Best Backpacking Knife 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guides

The knife is a necessary tool from many tools we need. A knife may help you to save your life in some dangerous situation as you are going in the wilderness. When you are at backpacking adventure, a good knife is always a primary concern that professional recommend. Survival situations not only make you unprepared but also panic you roughly.

best backpacking knife

That’s why you need to be smart when you are about to buy a knife for backpacking. In our daily life, we use a knife for various work. But backpacking knife is not like other knives. They have certain features and some unique specialties that help a lot when you are out for an adventure.

We have designed this survey with the aid of our skilled researcher. Therefore, you can trust our best backpacking knife. Now we are about to describe


Best Backpacking Knife- Comparisons

Knife Name: Knife Type: Blade Length: Rating
Morakniv Knife
Fixed Blade 4.1 inches (104 mm)
Light My Fire Knife
Fixed Blade 3.75 inches
Gerber Knife
Folding 3.6 Inches
KA-BAR Knife
Fixed Blade 7-inches
MTN knife
Fixed Blade 7 inches
Hoffman-Richter Knife
Fixed Blade 4 Inches
Victorinox Knife
Fixed Blade 5"-8 Inches
Condor Tool & Knife
Fixed Blade 8 Inches
SE Tanto Knife
Fixed Blade 3 Inches
Condor Tool & Knife
Fixed Blade 12 ½-Inches

01: Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade  Knife Review

best backpacking knife

If you want a non-folding knife that may give you a military feel you can look forward fixed blade that Morakniv Companion Fixed Blade can be best backpacking Knife  for you. Moreover, this knife is a carbon steel bladed knife.

Product Specification:
  • Dimension of the Product: 9.1x1.9x1.4.
  • Weight of this Knife: 3.9 ounces.
  • Sheath Type: Plastic
  • Material of the Blade: Carbon Steel.
  • Origin: Sweden.

Features and Benefits:

There is a fixed blade, made of carbon steel. Moreover, the blade is 4.1 inches, and the carbon has high quality. So, it is strong enough for any outdoor works.

The specialty of this knife is cutting woods, making tinder and carving wood. So, this knife may help you to start a fire if you have proper tools with you. You can sharpen your bow or make anything that needs to cut during your backpacking.

Manufacturer of this blade offers a lifetime warranty with this knife. Therefore, you have their promise that is enough to buy this knife. Its sturdy body and plastic grip make it easy to use.

Though it has a plastic grip, it offers high-friction. So that, this won’t fall off when you are working with it. A knife earns its faith by its comfort in gripping when working with it and this knife has this.

The length of thus knife’s blade is 4.1 inches or 104mm. The thickness of this blade is 0.08 inches or 2.0mm. Its overall length is 8.6 inches or 218mm. With its sheath, this knife weighs 3.9 ounces or 110 grams.


  • Comfortable grip.
  • Sturdy fixed blade.
  • High carbon steel material.
  • Solid and sharp blade.
  • Excellent brand quality.
  • Lifetime manufacturer warranty.


  • Average edge polish.

02: Light My Fire  Knife Review

best backpacking knife fixed blade

We present you Light My Fire Swedish Fire Knife. This knife is in the first on our top list and professionals of survival activities recommended this knife as a better choice of them among all other knives in the market. So, let’s roll out with its description of its unique features.

Product Specification:
  • Dimension of the product: 1.5x1.77x8.86 inches.
  • Weight of this knife: 0.21 pounds.
  • Color: Black, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Pink, Red, etc.
  • Manufacturer Origin: Sweden.
  • Material of the Blade: Stainless Steel with Magnesium alloy.

Features and Benefits:

This knife has a fixed hardened blade naming Sandvik 12 C27, which is fixed. Firstly, its’ blade is a stainless steel and  Morakniv, a Swedish manufacturer built this knife. Moreover, it has a high friction and anti-slip handle. So, the handle is comfortable in gripping and made of rubber.

 Light my fire is a Swedish knife that specially manufactured for lighting fire. In this knife, there is a twist lock in the handle. There is also the spine of this knife’s blade is ground. Additionally, it is especially for using to light the fire.

