13 Best Backpacks Under $100: Ratings & Review Guide

Best For Cameras

The Case logic backpack is perfect for DSLR, SLR camera's & laptops.

Best For Hiking

The Teton 3400 comes with an internal frame, rain cover and sleeping bag compartment.

There are so many situations that demand a backpack—and thankfully—so many kinds of backpacks to suit those situations. Better yet, there are so many great quality backpacks available at an under $100 price. Cheaper backpacks may not last quite as long as more expensive packs. However, if your use of the pack is infrequent or light, this likely does not even come into play.

Also, for students, who may only want the backpack for a few years, an under-$100 backpack makes the most sense, even if you have the money to buy a more expensive pack. All of the backpacks in this article are under $100 and most of them are versatile and could be great for a number of different purposes.

Backpacks Under $100 Compared





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SwissGear 1900 Scansmart TSA 17-Inch Laptop...

SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

Medium (26L)


No products found.

Outjoy Laptop Backpack

Large (36 L)


Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch...

Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera And 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack

Medium (27 L)


Speedo UnisexAdult Large Teamster Backpack...

Speedo Large Teamster Backpack

Medium (29L)


adidas Prime Backpack, Black/Neo White, One...

Adidas Prime LV Backpack

Large (65L)


Dakine Mission 25L - Seaford, One Size

Dakine Mission Backpack

Medium (25L)


Osprey Packs Parsec Daypack, Navy Blue, One...

Osprey Packs Parsec Daypack

Large-Medium (43L)


No products found.

JanSport Right Pack Laptop Backpack

Medium (31L)


The North Face Haystack Starry Purple/Surf...

The North Face Haystack Backpack (Starry Purple/Surf Green)

Medium (31.5L)


No products found.

Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

Medium (31L)


TETON 55L Scout Internal Frame Backpack for...

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Large (55L)


Mardingtop 50L Hiking Backpack,Survival...

Mardingtop 50L/60L Hiking Backpack

Large (50L)


Gelindo 35L Tactical Hunting Backpacks -...

Gelindo Military Tactical Backpack

Medium (35L)


What to Look for in a Good Backpack Under $100


Most backpacks on this list are made of polyester or nylon, or in a few cases, a combination of the two.

These materials seem to create a strong, water-resistant surface. Some packs have a thicker, and even waterproof, material at the base of the back—this is a really good feature and very possible at under $100.

Aside from protecting belongings from an unanticipated puddle of water, the thicker material makes the pack less likely to break open when a lot of weight is added and cushions the blow on belongings when the pack is set down.


Warranties generally involve receiving a complete product replacement or return of product’s complete value if the product is proven to be faulty.

Warranties generally only cover damage that is clearly due to poor manufacture—not damage from misuse or accidents. Also, most warranties are not for items stored in the backpack or other losses resulting in some way from faults in the backpack.


If you’re looking to buy your first backpack, or hunting down a replacement, I’d wholeheartedly recommend checking out Osprey for their lifetime product guarantee.

                  (#7 on our list!)


Adjustable straps are very important, for the simple reason that everybody has a different body, and you can expect them in under-$100 backpacks. Chest and hip straps are most useful on larger backpacks, especially those made for hiking or camping, to give additional support and comfort when carrying a heavy load.

Students may find them to be a bother; the good news is that you can usually find ways to get them out of the way—many packs have pockets in which you can tuck them. Another feature to consider is S- vs. J-shaped straps. S-shaped straps tend to fit women a little bit better, though many men find S-shaped straps give greater stability.

Some backpacks have compression straps across the front. These straps are intended to hold a heavy load in place or keep a light load from jostling about. They can also be used to affix tools (tent poles, tripods, hiking poles, etc.) to the bag.

Multiple compartment system

Exactly which compartment you need depends a lot on your purpose for the backpack. Campers and hikers will generally want a high-volume main compartment and external straps to attach gear. 

