8 Best Gregory Backpacks: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

Gregory Mountain Products is one of the premier recreational outdoor companies in the world. Their backpacks are second to none. Gregory's high-quality packs have been used by top adventurers for years.

In this article, we've reviewed and compared 8 of the top models of Gregory backpacks and we discuss what makes these packs so revered.

Gregory Backpacks Compared




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Gregory Mountain Products Women's Deva

Gregory Mountain Products Baltoro

65 Liters


Gregory Mountain Products Zulu 40 Liter Men's...

Gregory Mountain Products Zulu

40 Liters


Gregory Mountain Products Women's Deva,...

Gregory Mountain Products Deva

60 Liters


Gregory Mountain Products Jade 28 Liter...

Gregory Mountain Products Jade



Gregory Mountain Products Contour 60...

Gregory Mountain Products Contour

60 Liters


Gregory Mountain Products Sketch 22 Liter...

Gregory Mountain Products Sketch



Gregory Savant 58 Backpack, Cinder Cone Red,...

Gregory Savant 58 Backpack

58 Liters


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Gregory Compass 30

30 Liters


Who are Gregory backpacks made for?

Gregory Mountain Products are designed with progressive performance in mind and is a top pack choice for mountaineers, hikers, climbers, backpackers and other many other outdoor adventurers.

Gregory offers packs that suit many different outdoor enthusiasts. From the larger alpine full sized packs to smaller hiking bags and also day packs.

They also offer a line of Everday/Travel gear for commuters and travelers that need high levels of performance from their luggage or daily use bags and includes duffels and wheeled suitcases.

Gregory makes its own line of accessories such as rain covers and hydration bladders to help keep you moving. They also have a line of backpacks geared specifically for mountain biking, as well as luggage for travel. 

gregory targhee 45 backpack review

Backpack Features We Looked At


The material that a bag is made of is relevant when looking at the quality of the bag and its durability. Gregory uses 210D Nylon and 420D HD Nylon in their bags, which are tough, durable, and lightweight.


The straps of a backpack is what you feel when you're wearing it. All the extras are fantastic, but if it feels uncomfortable to wear, you're not going to want to wear it.

Gregory has prided itself on making the best fitting bags in the world. Their A3 suspension system is second to none, and ensure a comfortable fit every time.


Everyone has different needs for their backpacks, and Gregory offers sizes from the smaller Sketch 22, a small 22-liter bag, all the way up to the alpine series with the massive Denali 100.


Compartments are essential because you need to keep your gear organized. We've looked to make sure you can keep important equipment separate and protected, and keep your bag organized.

Check out this handy article for tips on how to pack your backpack for that long-anticipated hiking trip. 

Style Options

Style options help you personalize your bag, and buy something that fits your taste.

Whether it's purchasing a women's version of a bag style or just buying a different color, making the bag fit your personality will make you happier with your purchase. Gregory offers both in a variety of their packs.


When you buy the premium gear you expect it to last. Gregory feels the same way, which means all of their bags have a lifetime warranty. They will repair or replace your bag if something fails.

8 Best Gregory Backpacks Reviewed

1. Gregory Mountain Products Baltoro Men's Backpack

Best For Backpacking
  • Waterproof = Water-Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Size = 65 Liters
  • Warranty = Yes - Lifetime

The Baltoro 65 is a nylon and polyester backpack for men. It's a medium-sized pack that's perfect for hiking. The top-loading design and multiple storage pockets will help you keep your gear handy, without needing to take everything out of the bag in order to reach what you need.

The Baltoro features a removable rain cover that stores in its own pocket, making it perfect for different weathers. It also includes a shock cord ice axe/hiking pole retainers, a side pocket with mesh closure for storing a water bottle, an umbrella, or any other items that need to be easily accessible, as well as a hip belt compartment that designed for smartphones.

The straps are fully adjustable and removable. After all, the Baltoro is a serious pack for the serious hiker.

For a sneak peek at the interior of this backpack, check out this Youtube review by Backcountry Edge. 

2. Gregory Mountain Products Zulu Men's Backpack

Best For Hiking, Trekking, Overnights
  • Waterproof = Water-Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Size = 40 Liters
  • Warranty = Yes - Lifetime

The Zulu 40 is a 40-liter men's nylon backpack designed for hiking and overnight trekking but is still as tough as the alpine packs. This pack features a ventilated suspension system to keep you cool and comfortable while on the trail.

It also features quick-access waist belt pockets, two external pockets, a key clip, a stash for your sunglasses on the shoulder harness, hideaway ice axe/trekking poles loops, two external stretch water bottle pockets, and an integrated rain cover. The fully adjustable torso length is another great extra for this model.