 Swedish fire Steel has a stainless steel material in its blade. But the blade also has a magnesium alloy in it. Manufacturer of this knife processed that magnesium alloy can produce 3,000 degree Celsius spark. It can do that for 3000 times. So this is a very helpful knife for backpacking.

The length of this blade is 3.75 inches or 95mm. The thickness of the blade is 0.07 inches or 1.9 mm. The total duration of    this knife is 8.5 inches or 215mm. Finally, it weighs only 3.4 oz or 94 grams.

 Its’ design is very distinctive and attractive. So, you can choose different colors of the knife. There is a wide variation in  color, and you can get it as your desire. It is magnificent to use this type of things that full fill your demand. The sheath of

This blade also has this color variation so you can match it up with your knife while buying it.

Light My Fire Swedish Fire Knife is one an essential knife that is very helpful if you want to start the fire using this. It has a high-quality blade, and it is unyielding. So you can have it if you wish to buy a simple knife with the most necessary feature.


  • Stainless Steel blade.
  • Magnesium alloy for making spark.
  • Easy to make fire with this.
  • Sturdy and compact design.
  • Perfect weight to secure usage.


  • Thin blade makes you use this carefully.

03: Gerber Folding Sheath Knife Review

best backpacking knife

Some people love folding sheath knives. For them, Gerber Bear Grylls Folding Sheath Knife is the best  knife, you can choice it. So, by its name, you can think of it, that it is after the survival specialist Bear Grylls. So, now let’s know about this knifes’ features.

Product Specification:
  • Product Dimension: 0.4x0.4x0.4 inches.
  • Weight: 5.3 ounces.
  • Color: Orange-black combo.
  • Origin: China.
  • Material of the Blade: High Carbon Steel.

Features and Benefits:

Half of the blade is jagged. The manufacturer of this knife has made this with high carbon steel. Additionally, drop point of this blade is greater than any other ordinary blades on the market.

If you are looking for an ideal knife for edge retention, this is the one you should go for. Moreover, it also has an excellent history of cutting ropes.

The thumb stud of this knife is dual-sided. So this makes the knife to open in single hand. Therefore, you can operate this knife pretty quickly.

In this knife, there is an ergonomic grip. Moreover, the grip is textured and made of rubber. So it is very easy to grip this knife. And you know that a comfortable grip can get you feel easy to use this knife.

Its’ sheath has made with nylon. That makes this knife lightweight. Military grade is available for this knife. Additionally, this knife is mildew resistant that helps the sheath for carrying horizontally or vertically.

There is also some particular use of this knife. This knife is a specialized knife for survival usage. So you can look forward to this knife for backpacking.


  • Brand value is high.
  • Compact design and attractive.
  • High carbon steel blade.
  • Perfect for survival usage.
  • Lightweight and durable body.
  • Comfortable grip.


  • For the people with strong hands.

04: KA-BAR Fighting  Knife Review

best backpacking knife

KA-BAR is one of the best knife for hiking & camping for its full synthetic with serrated edge. It has earned their brand value manufacturing high-quality products. So people love their knives for these facts. See their details here.

Product Specification:
  • Product Dimension: 14.3x3.2x2.4 inches.
  • Weight of the knife: 11.2 ounces.
  • Origin: Knife – USA, Sheath - Mexico.
  • Material of the blade: Stainless Steel.

Features and Benefits:

This is a military grade knife that people of military uses till now. So, it is vital to remember that survival adventures need some military knowledge. Into the army, all branches of the people have used this knife.

A serrated edge is the proper side of this blade. So you can use this some other purpose than cutting. You can use this various work when you need.

The blade is hard because of its high drop Stainless Steel blade. So this blade really can take some action when you are in need. It may turn a live saver for you in some situation.

Manufacturer of this knife has made its blade black, and this utility knife is excellent looking. Moreover, its sturdy design has made this more attractive. The blade is fixed and stable enough.

The sheath of this knife is hard. The kraton G-handle is in a good position, and it fits comfortably in your hand. This knife's blade is smooth to sharp because it is made of steel known as 1095 Cro-van.