Travellers benefit from a TSA-friendly laptop compartment that allows them to simply open the laptop compartment before it goes through the scanner. However, students may also especially like having a separate space especially designed and padded for their laptop and/or tablet.


A moderately low price does not mean mediocre zippers. All of the backpacks in this article have zippers and only rarely do users report zippers handles breaking off; there are almost no reports of zippers becoming detached.

best hiking backpack under 100

Quick access pockets

Travelers and everyday carry users will generally want dimensions suitable for carry-on and convenient pouches for personal items. Students and businesspeople will want pen/pencil slots, card slots, keychains, laptop and tablet sleeves, and water bottle pouches.

Campers and hikers may also like having quick access to smartphone and water bottle. You can find a pack with these and other types of specialized pockets at under $100.


Everyday carry users are likely to prefer a small-medium pack. Students, depending on their body size and school activities, will normally like a small-medium to large-medium backpack.

Campers and hikers almost always need a large backpacks, although the person’s size always needs to be taken into consideration. Note that larger packs are not always pricier.

Weight capacity

Almost all of the backpacks on this list can take a lot of weight for their size. Campers, backpackers, and hunters need the most weight capacity—sometimes up to 60 lbs.

Most students need about 10 lbs. Everyday carry and camera bags generally would not need to have quite so much weight capacity. Weight capacity is not a feature you have to sacrifice at under $100.

Price Vs. Quality

All of the backpacks on this list are excellent in quality for their price. Also, some brands are known for great quality: Under Armour, Swiss Gear, JanSport, and others on this list.

Consider customer reviews

Generally, if a pack is under $100 but gets good Amazon ratings, it is a good sign. Prices under $100 are always low for an excellent backpack, and many users are quick to indicate fragility or cheap quality.

13 Best Backpacks Under $100 Reviewed

Travel, Laptop & Camera Bags

1. SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 Scansmart TSA Laptop Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = Travel
  • Size = Medium (26L)
  • Compartments = 5
  • Abrasion Resistant = No
  • Waterproof = No
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes, 17’’

The SwissGear Travel Gear 1900 is the perfect carry-on bag for air travel. To use the ScanSmart feature when going through TSA, all you need to do is be sure there is nothing in the padded laptop compartment with the laptop and open the zipper to the compartment completely so that the laptop lies flat.

This way, the scanner gets clear access and, when it is over, you just re-zip the bag and go on. An added perk is that the adjoining compartment has a TabletSafe™ sleeve that keeps the tablet at the center of the backpack, safe from impact but easy to access. You can read more about this bag in our comprehensive review article.

The Travel Gear 1900 has perfect organizational features and pouches for the traveller, too. There is a lower front pocket with pen slots, a top front pocket that is easy to reach and has a carabiner clip right under it, and mesh side pouches to carry umbrella or water bottle.

This would be a great bag for students or business people, as its main compartment has a smartphone pocket with headphone port and the bottom of the compartment has an accordion-style file space.


  • Fits under airplane seat
  • Side pockets fit large bottles
  • Very spacious main pocket
  • TSA-friendly design for laptops
  • Technology-friendly


  • May not fit all 17’’ laptops
  • Not so durable

2. Outjoy Laptop Backpack

No products found.

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = Laptop, Students
  • Size = Large (36 L)
  • Compartments = 3
  • Abrasion Resistant = No, But Laptop Sleeve Is Abrasion Resistant
  • Waterproof = Water Resistant; Waterproof Cover
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes, 17.3’’

The Outjoy Laptop Backpack is perfect if carrying a laptop safely is the priority. It has a 17.3’’ laptop compartment that is airbag-padded and has a Velcro straps for security. Also important for electronics is the waterproof nature of the bag. Not only is the pack itself water resistant, but it also comes with a waterproof rain cover that can be stowed in a bottom pocket of the backpack.