This medium size bag gives more room for storage than most day packs, with a top-loading design and a front bucket pocket to simplify gear storage on the go. It also includes a waterproof cover inside a zippered pocket at the bottom of the top cover.

A perfect bag for someone who takes longer hikes, or short overnight trips. It could also be used as a travel bag.

3. Gregory Mountain Products Deva Women's Backpack

Best For Hiking, Trekking, Backpacking
  • Waterproof = Water-Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Size = 60 Liters
  • Warranty = Yes - Lifetime

The Deva 60-Liter Women's Backpack is a premium hiking and backpacking pack made of polyester and nylon that's specifically designed to fit women. The bag has ample room at 60 liters and includes Gregory's A3 suspension system for a perfect fit, and superior comfort while trekking. The top-loading design is sturdy enough to carry up to 50lbs of gear.

The bag features a 7075 aluminum HDPE suspension, an integrated rain cover, a sidewinder bottle pocket that doubles as an accessory pocket for loose items, external zip pockets, a TPU-coated hip belt compartment designed to keep your electronics safe and dry, multiple lash points, and a detachable day pack that doubles as a hydration pocket inside the bag.

This pack is ideal for women doing extended hikes or two to three-day trips. It could also be used for more in-depth backpacking with a minimalist mindset. The bag would fair well with travel as well.

4. Gregory Mountain Products Jade Women's Backpack

Best For Hiking, Trekking, Travel
  • Waterproof = Water-Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Size = 28-Liter
  • Warranty = Yes - Lifetime

One of the smaller packs, the Jade women's backpack offers 28 liters of space on a ventilated suspension system and superb weight balancing with an integrated yoke system that attached the straps directly to the frame for even weight distribution.

The bag features a top-loading feature and has several pockets with zipper access to keep your gear handy and organized, ready to reach whenever you need it.

The bag features a lightweight wire X-frame, HDPE frame sheet, zippered pockets on exterior and interior, an integrated rain cover, hideaway trekking poles/ice ax loops, two external stretch water bottle pockets, an interior hydration sleeve with hose port, an interior security pocket with a key clip, and a stash for your sunglasses on the shoulder harness.

The pack weighs only 2.45lbs empty, making this an ideal choice for long hikes and overnights. The organization of this pack also means it would work well for travel.

5. Gregory Mountain Products Contour 60 Backpack

Best For Hiking, Backpacking
  • Waterproof = Water-Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Size = 60 Liters
  • Warranty = Yes - Lifetime

The Contour 60 backpack is specifically designed for comfort while hiking with a heavy weight. The 60-liter capacity means that this back can hold plenty of gear, and the customizable straps and belts mean that you can carry it all without discomfort.

The pack features a harness that incorporates Gregory's MonoBond Architecture with thermo-bonded, four-layer construction.

It also features a ventilated back with a contoured design to promote airflow, and integrated rain cover to protect your stuff from getting wet, Gregory's Trail Smart Packing System, and a highly water-resistant pocket to keep your electronics safe.

This pack was born and breed for the trail, and would make a perfect pack for all but the longest hikes. It would work for travel, but considering its features, would be considered overkill. The bag also would be slightly large for a day pack, and would best be suited for a 3 to 5-night trip.

6. Gregory Mountain Products Sketch Daypack

Best For Daypack, Commuting, Business
  • Waterproof = No
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes
  • Size = 22-Liters
  • Warranty = Yes - Lifetime

The Sketch 22-Liter Daypack is a different design than the other packs reviewed. While still trail-ready, this pack also lends itself well to travel or commuting. It would make a very good everyday bag - even for school, sports practice, or heading to the gym.

The pack is smaller at 22 liters, which would be sufficient in a student or commuter role, but limiting if looking for a dedicated hiking bag. This pack features a dedicated laptop sleeve designed to hold up to a 15-inch device and has a separate tablet sleeve for your smaller electronics.

It has a zippered main compartment, and several outer pockets, as well as a mesh security pocket in the main compartment. It has sports padded shoulder straps and a top carry handle, an adjustable sternum strap, and a removable hip belt.

This aerodynamic pack with conservative styling is the perfect choice for travel, business trips, commuting, or student use.

7. Gregory Savant 58 Backpack

Best For Hiking, Trekking, Backpacking
  • Waterproof = Water-Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Size = 58 Liters
  • Warranty = Yes - Lifetime

Of all the packs reviewed, the Savant 58 Backpack is the most traditionally styled. This 58-liter nylon pack is top loading and is built on Gregory's 3D suspension system for a comfortable carry.