The length of this blade is about 7 inches. The edge angle of this knife is 20 degree. The overall duration of this knife is 11.875 inches. So it looks cool and works excellent. Therefore it makes everyone to dazzle at this.

KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Serrated Edge Knife is knife for making the backpacking easier for you. You have to use this carefully, and then you will get the full output from this knife.


  •  Eye-catching design.
  •  Hard stainless steel blade.
  • ​ Kraton G-handle is handmade.
  •  Comfortable grip ensures easy usage.
  • ​ Perfect length for various job
  •  Ideal knife for backpacking.


  •  May get dull because of careless usage

05: MTN Backpacking knife

best backpacking knife

This knife is a beautiful knife with excellent double edge cutter. Moreover, it is a special edition for backpacking. That’s why this is in our best backpacking knife review. We are here to know more about it.

 Product Specification:
  • Product dimension: 3.25x1.5x13.5 inches.
  • Weight of the knife: 2 pounds.
  • Color: Black
  • Origin: Japan.
  • Material of the blade: Stainless steel.

Features and Benefits:

It is a fantastic knife for your survival adventure. So, you may gift this to your friend who loves to go for adventures. This knife is Japanese Hori Hori knife, and they are very famous for their brand quality.

This kind is the last Hori Hori knife that you must buy if you are a lover of good knives. From our expert researcher, this is a must have tool for backpacking in its price range.

The knife has full tang in its blade. It is incredibly tight to destruct, and it is also robust enough to take any rough work. The blade has crafted from high drop stainless steel.

Moreover, you can use this knife for various purpose. From cutting food, making paracord, kindling to making fire, there is nothing this knife can’t do. Additionally, it is sharp enough for any job.

A reliable tool can strengthen your confidence when you are in backpacking or any survival adventure. It is a useful gadget that you need to carry with you. This knife may end up becoming your life savior.

It has a compact design and easy to carry. The manufacturer offers a durable 100% leather sheath with the knife. So you can take it anywhere with comfort.

Best knife among any Hori Hori knife in the market. Moreover, the genuine high stainless steel and comfortable, sturdy wood handle.


  • Best knife than among all others knives. 
  • Eye-catching design. 
  • Double Shape edge blade.
  • Especially for backpacking.
  • ​​​​Sharp stainless steel blade.


  • None.

06: Hoffman-Richter  Fixed Blade Knife

best backpacking knife fixed blade

Hoffman-Richter is an old manufacturer that offers quality blades. It is unique for any survival adventures. So, you can easily use this knife for backpacking. Here is the description of this blade.

 Product Specification:
  • Product dimension: 1.4x2.665x10.9 inches.
  • Weight of the knife: 12.4 ounces.
  • Color: Silver.
  • Origin: China.
  • Material of the blade: Stainless steel.

Features and Benefits:

Firstly, the razor sharp blade of this knife is very attractive. A professional survival specialist can easily say that it is the  perfect choice for any survival adventure tool.

There is titanium coating into the blade of this knife. Manufacturer of this blade has used 440c stainless steel to make this  excellent knife. Additionally, there has ease of sharpening this blade. Moreover, it is a balanced knife for lifetime use  guarantee.

 Manufacturer of this blade offers solid full tang knife blade that is 4 inches long. So, it represents the strength of the blade  and the premium brand quality of this knife.

The blade is 5.5 mm thick and strong enough for any tough job. You can do some massive post using this knife. Moreover,  this is one of the most powerful blades on the market, and it will never break.

You can use this to tie 300lbs cord and use for breaking glass. So, you can save your life with this knife if the situation    takes place.

A belt sheath is free with this knife. There is a nylon sheath, and it is very sturdy and durable. So it can hold your knife  safely. The handle of this knife is also a part of the blade. But it is very comfortable to hang on.


  •  Unbreakable full tang blade.
  •  Razor sharp blade.
  • ​ Durable stainless steel body.
  • ​ Free nylon made sheath.
  • ​ Excellent design attracts everyone.
  •  Professional choice for backpacking.


  • You have to careful while using this.