The Outjoy Laptop also has a headphone jack and plenty of organizational element, including many car holders and a keychain. It has side pouches for water bottles and other belongings. This backpack has a sleeve to allow it to affix to luggage and it has ample padding and airflow passage at back, making it comfortable to wear.

It can hold 22 lbs (10 kg), though one reviewer indicated she would not recommend it over 17 lbs. Still, with this weight capacity, volume, and organization, this is a spacious technology backpack for students, travellers, and businesspeople.


  • 6-month warranty
  • Luggage attachment sleeve
  • S-shaped, padded shoulder strap
  • Great value for price
  • Great organizational features


  • Cannot carry over 10kg
  • Sometimes zipper tears or strap breaks

3. Case Logic SLRC-206 SLR Camera and 15.4-Inch Laptop Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = DSLR (Digital Camera)
  • Size = Medium (27 L)
  • Compartments = 4
  • Abrasion Resistant = Yes, At Least In Padded Areas For Camera
  • Waterproof = Yes, At Least At Bottom
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes, 16’’ Or 17’’, Depending On Laptop Type

The Case Logic SLRC-206 is the perfect photography backpack under $100. It has a foam-padded compartment to hold SLR camera and its accessories; this compartment has dividers that Velcro attach and detach to adjust to different sizes of camera and different accessories.

The EVA foam padded base of the backpack ensures that puddles of fluid or impact do not hurt devices inside, including the laptop; the EVA foam also makes the pack tend to stand upright on its own—a convenient feature for a camera bag.

Also, there is a top zipper that allows one to quickly lift out the camera without opening the entire compartment. Giving added protection of the camera, the compartment structure suspends the camera above the backpack bottom. The Case Logic also has a side compartment that keeps smartphone handy and straps to hold tripod or monopod outside of backpack.

Read more about camera backpacks here.


  • S-shaped shoulder straps
  • Designed so camera is easy to take out
  • Waterproof EVA base
  • Fits relatively large laptop
  • Lightweight


  • Relatively large for a camera bag
  • Might not work for long lenses
  • Tripod hold not so secure

Everyday Carry & Student Bags

4. Speedo Large Teamster Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = High School Students, Swimmers
  • Size = Medium (29L)
  • Compartments = 4
  • Abrasion Resistant = Yes
  • Waterproof = Water Resistant, Especially Laptop Sleeve
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes, 15’’

Speedo is one of those brands that always keeps the needs of the user in mind when designing fully practical, high-quality backpacks — and this model is no exception.

The Speedo Large Teamster Backpack has a roomy 15’’laptop sleeve, tablet sleeve, deep organizational pockets, and a well-padded back— all of which make this an excellent school back, especially for an athlete. It comes with a “dirt bag” to contain wet or soiled items so that they are totally separate from devices or books. Could they be any more thoughtful?

This backpack also comes with a foam bleacher seat that can be stored in a compartment at the back of the pack, as well as mesh side pockets for carrying drink bottles. It is durable, abrasion-resistant, and has a water-resistant base.

Reviewers emphatically state that this is the best swim bag. Student-athletes also enjoy the extensive color selection that Speedo offers.


  • Removable bag for wet items included
  • Separate seating surface included
  • Durable
  • Wonderful color selection
  • Excellent bag for swimmers


  • Little bit heavy
  • Slightly prone to fading or staining

5. Adidas Prime LV Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = High School Students
  • Size = Large (65L)
  • Compartments = 5
  • Abrasion Resistant = No
  • Waterproof = Water Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes, 17’’

Size is a major strong point of the Adidas Prime IV Backpack: it can hold a 17’’ laptop in its padded laptop sleeve, which is a pretty unique feature if you consider that most backpacks are designed to carry smaller devices. It also has a huge volume capacity, so this is a great backpack for students who carry lots of supplies to school, or for those who like to benefit from larger screens.

Note that its spacious design also makes it ideal for active adolescents and adults, not for middle school or younger children. It has five exterior zippered pockets and mesh pouches on each side for storing beverages or umbrellas.

