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Best Backpacks Under 100 in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

To keep all our daily goods safe and unharmed, unbroken, we need a good backpack that is capable of protecting our essentials such as glass, cell phone, laptops. When searching for backpacks, you’ll find many brands and companies, manufacturing backpacks with various features and facilities in size and quality.

best backpacks under 100

Thus, going through a huge collection is such a tough job! When you have the limited budget to hundred, it'll be more difficult to find the best possible quality backpack. There is always a chance to make wrong decisions.

Here we review best backpacks under 100 just to help you to pick right backpack.

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Best Backpacks for Women 2017 – Buyer’s Guides

We know that we use the different backpack for the different purpose. But when we choice a backpack, we consider the quality more than anything. All the backpack is not suitable for women, and all are not also suitable for men. So If you are women, you search for different features in a backpack. Keeping these things in mind, here we select  backpacks for women. 

best backpacks for women

These backpacks are quite different from each other. If you search for a backpack for women, then here you find the best backpacks for women. I believe, if look all these backpacks for women, you could choice one for you.

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Bago Lightweight Backpack Review

Bago Lightweight Backpack Review


The Bago Lightweight is the best backpack in the market . I will keep this review quick and short. I will say, you just need to concentrate on getting your hands on one of these small backpacks. You can take it anywhere to carry your wallet, clothes, gadgets and souvenir items. Whether for trip use, daily use or as an extra shopping pack this lightweight backpack is always a reliable choice. Moreover, this backpack is versatile as well as functional and features a large compartment to carry most of your personal things securely. You can use Bago lightweight as a School backpack, college backpack, Casual backpack, work backpack and also travel backpack.

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Best Backpacking Knife 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guides

The knife is a necessary tool from many tools we need. A knife may help you to save your life in some dangerous situation as you are going in the wilderness. When you are at backpacking adventure, a good knife is always a primary concern that professional recommend. Survival situations not only make you unprepared but also panic you roughly.

best backpacking knife

That’s why you need to be smart when you are about to buy a knife for backpacking. In our daily life, we use a knife for various work. But backpacking knife is not like other knives. They have certain features and some unique specialties that help a lot when you are out for an adventure.

We have designed this survey with the aid of our skilled researcher. Therefore, you can trust our best backpacking knife. Now we are about to describe

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Best Backpacks for College in 2017 – Buyer’s Guide

Are you a college student? If so, then surely you need to carry books, laptop, pens, credit cards and other things daily. For carrying your things, a college backpack is mandatory. There are many backpacks in the market with different designs, features, and benefits. That’s why it is very common to find yourself confused in the case of choosing the backpack. Our reviews on best backpacks for college make you confident enough to choose the right one.

best backpacks for college
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Best Backpacks for High School in 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guides

Best Backpacks for School

I have seen many children around to struggle with their schoolbags on books, books and books. With tons of loads that they have to carry to school every day, education brings no joy to them at all. Whatever they get taught in school becomes nerd and nuts, instead of fun.

In fact, a research shows that the reason behind children’s pre-maturing is- 80% of modern children carry around a bag that is way beyond their capability and capacity.

Apart from the heavy load on backpacks, extra load in bags also cause neck pain, back pain etc. So, from all of these aspects, we have sorted down best backpacks for high school in this review content.

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Best Backpacks for Travel 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guides

If traveling is your passion, then a backpack is the very initial gear to get started on your journey! It’ll be with you all the way while traveling. Hence, you need to ensure that it can carry every necessary thing you need for the journey.

But choosing a backpack for your traveling purpose is not such easy task to go to the market and pick one. Our primary goal is to find you the best product available in the market without causing you any effort, and here I've gathered the best backpacks for Travel that will help you figure out the perfect one

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Best Toiletry Bags – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

best toiletry bags

Gone are the days when you take a large briefcase along with you when traveling. The traditional suitcases are time-consuming to pack, to say the least. Then you have to deal with the size and the added weight of these things along the rest of your luggage.

What if I told you the new toiletry bags are the obvious yet trendy alternatives for you to have? Yes, just get yourselves the best toiletry bags out there.

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Best Backpacks Under $50 – 2017/18 – Buyer’s Guide

best backpacks under 50

Whether you are setting out off on an extended hike, afternoon trail run or an alpine climb you need a bag that carries your outdoor gear and essentials while on the go. And hence, a typically carry gear for trekking, travel backpacks, adventure or school-backpacks & colleges backpacks have become the most common way for modern people for lug around their day to day essentials.

You will find our top products for the best backpacks for trail running, hiking, climbing, traveling and so on below. From the field tested ultra light bags to load adults to kid carriers we have shared our practical experience that helps you select a dependable and appropriate best backpack under 50 for your next outdoor adventure.