07: Victorinox  Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife 

When you are out for backpacking, you have to continue your meal. And for this in the wilderness, you may have to chop off your foods. For that, we present backpacking knife for cooking you Victorinox 8 Inch Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife that is an ideal choice for you. So now we are going to tell you more about this product.

best backpacking knife
 Product Specification
  •  Product dimension: 15.2x2.2x0.8 inches.
  •  Weight of this knife: 8 ounces.
  • ​ Color: Black.
  • ​ Origin: Switzerland.
  •  Materials of the blade: Stainless steel

Features and Benefits:

This blade has a multipurpose use for cutting and chopping. Like as vegetable chopping, chicken mincing, onion slicing, and dicing. All these takes place with the help of razor sharp blade.

Its blade has passed laser-test. Moreover, the knife edge has tapered to ground that form a wide angle. If you want to hold   a sharp edge for a long time, it must have this feature.

Victorinox 8 Inch, Fibrox Pro Chef's Knife, ensure top cutting performance. The durability of this knife is also excellent.

The grip is exquisite, and it doesn't slip from hand. Its handle names Fibrox Pro. So this is why you get the perfect grip and   easy handling of the blade.

 Good grip helps you the knife to use correctly. This also ensures the safety of the knife. So you will have no doubt about buying this knife. It also makes this knife more efficient than before.

Ergonomically designed blade and grip enhance the beauty of the knife. Therefore it looks attractive and the quality itself represents its value.

Manufacturer of this knife is a brand of Switzerland. So the knife is crafted expertly since 1884. Therefore it is an old    name, and they have earned their customers’ trust by their quality products. That means you are getting a lifetime warranty  against any defects in this knifes’ material.


  •  Carry the fame of high recommendation from  gourmet consumer.
  •  Significant usage for backpacking.
  • ​ Material of this knife is ideal.
  •  Lifetime defect warranty.
  •  Attractive design.


  •  Need extra effort to slice.

08: Condor Tool & Knife, Hudson Bay Camp Knife Review

When you are here that means you are looking for a backpacking knife that will help you to full fill all your demands. Condor Tool & knife is one of the best survival knives. Let’s go through its’ features in details.

best backpacking knife
Product Specification
  •  Product dimension: 15x3.5x1.8 inches.
  •  Weight of the Knife: 1.4 pounds.
  • ​ Origin: El Salvador
  • ​ Color: Brown leather.
  • ​ Material of the blade: 1075 High Carbon Steel.
  •  Product Model: CN224085HC.

Features and Benefits:

This knife provides the finest quality in their cutlery blade. Moreover, the blade is fixed, and it is 8 inches ling. That makes this knife very useful in working stage.

There are 56 vents in this knife which are sculpted. So that, it looks very attractive. If the knife looks good, this may convince you to buy that. So this is an important feature of this knife.

The sheath of this knife is full leather. So, that makes it feel very premium. The quality of the leather is very high, and it changes the whole look of this knife.

The handle of this knife is made of hardwood. Additionally, this feature makes the knife classic and some classy people love these kinds of knives. The wood handle is expertly polished, and the grip is very comfortable

Blade of this knife is very attractive looking. Moreover, this is also very high-quality blade. It is made with 1075 high drop carbon steel. So that, the strength of this blade is enough to do any kinds tough job with ease.

Condor Classic makes this knifes’ blade unique. So, the finishing touch of this blade makes it look good, and the quality of this blade is premium.

The handle has an attractive feature. Additionally, it is replaceable with soft pads. So, if anyone wants a soft padded handle of this knife, you may get a chance to replace it.


  •  Imported blade.
  •  100% leather made sheath.
  • ​ High carbon steel blade.
  • ​ Lightweight knife with easy usage
  •  Comfortable grip with hardwood


  •  Poor sharpness in two different angles


There is no doubt about this blades’ quality and premium look. You have to be careful while using this blade. So for backpacking, you can depend on this knife quickly. If you want to have it in your pocket now, click here.