The back exterior is padded and the shoulder straps have LoadSpring suspension— all making a comfortable carry. For the active student, the Adidas Prime LV also has reflective panels at each side for night travel safety. All in all, Adidas is one of those brands which you can't go wrong by choosing them, so this is a pretty reliable option under $100.


  • Durable materialsIf full, will not fit under airline seat
  • Handles a lot of weight well
  • Plentiful organizing elements
  • Very spacious
  • Great color selection


  • If full, will not fit under airline seat
  • Unclear how resistant to water

6. Dakine Mission Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = College Students, Everyday Carry
  • Size = Medium (25L)
  • Compartments = 4
  • Abrasion Resistant = No
  • Waterproof = Water Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes, 17’’

The Dakine Mission Backpack might be the best pack ever for college students, as it has the versatility to match the unpredictability of college life. It is a perfect size to be a carry-on bag. It has a broad top handle so it can be carried like a purse or briefcase.

This backpack is water resistant. It has a 17’’ laptop sleeve and a padded iPad sleeve in main compartment, along with interior zip pockets. The front pouch has a keychain, smartphone pouch, and card and pencil slots. Another pouch is fleece-lined and originally intended for sunglasses or goggles.

In addition, the Dakine Mission has a zippered pouch at each side and exterior straps to hold a skateboard or snowboard. This pack has waist and chest straps—another feature allowing it to double as an outdoor pack. To go back into student or office mode, the user can just tuck the waist straps into the slits on each side.


  • Great color selection
  • Can be used to carry snowboard
  • Laptop and tablet pouches close together
  • Great organizational features
  • Very durable


  • Chest and waist straps could get in the way
  • No water bottle pouches

7. Osprey Packs Parsec Daypack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = Everyday Carry
  • Size = Large-Medium (43L)
  • Compartments = 3
  • Abrasion Resistant = No
  • Waterproof = Water Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes, 15’’

The Osprey Packs Parsec Daypack is the ideal backpack for a student or traveller who needs a lot of carrying space and/or weight carrying capacity. The pack has a padded laptop/tablet sleeve that is positioned to reduce impact when pack is put down, and it has other organizational pockets in the main compartment. It has quick access pocket in front and mesh pockets on the sides.

The Osprey Packs Parsec does have hip and chest straps, which is a useful feature in a large backpack, but if they are in the way, one user points out that one can just clip the waist strap behind and tuck the chest straps into the shoulder strap padding. It also has compression straps. In this way, this backpack can convert from and everyday carry or school bag to an outdoor sports bag.

Read more about the entire Osprey backpack range here.


  • Durable
  • Easy to wash off
  • Tablet and laptop sleeves
  • Lots of organizing elements


  • Chest and waist straps could be in the way
  • Thin bottom construction
  • Laptop sleeve runs small

8. JanSport Right Pack Laptop Backpack

No products found.

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = High School Through Graduate Students
  • Size = Medium (31L)
  • Compartments = 3
  • Abrasion Resistant = Yes
  • Waterproof = No, But Water Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes, 15’’

The JanSport Right Pack Laptop Backpack is the perfect backpack for almost all students—from upper middle to graduate school. Its size, which might make it too big for children, makes it ideal for the older student who needs a lot of volume and weight capacity.

To make large loads easy to carry, the JanSport Right Pack has padded, adjustable shoulder straps and back padding. Also beneficial is the 15’’ laptop sleeve and the front pockets with organizational pouches. 

The body of the pack is made of Cordura, a waterproof, flame retardant, and abrasion proof material; the base is made of suede. Despite being made of these protective materials, this backpack receives mixed durability reviews. Therefore, perhaps it is best for active students who are likely to want to change packs within 2 years or so anyway.

Here is Jansports own youtube review of this popular product.