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Best Backpacks for Work 2017/18 – Buyer’s Guide

Will you agree to carry ‘Just a random’ bag to the workplace or business trip? Definitely not! Of course you’ll comb the entire market and find the best backpacks for work that fits your personal requirements.

But let’s take a breath and think about how complex the task would be. I am calling names of the local market, but to be honest, they are way too backdated. In most of the cases, they are not even close to what’s trendy and stylish for the day.

best backpacks for work

So, the other option left is an online shop. But that’s even harder to find a right pick from here as well. Just search with ‘backpacks for work’ and you’ll be flooded with a thousands of models and brands.

To make it easier for you, we’ve shortened out the list of best useful & multipurpose backpacks for work, and trimmed it into 12. These sorting process was taken over by our expert research team. Later on, we’ve reviewed the products in an ascending order and through a unbiased mindset. The reviews are based on real-life benefit, brand values, durability and of course, the price-quality ratio.

Best Backpacks for Work - Comparison Guide

Backpack Name Dimension Laptop compartment Size Price

Outjoy Backpack

15.8 x 6.3 x 21.6 inches 17.3" Inch

TIGERNU Backpack

18.5 x 7.9 x 12.2 inches 15" Inch

Tak Backpack

11.4X6.3X20.1 inches 15 " Inch

The North Face Unisex

4 x 15 x 22 inches 17" Inch

All4Way Backpack

17.7 x 6.7 x 12.6 inches 15.6 inch

Carhartt Work Backpack

2.5w x 18.25h x 9d inches 15" Inch

Mountaintop Backpack

11.0" x 5.1" x 17.3" inches 13" Inch

S_Zone Backpack

"11.6 x 4.3 x 16.3 inches 15.6" Inch

Victorinox Altmont Backpack

11.8 x 16.9 x 3.9 inches 15.6"

Oakley Men’s Mechanism Backpack

20.9 x 16.9 x 9.1 inches N/A

Pelican Elite Backpack

19.3 x 7 x 13.8 inches 15" laptops and up to 17" Apple

Best Backpacks for Work- Reviews

#1 - Best Backpack for Work 

OUTJOY Multi-Purpose Backpack - Technology Friendly

Features of this Backpack

The OUTJOY Backpack! It is the number 1 backpack of our best backpacks for work list. It is designed with water repellent material, spacious multi-purpose compartments, lots of multi-functional pockets, technology friendly and laptop carrying advantage. Let’s know in details..

Innermost Spacious Compartment with Two Padded Sleeves:

This work backpack is edified in exceptional way. Its innermost compartment is secured by two strong and easygoing zippers. It can be opened 180 degree suitcase type for your necessary things.

 I say, it is designed in exceptional way, isn’t it? In it, there are two distinct soft     and secured padded sleeves. One is for 17” laptop and another is for a small     laptop and a tablet or a 13” MacBook. So, you need not worry about this       business backpack for laptops if you have laptop, MacBook and tablet.

Roomy Middle Compartment:

The Outjoy Backpack has been built excellently with spacious compartment of which inner shape is sleek. You can tote two sets of replacement cloths, many notes, business and office related files, documents, diary when you go to your business travel or work place. Actually, the main compartment is designed in such way that it can be used for   multi-purposes.

In it, there is a power bank pouch with pen keeping place and with a charging cable embedded. One end connects power bank and the other end connects  charging cable.

Outermost Compartment with Lots of Functional Pockets:

Its outermost compartment is constructed superbly which is secured by two easygoing zippers and which contains inner zippered pockets. In one side there are two mesh fictional pockets for keeping smartphone, wristwatch, earbuds and more according to your necessity.

In other side there are two strong and easygoing open and closing metal zippered wall pockets where you can hold your office files and documents decently. There are also others two detached wall pockets that one is designed for headphone & other is constructed for mouse or other things that you like.

There are also several functional pockets for passport, pens, pencils, and cards. And there is elastic rope for hanging your keys.

There are two side secured handy pockets for water bottle and umbrella. There is an elastic rope attached to the shoulders straps for hanging sunglasses.

Cushioned Shoulder Straps and Breathable Back Panel:

While toting your work backpack with lots of stuffs and your electronics devices, you may feel pain in shoulders. The backpack has constructed its shoulder straps superbly which are cushioned and adjustable and thus it will make you free from such kind of troubles.

The Back part is cushioned and padded comfortably with mesh covered, which is breathable and ventilating to alleviate your shoulder fatigue.

Sturdy and Long-Lasting Material:

This professional backpack for work is constructed with water resistant polyester material which makes this backpack strong and enduring. Its water resistant outer fabric will help protect your inner items from light rain. The stitching is so exquisite that there is scope to any chance to detach fabric. 

