyone had a Jansport backpack.

Not only has their popularity lasted the test of time, but their quality handiwork makes their backpacks a brand you can trust to last for a long time.

These Jansport Disney backpacks are slightly smaller than a standard size school backpack, and they don’t have a water bottle pocket on the side, but they would make a great addition for your next trip to Disney World.

There are several designs to chose from with the classic Disney characters, and the patterns have a more grown-up feel to them, so they’d be perfect for an adult to carry.

I especially love that the zipper pulls can be tucked under the extra fabric folds. I feel like it adds a little bit of security and will help ensure sneaky fingers don’t get into your bag while you’re not looking.

What age group is this backpack best for? Ages 8+

12. Coleman C003 Soft Backpack Cooler – Adult Backpack Cooler

On Sale Today
Coleman Chiller Series Insulated Portable...
  • INSULATION: Main compartment keeps contents...
  • CAPACITY: Holds up to 28 cans
  • EASY TO CARRY: Backpack design with...
  • EXTRA STORAGE: Large front pocket for quick...

This backpack doesn’t have a Disney theme like the other backpacks we’ve reviewed in this article, but if your main purpose for buying a backpack for your next Disney trip is to keep food and beverages cold throughout the day, then this is the backpack you’ll want to buy.

The Coleman brand is usually known as the brand for coolers, and this Coleman backpack is no exception. It has a large cooler compartment that will keep your items cold all day while you enjoy the parks, which is especially handy if you’ll be carrying any baby food or milk products.

The backpack also has another compartment that you can use to hold things like sunscreen, sunglasses, your wallet and phone.

One genius tip that I picked up regarding the use of this bag is to use frozen water bottles instead of ice packs. That way, as the water bottles thaw you’ll be able to drink those as well, and you won’t waste any space carrying extra ice packs.

What age group is this backpack best for? Age 16+

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can I bring a backpack into Disney World?

Yes, backpacks under 24 inches tall and 18 inches wide are allowed inside Disney World. Expect your bag to be thoroughly inspected at security before entering.

Can you take backpacks on rides at Disney world?

Yes! Nearly every ride at Disney World has a space in which to store your backpack, whether it be under your seat, at your feet, or in a mesh pouch in front of you.

There are a few exceptions where your items won’t fit, and in this case, a Disney cast member will put your bag in a safe storage space until the ride is over.

Can I customize a Disney backpack?

Yes, many Disney backpacks are customizable, including the Minnie Mouse backpack we looked at in this article. Some searching on amazon may be required as these products do sell out quickly!

What’s the price range of these backpacks?

 Disney character backpacks range in price from extremely affordable to very expensive, depending on the designer and your specific needs/taste. In nearly all instances, it will be cheaper to purchase your Disney backpack before your next Disney trip, as prices at the parks have a high markup.

Where can you buy Jansport Disney world backpacks?

 Jansport Disney Backpacks are easily found at Amazon. Search for them here.

What about other Disney character backpacks?

Amazon is a great place to purchase a Disney character backpack for your next trip to Disney World.


Disney World really brings out the magic in all of us. My grandfather was a rather stern man, but at Disney World found himself prancing down Main Street along with a parade because he was simply overcome with joy.

Disney themed backpacks are a great way to express which Disney characters speak best to your life and can really help you get into the Disney spirit for your next trip.

We hope this article has helped you in your search for the perfect bag to make your next trip more memorable.

  • Updated April 16, 2021