09: SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter Review

When you need a military look in your knife that would be so eye catching and high quality as well, this one is for you. SE KHK6320 Outdoor Tanto Knife with Fire Starter is one of the unique knife for backpacking. It has a low price, but the quality is high. So can go for it if you want a good knife for your next backpacking adventure.

best backpacking knife
Product Specification
  •  Product dimension: 7x0.2x0.5 inches.
  •  Weight of the product: 6.1 ounces.
  •  Origin: USA.
  •  Color: Military green with black blade.
  •  Material of the blade: Stainless steel.

Features and Benefits:

The blade of this knife is very cool looking. The shape of the knife is very attractive. Therefore, it reminds the dangerous military knives that are very sturdy and sharp.

Its blade is 4 mm thick, and the sharpened part of the blade is 3 inch. So it is a little knife that can help you at any stage you need to use it.

The design of this blade is very attractive. Moreover, it looks compact and feels like a premium blade. The style is unique, and you can use this for a multipurpose job.

The full body of this knife is made of hard stainless steel. So, there is no extra handle with this knife. Moreover, a soft nylon rope wrapped into the lower part of the blade so you can hold it there comfortably.

The grip of this knife is very comfortable. Though there is no handle made of another material, the gripping is still very comfortable. Lanyard wrist let of this blade makes the grip stronger.

This knife is a 7 inches full solid stainless steel with premium black color finishing. It also has fixed blade, and the  construction of this knife is full tang.

The sheath of this knife is also made of nylon lanyard. The belt loop of this knife and Ferromagnetic pocket makes it look attractive.

The sticker pocket is 1.5 inches long, and it has mini finger loop in it. So it is easy to keep with you, and this fits anywhere you put it.

 There is a unique feature in this black knife. You can use this to start a fire when you are out for backpacking. So this is a  useful knife if you can use it correctly.


  •  Ultra strong body.
  •  Excellent black finishing blade.
  •  Small and useful.
  •  Compact design
  •  Fits in everywhere in your backpacking.


  •  Sheath of this knife may seem cheap regarding            quality.


Overall, this knife is worthy of your money. This little fellow can do so much help in your backpacking, but you have to use it correctly. So feel free to get this knife and to do so, click here.

10: Condor Tool & Knife, Warlock Machete Knife Review

Condor Tool and Knife is one of the most popular brands in knife and tools making. We have this machete-shaped knife that is very powerful, and it can do many works. Let’s hear more about it.

best backpacking knife
Product Specification
  •  Product dimension: 19.5x1.5x1.8 inches.
  •  Weight of the knife: 1 pounds.
  • ​ Color: Black blade with gray handle.
  •  Material of the Blade: High-carbon steel.

Features and Benefits:

You may feel that a machete may feel adamant to work with in any cutting or other jobs. Moreover, the finest blade of this machete knife makes it very premium.

There are 66 vents in this knife. Therefore, it is a big knife that will help you for self-defense against any wild attack.

The handle of this machete knife origin from micarta. It is replaceable with soft pads. So you can have comfort holding this  large knife.

Its blade is 12.5 inches long. So, this machete is huge, and the power of this machete is enough to make your job easily done. Moreover, a sturdy knife can make your confidence high as you are in survival adventures.

Manufacturer of this machete knife used 1075 high drop quality carbon steel to make the blade. It is black finishing blade     and looks attractive because of it. The thickness of this machete knife is 5mm.

There is a coating on the blade. It is a powder coating of epoxy black. So the finishing of the blade is very eye catching. It      enhances the look of the blade.

The sheath of this machete knife is of leather. We all know that premium leather is a sign of high-quality and premium feel.     So, Condor offers a black leather sheath with this machete knife.


  •  Finest quality of blade.
  •  Well finishing.
  •  Can generate enough power for cutting.
  •  Comfortable grip.
  •  Premium leather sheath.


  •  It may become dull if not carefully used.


Japanese knife have their reputation. People love their blades since many years. This Stainless Steel Japanese Hori Hori knife Backpacking Edition is one of the best ultralight backpacking knife among other ordinary knives in the market. So if you want it, click here.