Hassle Free Warranty:

The OUTJOY offers hassle-free 6 MONTHS WARRANTY for new replacement.


  • check
    Good quality with a reasonable price.
  • check
    Suitable for both man & woman.
  • check
    Plenty of room for everything.
  • check
    Lots of multi-functional pockets.
  • check
    Durable & water repellent.
  • check
    Very high quality & sharp Looking.
  • check
    Breathable and ventilating back part.
  • check
    Anti-theft zipper pocket for valuables things.
  • check
    Strong & easygoing double zippers for every compartments
  • check
    Secure two side Pockets for Water Bottle & an umbrella
  • check
    Separate & Secure sleeves for 17” Laptop & 13”MacBook


  • Comes with only one color.

Final Thought:

In an overall sense, the OUTJOY Backpack is the most qualified backpack for work at reasonable price. Also, the functions are as just it has been described and all users are satisfied with the purchase. We hope, you will also be one of those happy customers.

#2 - Best Backpack for Businessmen & Women

TIGERNU Backpack 

Features of this Backpack

Do you need backpack that is sturdy & durable, technology friendly, and has huge capacity, and used for multi-purposes including laptop carrying for business life and travel? If it is so, then Tigernu provides you its all essential features.

Multi-functional Compartments:

It has a massive and prime compartment that allows you to tote your travel or business or daily necessary stuffs. Its has a back anti-theft compartment that keeps your laptop secure as it has strong lockable zippers with special lock hook.

This backpack for work is designed with 3 front compartments for keeping necessary stuffs. In the upper front dedicated compartment, you can tote your facial wash, facial tissues, and others tiny stuffs. Middle compartment offers you the placement of your sunglass, notebook, pen, smartphone and your smartphone charger in several pockets. In the third compartment, you can keep your smartphone power bank and dairy. There are secure pockets in both sides for keeping water bottles.

Large Capacity Design:

It provides you with 29 liters retention. It is the best backpack for office goer, business trip, travel, daily uses as it has the power of capacity to hold up to 29 liters.

Separate & Secure Laptop compartment:

Another great feature of this business backpack is separate and secure back laptop compartment. The laptop can be placed safely in rear compartment which makes you feel safe as no one can steal it. It has strong lockable zippers with special lock hook.

Convenient USB Extension Outlet:

When you go outside for long times taking with your smartphone, it needs to charge when its battery indicator shows low charge. It is not contingent to charge the phone by keeping power bank in hand. So, the convenient USB extension outlet of this backpack frees you from the trouble. You can charge your device more conveniently without bringing your power bank out of the backpack. You just a plug your cable and your device start charging.

Sturdy and Durable Material:

The best ergonomic backpack is made of high-quality Cationic oxford fabric which is water repellent, tear resistant and wear resistant. So, you need don’t worry about the durability and using in rough weather.

Strong & Smooth Zippers:

The zippers of this backpack are so much strong and smooth. The zippers withstand up to 30000 times opening and closing without any defects.


  • Lightweight & Fashionable.
  • Two secure side pockets for carrying water bottles.
  • Large capacity & multi-functional compartments.
  • Separate compartment for 15.6” laptop.
  • Lockable Zippers Lock hook for keeping the laptop secure.
  • Super simple plug & charge USB Extension Outlet.
  • Water-Repellent, Tear-Resistant, and Wear-Resistant Material.
  • Good Looking with Good Price.


  • The extension can be detached from the bag for cleaning purposes.

Final Thought:

So is this backpack perfect for work?. Yes, If it has minor cons for using USB extension outlet, but you can overcome it by using carefully. Above all its all super features make your backpacking life comfortable, stylish, free from worrying capacity, and also keep your backpack secured and give you easy accessing backpacking on the go. With that said, if you have the money, and you’re looking for a capable backpack, this one’s your best bet.

#3 - Best Backpack for Work & Travel

TAK Backpack

Features of this Backpack

If you are rummaging a backpack that is the best for all purposes, then Tak backpack is best for you. It is very sturdy, compact, multi-functional and excellent in storing all your travel, work, business, and college stuffs with a 15” laptop.

Multi-Compartments Backpack:

If you are willing to hold laptop in backpack while going to office or college or business trip or travelling anywhere, this backpack is perfect. It has a different sleeve for keeping your 15" laptop secure on the way. There is also another separate compartment for toting tablet or smartphone and it protects your device from being damaged.

In main compartment there is sufficient capacity for holding essential stuffs. This massive compartment provides you with opportunities to organize your attires and other necessary things. In premier compartment there is a mess zippered pocket that stores your toiletries.