It also features a stash pocket on the hip belt, external hydration pocket access, and a zippered quick-access pocket. This is essential when you're hiking a difficult trail and need to reach everything you need with ease.

This bag is perfect for use as the main hiking pack, big enough to easily sustain multiple day trips and nights out in the wild. The pack also is suited for backpacking and traveling, so it could be a good option if you're planning your next hostel-hopping adventure. Moreover, it is water-resistant so it'll do the job in the middle of rainy weather.

This pack is only available in Gregory's original Cinder Cone Red, so there's not a variety of styles to choose from.

8. Gregory Compass 30 Travel Backpack

No products found.

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Waterproof = Water-Resistant
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes
  • Best for = Daypack, Commuting, Travel
  • Size = 30 Liters
  • Warranty = Yes - Lifetime

The Gregory Compass 30 Travel Backpack is a 420D nylon pack that's designed with travel and commuting in mind. The pack features a dedicated laptop compartment a separate tablet sleeve and several outer pockets to keep often-used gear at hand. This is why this is perfect even for the freelance traveler that needs to get their job done anywhere in the world.

The pack features padded back and shoulder straps for comfort, a cushioned top carry handle, as well as side compression straps, and daisy chains to help you manage either bigger or smaller loadouts.

This pack is trail-ready and would serve nicely as a day pack. However, it would also be well suited to business travel or as a daily pack for commuters with more than a laptop to carry. Bigger than the Sketch 22, this would be ideal for photographers or other professionals that need to carry a lot of gear. 

What makes the Gregory brand popular?

Gregory Mountain Products was begun in 1977 by Wayne Gregory in San Diego, California. Gregory was no stranger to building and designing outdoor equipment.

At the age of 14, Wayne built his first backpack as a boy scout project, and it soon turned into a passion. This led to his first company, Sunbird, which focused on external frame packs.

Wayne began seeing that the future was in internal frame packs. Wayne dissolved Sunbird and developed what's now Gregory Mountain Products. 

Gregory had discovered that how a backpack fit was extremely important. He began building and improving on designs to increase the proper fit of his packs, including some designs, such as the variable angle hip belts, that are still only offered by Gregory.

This dedication to accurate fit and an interest in only using the best materials available quickly earned Gregory a reputation for producing quality gear.

Today Gregory Mountain Products continues its pursuit of well fitting, innovative, and quality equipment for the outdoor world. 

How Do These Models Compare?


The models reviewed here range from the smaller Sketch 22 at 22 liters, which would be considered a small bag, up to the large 60 and 65-liter bags like the Baltoro.

65 liters would be enough space for all but the most extended backpacking trips, while 22 liters would be small enough to carry daily.


The price of the packs reviewed range from $75 on the lower end up to $180 on the high end. Gregory bags are more expensive than other brands, but the extent of this depends on what style of pack you choose.


The Gregory line covers a wide range of functionality, and the packs reviewed here cover most outdoor recreation needs as well as travel and commuting. Gregory makes a backpack for just about everyone.

gregory jade 53 backpack review

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Are these bags high quality?

Yes. Gregory bags are some of the highest quality backpacks on the market.

Where can I purchase Gregory packs?

They're available directly from Gregory, but the lowest prices are on Amazon.

What size bag do I need?

It depends on your personal needs. 40 to 60 liters is considered large and enough for almost all hiking needs. 20 to 30 liters is considered medium and can handle most daily use needs.

Are these packs waterproof?

No. The Gregory packs aren't waterproof, but rather water resistant. They will handle most situations such as rain or spills, but will not be waterproof for submersion.

Do these packs have a warranty?

Yes. Gregory offers lifetime warranties on their products and will repair or replace any bags that need service.

Are Gregory bags worth the money?

Yes. When buying gear it's important to look at the long-term investment. Gregory not only produces very high-quality products, they stand by them in the event something does go wrong.

The additional benefits of comfort and functionality make these bags a good investment.

How do you clean these packs?

Gregory recommends: “Using a mild soap (never use detergents or solvents) and a damp sponge, wipe out the inside and outside of the pack bag. Be sure to completely air dry the pack with all zippers open prior to storing.”

Does Gregory Mountain Products offer other packs or products?

Yes. Gregory offers an entire line of backpacks, luggage, and accessories. We just chose to review some of the most popular ones.


If you're looking for a high-quality performance backpack, it's hard to beat Gregory Mountain Products. These packs are designed from the start with durability, work, and comfort in mind.

The Gregory line features many different designs, which makes finding a bag that fits your exact needs much easier.

Their dedication to offering only the best quality packs available, and them standing by their products for life, make them a natural choice if you have the budget.

  • Updated April 16, 2021