  • Very extensive color selection
  • Very durable
  • Spacious
  • Resistant to staining
  • Versatile


  • Front pocket cannot hold smartphone
  • No bottle pockets
  • Thin straps
  • Bottom tears sometimes

9. The North Face Unisex Haystack Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = Everyday Carry, Students,
  • Size = Medium (31.5L)
  • Compartments = 2
  • Abrasion Resistant = No
  • Waterproof = Somewhat Water Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes, 15’’

The North Face Unisex Haystack Backpack is a perfect backpack for the active student—upper middle through graduate school—who needs a lot of volume and weight capacity. It has a 15’’ laptop sleeve, an outside pocket with organizational pockets, and mesh side pockets on both sides. The organizational features are relatively simple compared to many similar backpacks—this might be ideal to some people.

The pack’s body is 600D polyester and the base is 1200D (a finer weave that gives greater strength). This, along with the FlexVent injection-molded (manufacturing processes that make breathable, cushiony material) shoulder straps and chest strap, make this backpack perfect for comfortably carrying heavy loads without rupturing the backpack.

Ranker website rates The North Face brand the 2nd best backpack brand on the market. We tend to agree and you can read our complete review of TNF bags here.


  • Durable, handles lot of weight well
  • Long-lasting
  • Spacious


  • Large logo design across the front
  • Deficient in organizational features

10. Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack

No products found.

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = Middle School Students And Up, Athletes,
  • Size = Medium (31L)
  • Compartments = 4
  • Abrasion Resistant = Yes—At Bottom Panel
  • Waterproof = Water Resistant, Front Pocket Is Waterproof
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes, 15’’

True to the brand’s reputation, the Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack is perfect for the student athlete—whether a middle or high school student who needs to get it all in one bag, or college student-athlete who needs a bag especially for sports activities. The Storm Hustle II has a spacious main compartment with a 15’’ laptop sleeve that is lined with soft fabric.

It has two side bottle pockets and a laundry pocket in the front. It also has additional interior and exterior pockets for organization; the front pockets are lined with water-repellent material to keep a smartphone or other sensitive items safe. The shoulder straps are adjustable and have HeatGear technology for high comfort.

Durability reports vary. Reviewers sometimes complain that the base “feels thin.” Therefore, it seems the Storm Hustle II’s strength is carrying athletic supplies, not textbooks. For more information, read our page that covers all Under Armour backpacks.


  • Good color selection
  • Not prone to staining or fading
  • Durable
  • Repels water unusually well


  • Some report it is not durable at all
  • Some report it cannot handle much weight

Camping, Hiking, Hunting & Military bags

11. Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = Internal Frame Backpack—Camping
  • Size = Large (55L)
  • Compartments = 4
  • Abrasion Resistant = Yes
  • Waterproof = Water Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = No

The Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Backpack is a perfect camping or hiking backpack for excursions lasting a few days. It has a very versatile fit that can work for almost any body size, especially for those who are petite, young, or just have a narrow torso (as adolescent men often do).

The back of the pack is fitted with foam padding and channels to generate airflow, and in addition to adjustable shoulder straps, it has substantial chest and waist straps, too. A reddit discussion focused on comparing Teton backpacks and one user stated they 'swear by it'.

The body of the pack is fitted with both side and front compression straps and gear loops to affix gear to the pack. It has a sleeping bag pouch and a pouch containing an included rain cover. Some users complain that they cannot get their sleeping bag into the intended pouch; however, most of them solve the problem by strapping the sleeping bag to the backpack. The Teton Sports Scout 3400 also has a conveniently placed pouch able to hold a 3L hydration bladder.


  • Fits range of body sizes
  • Great value for price
  • Very durable
  • Can carry lot of weight (60lbs even)


  • May not adjust well to 6’4’’-tall people
  • Some sleeping bags do not fit in pouch

12. Mardingtop 50L/60L Hiking Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = Camping And Hiking, Best Tactical Backpack
  • Size = Large (50L)
  • Compartments = 2
  • Abrasion Resistant = No
  • Waterproof = Water Resistant; Rain Cover Is Waterproof
  • Laptop Sleeve = No

The Mardingtop Hiking Backpack comes in both 50L and 60L models—you can get the same colors and otherwise same product in each volume. Both have an extension design at the top that allows either size to increase in volume by 5L, if needed.