Choosing a Perfect Backpacking Knife

With all of your other stuff for backpacking, a knife is an excellent addition. Moreover, this knife may make you feel safe and strengthen your confidence in the wilderness. So, here are some must-have features that you should confirm your knife have in it.

· Tang of a Knife

Each knife has a tang that is buried inside the handle. This extension of the blade stretches down inside the handle. So, this helps a knife to get a perfect strength it deserves as a backpacking knife. Tang and the blade is a single piece of steel. When a tang goes into the base of a handle, this represents that this knife is the best knife for using as a surviving tool.

Ordinary cheap knives have their tangs up to the top of the handle, not so deep down. This thing makes it fragile, and this kind of knife is not sturdy. The blade breaks off when you use this knife for any hard job.

· Handle

In this sector, there is variety in options. There are various options that you can choose your desired one. Moreover, they may be made of polymer polish or hard rubber. A good knife must have an excellent and high-quality handle. So, to get a good handle, you should avoid any knife that has a hollow handle that can store or keep things.

Suppose you have put your match with your knife in the hollow part. If you happen to misplace the knife or lose the knife your matches will be gone too. Therefore you will not be able to fire up when you are out. Moreover, if you attach a 25 cents compass sin your knife, it will be tough to measure the direction in high places. So this is good to avoid this kind of knife while you are backpacking.

· Blade of the Knife

If you are in backpacking and looking for a blade, then you have two kinds of materials for your knife. One of them is carbon content, and another one is stainless steel. They are very popular, and these things make it very dependable. You should know about this and have to consider some terms before buying a knife for backpacking. They are given below.

· Stainless steel is considered as an active material and far more durable than other ordinary materials. It can prevent rusting for an extended period. This material is adamant and ready to take a beating anytime.

· Carbon steel is very well known for its lightweight and terrible hardness. Its edges don’t lose fast. This kind of knife is very attractive though it rusts faster than stainless steel.

· Sheath over the Knife

A sheath is like a shield of your knife. Sometimes people don’t think this as an important thing to consider before buying a knife. But in the case of backpacking, a survival knife needs to have the sheath. Some things will make you think that it is very much important for you.

Attachment in Lower Position: There are some attachment piece or some hole at the knife's sheath’s end. So, it can be used to attach the knife to your belt, leg or to strap this of your backpack.

A Belt and Lanyard: You should check that if there is a belt loop or not. Additionally, there should be a hollow for lanyard into the handle of the knife you are about to buy.

A Strap: Look and check that how the sheath of the knife locks around. Moreover, a good knife has to have a strap that crosses over the point of meeting the handle and sheath of the knife. So, a strapped handle of the knife helps the blade to slide out from the sheath.

Things to Consider Before Buying Backpacking Knife

Above we have described some facts that will help you to choose the best backpacking knife among all other knives in the market. So, we are here to make a list of the things that you should consider before buying a backpacking knife.

· A tanged knife make it long lasting

· Comfortable grips helps you to use the knife perfectly

· Right choice of the material of the blade helps you a lot in various works

· Sheathed knife is safe and easy to use

· Proper brand quality is a mandatory thing that you should consider

Why Do You Need a Knife While Backpacking?

The knife is a must have tool for any survival adventure. Moreover, it is humankind’s’ old tool and considerably helpful in danger times. Backpacking is an experience that may go wrong and make you in some dangerous situation. In that time, a knife may courage you to heavily. Additionally, there is much use of a knife like cutting ropes, making a trap, opening a package, fending off bears, sharpening your bow, etc. So you have to carry a knife while backpacking because you don’t know when or how you will need a knife.

Final thought

Finally, we are here with the conclusion of the products we have described above. When you are looking for a perfect knife, you may have various jobs in your mind that you want to with your knife. So, each and every one has different types of desire. And so, they have various types of demand. Therefore, your demand has a different solution.

Here we have merged best 10 backpacking knife considering these demands of you. Moreover, we have deigned this review considering the brand quality and price range of the product.

So we believe that this review will help you to make your decision easier. You can easily choose the perfect backpacking knife for next adventure. All you have to do is to choose wisely. Your choice may help you to save your life.

Have fun with your adventure.

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