High-Quality Fabrics:

The waterproof ripstop nylon keeps your backpack stuffs dry when you get drenched in the rain. This ripstop nylon material is stronger than general nylon material. As a result you need not worry about the durability of the backpack.

Many Functional Pockets:

Do you prefer secured functional pockets for easy accessing and carrying items conveniently? If the backpack is right one with two secured front pockets for placement of your diary and small items in pocket number one and in another secured zippered pocket you can hold tablet, smartphone, pen and keys. There are also individual places for strong the above materials.

Two side elastic mesh pockets will give you to hold water bottles or power bar conveniently when you are on the go.

Smooth Zippers:

The YKK zippers of this backpack are smooth and strong. You can smoothly pull the zippers while opening and closing the compartments and pockets of the backpack.

Mesh Shoulder Straps:

The important features of this best backpack for biking to work is adjustable mesh shoulder straps that give comfort while carrying in back. For its adjustable shoulder straps your journey will be comfortable.

Its Padded and breathable back panel offer cushioned comfort, while also promoting air circulation along your back and shoulders.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Returnable 90 days Warranty.
  • Perfect Sleeve for 15.6” laptop
  • Elastic side pockets for carrying water bottles.
  • Very Sturdy and durable waterproof material.
  • Airstrips back system for all-around ventilation.
  • Premium feeling and looking backpack for a great price point


  • Don't find any negative side.

Final Thought:

To be honestly, this backpack is the best for multi-using. You don't get to find this type of excellent, very sturdy and compact backpack within perfect price. 

#4 - Best Backpack for Work & Gym

The North Face Unisex​​​​ Big Shot

Features of this Backpack

The North Face Unisex Big Shot Backpack is really an excellent backpack for work with lots of convenient aspects like spacious compartment, well made construction, ample pockets, fleece-lined laptop and tablet sleeves, cushioned shoulder straps and padded mesh.

Well Organized Compartment:

This 33 liters work backpack have a large compartment. There is spacious space for storing various necessary electronic devices and others stuffs. Its roomy compartment enables you to organize your stuffs decently.

You can defray 17” laptop in its sleeve. Your laptop or tablet or MacBook would remain secure as the sleeves are fleece lined. Its fleece lined sleeves would protect your Laptop or MacBook from being bumped or fallen. So you need not concern about that damages of your electronic devices.

Ample Convenient Pockets:

It has total 15 external and internal handy pockets for keeping several necessary things. There are 2 mesh, 5 fleece lined and 1 large zippered excellent pockets in main compartment. You can carry headphone, smartphone, wallet, pens, cards, passport, charger, cable and other necessary things separately.

While walking in scorching heat of sun, you need a sunglass for protecting your eyes from ultra violet rays of sun or dust in the environment. You can tote sunglass in the front upper soft pocket and smartphone also. There are two D mesh pockets for carrying shoes and umbrella. These excellent easy accessing pockets are secured by zippers. The two side awesome mesh pockets are perfect for keeping water bottles.

Cushioned Shoulder Straps:

Without cushioned shoulder straps you don’t feel comfort while you are carrying backpack with stuffs. That is why you need a backpack with cushioned shoulders straps. Its molded shoulder straps provide you with expedite journey.

Cushioned & Ventilation Padded Straps:

While standing inside the bus or walking or cycling or biking on the streets carrying backpack, your back may be sweated for lacking of ventilation system of backpack’s padded. The North Face Backpack would provide with maximum support and ventilation so that you can be free being sweated.

Robust and Lasting Material:

You need not be concerned about the qualities of this backpack because it is fabricated of robust and long lasting 20D nylon and 1680D ballistics nylon. Besides, the stitching is so well that there is no chance of disengaging the fabrics. As a result you get a high qualified backpack.

Stiff & Smooth Zippers:

The easy accessing of backpack’s compartments and pockets depends on zippers. If the zippers are smooth and robust, you can access quickly. The zippers of this backpack are very stiff and smooth. The North Face has added two zippers in main compartment. All zippers are water-resistant. So there is no chance of getting corroded.


  • Easy to clean.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Durable & Lightweight.
  • Suitable for both man & women.
  • Having removable waist bell.
  • Many easy accessing pockets.
  • Comfortable shoulders straps.
  • Fleece lined laptop and tablet sleeves.
  • Having ventilation system in padded mesh.
  • Mesh pockets for holding water bottles.
  • Two front D-door pockets for keeping shoes and an umbrella.


  • Not suitable for hiking.
  • The backpack is not technology friendly.

Final Thought:

Above all, the backpack is so functional and useful for daily works and carrying gym gears. While using it, you would easily prove that this backpack goes perfectly to your choice.