The biggest asset of this backpack is that it has even more capacity due to the MOLLE (modular lightweight load-carrying equipment) fabric design across the front, which allows many items of various sizes to be attached to the pack.

The Mardingtop Hiking Backpack also has loops across the bottom for hiking poles and other long equipment. Like most high-capacity backpacks, it has ample compression straps and it has chest and hip straps. For safety, the pack has reflective bands on its straps and the included rain cover is a high-visibility color. The pack is well-designed for hydration bladder and tube use. Ultimately, this pack is suitable for 3-day excursions.


  • Great value for price
  • Comfortable for long periods
  • MOLLE attachment at front


  • May not sit properly on short torsos
  • Buckles may tend to slip out of adjustment

13. Gelindo Military Tactical Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Purpose of this Model = Tactical And Hunting, Best Hunting Backpack
  • Size = Medium (35L)
  • Compartments = 4
  • Abrasion Resistant = No
  • Waterproof = Water Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = No

The Gelindo Military Tactical Backpack is a 3-day bug-out bag (a bag that holds everything you need to survive for that period of time), which makes it ideal for outdoor excursions. Off grid survival discuss the benefits of a military backpack over a hiking option.

Accordingly, it has an insulated 3-liter compartment to keep water or food cool or warm for up to 4 hours. The spacious main compartment has mesh organizing elements and elastic belts to hold items in place.

While the Gelindo Military Tactical is a good camping bag, it does not have the volume of some others. To make up for this to some extent, it has MOLLE lining across the front and sides of the pack; this makes it a suitable bag for almost any situation. In fact, many users really love it for outdoor sports, such as airsoft (air gun sport) or urbex (urban exploration).


  • Very tactical, practical appearance
  • Abundant MOLLE
  • Convenient place for smartphone on waist
  • Excellent value for price


  • Straps might slip out of adjustment a bit
  • Straps might seem excessive for some

Always Consider Why You Want a Backpack?

Is It For a Laptop or Tech Equipment?

As you can see in the list above, many backpacks have sleeves specially sized and padded for a laptop; some even have a similar structure for a tablet, too. If you intend to carry such devices in your backpack, you should only consider packs with this very common feature.

Realize that laptops vary in thickness and width, so the length measurements used to measure laptop sleeves do not guarantee a fit. Fortunately, most laptop sleeves seem to be a little bit oversized, so it is rare to find that a laptop of the listed maximum length does not fit.

Do You Need a Tactical Backpack?

Unless one is truly in the military, a tactical backpack probably is not needed. However, tactical packs have features that are wonderful for hunters, campers, and backpackers—especially the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) exterior lining that allows auxiliary elements to be affixed to the backpack. Also, most tactical backpacks are highly water resistant, if not waterproof, and they can balance very high volume and weight in a way that is comfortable to the wearer.

To Store & Carry a Camera

There are backpacks that are especially made to store and carry a camera, so if that is the purpose in buying a backpack, there is no reason to consider any other sort of pack. The Case Logic SLRC-206 on the above list is an excellent example. It has organizational features in the main compartment that allow it to support cameras of various sizes and camera accessories, all visible and convenient. It also has a waterproof, abrasion-proof bottom and foam padding around the camera storage area.

For School or College

The ideal backpack for a student—whether high school, college, or graduate—depends on the student’s activities. Most students really want or need to have a laptop sleeve and probably a good place to put a tablet, too. Having their smartphone in a convenient location is also a plus. Many students, perhaps especially college students, like having a headphone port so that they can listen to audible media as they go. Also, despite the movement to reduce textbooks, most students still need a medium-volume pack that can hold 10-15 lbs.

Planning on Hiking or Camping?