#5 - Best Anti Theft Backpack for Office & Commuting

All4Way Mens & Womens Backpack 

Features of this Backpack

If you are a regular office goer or a businessman or a person going various places for casual purposes, you badly need a backpack which perfect goes to your personality. All4Way is such kind of stylish, multi-functional, waterproof, technology friendly & laptop carrying backpack.

Many Multi-purposes Compartment: 

This stylish office work backpack is constructed with 4 multi purposes and well organized compartments. These are divided into back, middle and front compartments. These compartments can be used for several purposes.

You can store all of your necessary stuffs in middle spacious compartment like office files, documents, diary, attires, and so on.

In outermost secured zippered compartment, you can decently store wallets, pens, smartphone and other necessary stuffs severally.

You can tote magazine, diary in in the front zippered compartment while going outside for passing time.

Shockproof Laptop Compartment:

If you prefer to tote laptop or MacBook in your office backpack more securely, the shockproof anti-theft double zippered compartment backpack is perfect for you. The compartment allows you to carry 15.6” laptop or 16” MacBook.

Durable and Anti Scratch Material:

This business backpack for laptop is designed in Switzerland. The polyester fabric has added long lasting and water resistant power to this unisex backpack. The backpack becomes anti scratch for its long lasting and stiff material.

It has a rain cover that protects your backpack’s stuffs, gadget, smartphone, kindle and others devices from being moist. So you need not disquiet the durability of the backpack.

Ergonomic & Hidden Pockets:

When you go to office or business trip or tourist spot or cycling or biking with backpack, you may be thirsty. In that time you need water for drinking. The backpack is constructed with two side pockets- one for holding water bottle to serve water and another is for carrying umbrella.

In onward compartment, there are easy accessing pockets for defraying important things, documents, pen, smartphone, tablet, headphone, & so on separately. So, you can use these according to your needs.

This anti theft backpack has placed excellent RFID Protection hidden pockets for personal security in back. You can keep your valuables passport, cards, and wallets more securely. So, there is no chance for anybody to steal your valuable items.

Shoulders Straps & Padded Mesh:

While carrying backpack with lots of stuffs, you cannot perceive cushion on your shoulders without comfortable shoulders straps. All4Way Backpack’s well-made shoulder straps gives you cushioned while carrying lots of stuffs. Besides, you will be able to adjust shoulders straps according to body measurement.

You perceive uneasy while toting backpack with lumps of things for having no easy circulation and soft padded mesh. This stylish office backpack has been designed with ergonomic back side with airflow system that provides easy circulation of air. As a result you perceive coziness in your back side.

USB Charging Port:

When you go to business trip or day trips or office works anywhere with your valuable smartphone or tab, then your smartphone or tablet battery life runs out for performing various works. On that time you are able to charge your devices more securely because of convenient external USB Charging Port with cable is placed at right place.


  • check
    Easy to use and clean.
  • check
    Lightweight and stylish.
  • check
    RFID Protection pockets.
  • check
    Durable and rain protected.
  • check
    Strong & smooth double zippers.
  • check
    Soft handle for easy carrying
  • check
    Convenient external USB charging port.
  • check
    Ergonomic easy accessing practical pockets.
  • check
    Cushioned and synthesize shoulders straps
  • check
    SWISS design with a good internal-organization.
  • check
    Excellent for a work, study, rest and other activities in daily life.


  • None.

#6 - Insane Icon Pack Backpack Review

The Incase ICON is the latest evolution which can create a tech optimized carrying solutions. This product was designed of like-minded creative all over the world. This is a cornerstone item in this collection. The dedicated compartments along with the intelligent organization for extra accessories makes it simply one of the best backpacks for work. Now I’m going you to introduce with this tech-optimized collection of us.

Features of this Backpack

The ergonomic design feature like a compression molded back panel, padded shoulder straps and the sternum straps that save your back while lugging the stuff.

It comes with so many pockets of different size to hold everything that’s big up to a 15 inches’ laptop.To protect your electronics this backpack offers padded faux-fur pockets.

Hip side pocket comes with an integrated cable port that allows you to charge your device or plug in it without keeping it out.

 Pockets within pockets can keep everything organized. Besides, it offers compartments for business card, pens or folders etc.

The Insane Icon Pack is a great way to organize, protect and haul your every gadget. If you be a guy like me who doesn’t want to be parted away from his tablet, smartphones or laptop even while being on the road then it would be the perfect choice for you. Moreover, it’s been the most solid product and has a high rating online.


  • check
    Keeps you super organized on the road.
  • check
    Hauls all of your stuff in a compact way and makes a great carry on.
  • check
    This backpack is actually sleek and available in three different colors.
  • check
    The durability and value of this bag are awesome.