The biggest difference between a hiking/camping backpack and others is the size, because campers need room for sleeping bag, clothing, food, water, portable stove, and more. Usually a camping pack is at least 50L, whereas other types of backpacks are 20-30L. Non-camping expeditioners, such hunters or hikers, might not need quite as much volume. However, they would still need many of the same supplies as a camper, and they might need attachment places for gear, such as hiking poles.

Everyday Carry

Everyday carry (EDC) backpack features should match your individual daily life. Most people like having a convenient smartphone space, card slots, general organization pockets of various sizes, and at least one keychain. Many prefer a laptop sleeve and/or tablet pocket, too. Most EDC bags are small-medium or medium, depending on how many other belongings the user must carry.

best internal frame backpack under $100

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Where are backpacks made?

It depends on the brand, but in general, they could be made anywhere. Many brands, including Under Armour® and JanSport®, have headquarters and sales locations all over the world; exact manufacture locations are harder to find. However, different locations of manufacture do not seem to impact product quality.

Is a backpack a personal item when traveling?

Most backpacks, even large ones, are small enough to keep with you as a personal bag in a car or carry-on in an airplane. Most will fit under airline seats. If not, they will certainly fit in the overhead compartment. Also, all the backpacks on this list have a top loop or handle so that you can carry them more like a handbag if it is easier.

Can you clean or wash a backpack?

All backpacks are best washed with a spot clean or lightly moist wipe down—this will not damage them at all. Some can tolerate washing machine just fine, but to be safe, it is probably better to stick with hand washing in the sink with hand soap. Generally, harsher cleansers, such as bleach or even detergent, should not be used.

How long can I expect a backpack to last?

It depends on how you are using it, but usually 2-3 years of heavy use, 10 years of moderate use, and probably 20 or more years of light or periodic use.

Do all backpacks come with a warranty?

The majority do—usually a lifetime warranty. However, many just come with the company’s policy to accept returns within a certain period of time. In instances of obvious manufacturing error, these two approaches are almost equivalent, because clear cases of poor make are clear within a few weeks, which normally is within a return period.

Where is a good place to buy cheap backpacks?

Amazon gives great deals on these backpacks. However, depending on the backpack, EBay, Walmart, B&H Photo Video (for camera packs), and 2DayDeliver also offer good deals.


No matter what you are—outdoorsman, professional photographer, business traveller, or textbook-laden student-athlete—there is a moderately priced backpack that can meet your needs. So many great backpacks have features you might not have considered that make them highly versatile.

If you think about what you really want and do some research, you probably will find a backpack that is an amazing value for its price and exceeds your expectations.

No water bladder is available with this backpack.
It features a folding system so that you can fold your bag into it's pockets and unfold it when you need it. Undoubtedly it is one of the best 10 backpacks under 100.
It comes with some well-organized multi-compartment. As a result, you get enough space to keep your things in it. This backpack features one main compartment, two front pockets, two side pockets. Every pocket has a secure zipper with it. The main compartment of it also has two separators so that you can organize your things very well.
Venture Pal backpack comes with an incredible durability which you can't imagine. As it is made with a high-quality tear and water resistant material, you don't have to do any tension regarding it's durability. As a result, you can use this backpack for the rough weather too. One of the most sustainable bags.
Teton bag is one of the best 10 backpacks under 100 for going on a long trip or adventurous journey. It comes with a huge capacity of 3400 cubic inches. So, carry a lot of things with this backpack.

Multi-position torso adjustment helps in fitting this bag perfectly with your back. Padded straps provide maximum comfort and air panel provides air flow to your back.

It features multiple compartments and pockets so that you can do a strategic packing.

It has a lot of well-organized pockets. Especially it is made for a vital mission where you need an organized bag so that you can find your things quickly from it.

This backpack comes with excellent quality and design. Multi-compression straps of it can compress your bag when you need. The material of it is also so much active. Therefore you are getting a durable backpack.

  • Updated July 29, 2021