  • exclamation-triangle
    A bit more wait for its extra features. 

#7 - Herschel America Backpack

Introducing to you this amazing backpack which is perfect for going on a long journey. Heavyweight is not a problem with this backpack as It is made of 100% polyester. This material is so much durable and soft that you feel comfort in using this backpack. The design of this backpack is so accurate that it evenly divides the weights between two shoulders. As a result, you will not feel pain if you carry this backpack for a long time. Let's know more about this

Features of this Backpack

This backpack features padded air mesh back panel so that you will not feel pain if you use this for a long time. The shoulder straps of it fit perfectly with your arms. It also features metal pin clips and magnetic strap closures with it.

The main compartment of this one of the best backpacks for work is roomy enough for keeping a lot of things. It also contains internal media pocket so that you can keep headphone.

It features a front pocket with hidden zipper and key clip. Zipper provides extra protection to your things than other backpacks can provide.

13 inch padded laptop sleeve is available with this backpack. So, it is soft and secure enough for keeping your laptop. So this backpack provides extra protection to your laptop.

It Comes with elegant and classic woven label and a stripe line. Obviously one of the best backpacks for men. It also has a stylish logo on its front pocket.

If quality and durability are your concern, then surely you will find no better one than this backpack.


  • check
    So much durable as the material of this backpack is 100% polyester.
  • check
    Adjustable straps fit perfectly with the shoulder.
  • check
    Secure enough for carrying laptops or tablets because of soft laptop pad.
  • check
    Comfortable padded back panel gives you proper relief from back pain.
  • check
    You are getting this at a very affordable price.


  • exclamation-triangle
    A bit more costly.

#8 - Carhartt Classic Work Backpack Review

Introducing to you this best men's backpack for work because of its super durability. The material of this product is 100% polyester which is durable enough. The fabric is also so much soft which will give you enough comfort. It comes with a lot of features with it. Let's know more about this backpack.

Features of this Backpack

This backpack's material is 1200D Polyester which is so much durable. So, you carry a lot of things with this backpack without any tension of tearing.

The front organizer of this backpack contains a strong zipper. So you can keep small but important things in it.

Duravax abrasion-resistant base is available with this backpack. So, abrasion is not a problem for your backpack anymore.

Contour shoulder straps are available with this backpack which fits perfectly with your shoulder. An air mesh back panel of it is padded. So, you will not feel back pain for carrying your backpack for a long time.

It comes with rain defender for repelling water. So, this backpack is suitable for using in the bad weather too.

The main compartment has an extra sleeve for laptops. So, you can securely carry your laptop with it.


  • check
    Perfect backpack for hiking or any adventurous journey.
  • check
    Waterproof backpack. So, bad weather is not a problem anymore.
  • check
    Made of 100% polyester to give you comfort.
  • check
    Strong shoulder straps which don't fell from your arm.
  • check
    Comes with a huge capacity.


  • exclamation-triangle
    It might be a little bit costly but it is worthy of it.

#9 - S-ZONE Lightweight Backpack Review

Features of this Backpack

Introducing to you this amazing laptop backpack which is roomy and safe enough for keeping laptops. It comes with a lot of compartments. As a result, you will find enough space for keeping your important things.

S-ZONE is the best because of its durability and simplicity. The internal and external material of this backpack is polyester-cotton which is so much soft and comfortable.

This amazing backpack comes with lots of compartment. These compartments are so nicely organized. It contains three big padded compartments which have a strong zipper. Laptop and iPad compartments are available with this one. It also contains card and pen slots.

It has a roomy compartment for carrying laptops and tablets. As a result, you can easily carry 15.6-inch laptops with it. The laptop sleeve has a soft pad. So, you can securely keep laptops in it.

Top handle of this backpack is made of aluminum alloy. The padded back of this backpack provides you so much comfort when you carry things with it.

Adjustable shoulder straps so that it fits with your shoulder perfectly. You can adjust them for your comfort.

If you are looking for a classy laptop backpack then this one is perfect for you. No compromise with the quality of this backpack. You can carry a lot of things without any tension of tearing your backpack. So, you can surely go for this one. 


  • check
    So much durable laptop backpack.
  • check
    Lightweight and easy to use.
  • check
    This backpack has elastic straps.
  • check
    You can carry a lot of things with ease.
  • check
    The material of this backpack is tearing and wearing resistant.


  •  Abrasion may harm the durability of this  backpack.

#10 - Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Flapover Backpack Review

Introducing to you Victorinox backpack which is especially perfect for carrying laptops. You can carry other things too if you want. It comes with slim design and the expandable compartment. You will be able to carry 15-inch laptops with it. It has more attractive features with it which I will discuss throughout the review. 

Features of this Backpack

Victorinox Altmont 3.0 Flapover Laptop Backpack comes with a slim design. The main compartment of this backpack is so much roomy for keeping things. You can also expand the main compartment.

The laptop compartment of this backpack is padded. You can easily put a 15.6-inch laptop in it. As a result, pad gives extra protection to your laptop.

It features a 10-inch portable device pocket so that you can keep electronic things in it. Pad of this pocket ensures the safety of your electronic things.

So many pockets are available with this work backpack. It has a gusseted front pocket and two extra hidden front pockets in it. Strong zipper provides safety to your important but small things that you keep in this pockets.

Interior and exterior organizer contain mesh pocket with strong zipper and a flap over the main compartment with a buckle closure. That makes the backpack stronger and also roomy.


  • check
    One of the best for safely keeping laptops.
  • check
    Roomy compartment for keeping a lot of things.
  • check
    Adjustable shoulder straps for perfect fitting.
  • check
    The padded back gives much comfort when you carry it for a long time.
  • check
    You can keep your sunglasses too in this backpack


  •  Not much capacity for keeping a lot of things.

#11 - ​Oakley Mechanism Backpack

If you are looking for one of the best backpacks for work to buy that would be very durable at a friendly price then perhaps your search is finally over. The Oakley Men’s Mechanism one of the world most popular and trendy top backpacks that are now available on the market at a great price. This bag was built with a lot of compartments to keep it user organized. That makes it perfect for anyone including who tend to lose things very easily.

Features of this Backpack

Multi-compartment design provides a huge space and allows you to carry lots of chores.It comes with a dedicated mp3 player pocket with a headphone port. If you be a music loving people it would be a    blessing for you.

The attached gear comes with a monster hook and bottom straps that offer an easy access to the backpack.

Premium organizer compartments along with a key fob and multiple pockets make it a versatile backpack.Internal zippered accessory pockets offer additional storage.

All in all, this is the best quality product of its type. Moreover, it’s great for daily use hence whether you are heading to or from work it’s always ready to carry your necessary kits and be the best companion forever. With the quality, reputation and the range of colors it’s a good buy for anyone who has to carry lots of things with him every day. 


  • check
    Large and multi-compartment design.
  • check
    Dedicated media pockets and Tech Spot computer sleeve
  • check
    Adjustable side compression straps.
  • check
    It fits under airline seats.
  • check
    A high-quality product for an affordable price.


  • exclamation-triangle
    It doesn’t provide any compartment for your laptop or notebook.

#12 - Pelican Elite Backpack

The Pelican Pro Gear U 100 is a great way to make sure that you can carry your necessary things as well as your laptop wherever you go, easily. This laptop backpack from pelican is made with a built-in crush proof and water tight case that fits up to 17 inches’ laptop. The backpack comes with lots of exciting features and is made of 100% ballistic nylon that ensures it to be a reliable, long lasting and efficient companion for going to and from your work.Hence this backpack is a blessing to the people who are always in a hurry and busy with their work. So, let’s know more about it.

Features of this Backpack

The Pelican U 100 backpack delivers total functionality and an ergonomic design to fit a 15” or 17” Apple laptop.

It comes with an impact protected front panel that serves to protect the bag in case of drops or falling during your travels.

Load compression straps make it adjustable for carrying and reduce your back-pain.

Automatic pressure equalization valve functions like a mini robot and it avoids the backpack from being heavier while carrying lots of things.

Ergonomic S-curve comfort backs make it comfortable to carry on your shoulder.

If you need a backpack that is easy to carry and ensures the utmost protections of your necessary chore then the Pelican U100 Black Elite Storage Backpack is just the thing you are looking for.

Besides, it has a high rating that says most of the users found it useful. I can assure you that if you buy this product your money will never go in vein. It’s one of the best backpacks for works and laptop comparing with others similar category products.


  •  This is a waterproof, dustproof and crushproof  backpack.
  •  Fast top load access.
  •  Rigid front plate protects your electronic devices  safe.
  •  Having expanding bottom sling storage.


  • exclamation-triangle
    This backpack is a bit heavier  than others for its strong & sturdy construction.

How to Choose the Best Backpacks for Work

Backpacks are the most important and used equipment in our everyday life. Hence, for their much more popularity, a number of manufacturer and designers are creating lots of backpack in the market day by day. That’s why it’s no easy for you to choose the perfect one among all the other backpacks. But no matter, here I’ve made a research on the best backpacks for work and gathered them in my list. Now, I would like to tell you how to choose the most compatible and best backpacks in the market.

1. Check the Comfort of the Strap

Most of the backpacks have adjustable straps and hence you should look for a bag having straps. Bags often sag only because of how their straps are sewn. Hence an adjustable strap can help here and you should also pay an attention to how the backpack was built. Straps are better than notch because you can’t see it easily, on the other hand, you can feel exactly where to adjust the straps. And it’ll save you some neck strain. A backpack having straps can help you too,

· Carry your bag around.

· Mitigate some slack by carrying your backpack.

· Remove your neck strain.

2. Consider the Color Carefully

Although backpacks mostly come with the Black, you’ll also find alike a plenty in the variety of ugly and gorgeous colors. Even any color can work for you if the backpack suits your style. Therefore, while buying the backpack do yourself a favor to choose the right color by focusing on its matching with your dress than how it looks single. However, if you used to wear Black then bags of lots of colors would suit you. Most often for aman, it’s just a matter of shirt where women have more options.

· If you want your bag to match with all your dress choose the Grey.

· For getting more colorful you can pick red or darker gray.

· Finally, find something that compliments get up and your style.

3. Know the Storage Scheme of the Bag

The more important fact to consider while buying a backpack is the storage scheme. The more be the storage, the better. Since you might have to take lots of things with you while going for a work take a traditional backpack having a front pocket for quick access along with a giant empty storage for whatever you want to do with the backpack. Some people would need a little more organization. A backpack having more tiny pockets obviously allow you to keeps lots of things.

4. Go for the Backpacks Having more Quick Access Pockets

I always love the quick access pockets because when you need something it just zipped away helps to quick access and it’s far better than digging through any deep pockets. Pay an attention to the size of the pockets. Although spacious pockets are good but the deeper one makes a bit trouble to get your hand inside it. I love these quick access pockets because they can provide a helpful foundation doesn’t take up too many spaces.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Backpack

There are some important things to consider for a person while he’s in the market to purchase a backpack. These are discussed below:

1. Figure Out the Intend of Use

Although this may sound simplistic, figuring out the intended use of the backpack is important. For example, obviously, the laptop bags or backpacks won’t work like a week- long travel backpacks. Hence, it’s always important to keep in mind the intention of use.

2. Consider the Weight of the Backpack

Backpacks can be laden or streamlined with different accessories and pocket holders. Hence, in spite of its being handy and helpful the extra materials, it consists of can make it heavier. Some models of backpacks use special materials to keep the weight down. Obviously, better materials would increase the price but in the long run, it’s going to save your money. Hence before your buy keep the backpack in your hand, take it over your shoulder and weight it.

3. Do Consider the Useful Accessories of the Backpacks

The accessories can make a huge change in your backpacks. These can include everything from the hydration reservoir to others additional holders for cell phones, water bottle, and digital camera. Hence if you go to the office for your work every day, then these accessories can be useful and a blessing to you.

4. Never Forget about the Size

Some backpacks aren’t professional in the workplace because of the wrong size. Technical backpacks come in different lengths and sizes based on the torso length of the user. Each and every brand has its own torso length and specifications they correspond to.

5. Pick Up a Backpack Matching your Personality

Backpacks come in different colors and styles. Even if a backpack is useful and doesn’t match up to your own style, it won’t be of any good use to you. The outdoor packs come with different styles and designs. Even patches and buttons can be affixed to the backpack that sometimes shows off your personality. Hence it’s a more important thing to remember and you should maintain it strictly.

6. Consider the Price along with Quality

If you need the backpack for work then obviously check the quality of the backpack you are going to buy along with its price. After all, it’s the most important thing, you have to check. It’s normal that the best ones would be available at a high price. But this high price always saves your money and worth every penny of it. If you take a low-quality product at a cheap price, you are sure to slap your back after a few days. Hence, considering the quality you can compromise with the price of the backpack.

How We Choose the Top 10 Backpacks for Work

Honestly speaking these are the backpacks for work you’ll ever find in the market. Since most of the backpacks are lightweight and provide a huge space. Besides, they will also go with you for several years. The most surprising fact is that the price of every backpack would be very friendly with your budget.

To choose these backpacks I had to spend several hours on the internet and finally, I selected them one by one. I considered all the things you may want in a single backpack for work. These backpacks for work are providing even better service than I expected for years. And I would like to say that if you choose any of these products you will remember me twice every day.

Final Verdict

After all, while going to your office or any workplace a backpack would be the most important companion for you. Hence, you should always emphasize on buying the fittest and best backpacks for your work. You aren’t going to buy a backpack in every month. Are you? So, why don’t you choose the one which will last forever? Hence spend a bit more time and money or otherwise, you’re going to regret in the long run. After going through the whole review, I hope that you’ve found the backpack in the list which was you dreaming for. So, look no further, just make an order, buy the one and get the best backpack experience with the product.

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