6 Best Samsonite Backpacks: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

Samsonite bags and backpacks are renowned for quality, smart design and being jam packed with features. We've reviewed and compared 6 of the best Samsonite backpacks.

All of the models might be considered similar at first glance, but read our in-depth summary below to find out which is best suited to your needs.

Samsonite Backpack Comparison Table




Laptop Sleeve

Check Price

Samsonite Tectonic 2 Large Backpack,...

Samsonite Tectonic 2 Large Backpack

8.6 X 13.3 X 18 Inches

Yes - 17”

Samsonite Pro 4 DLX Urban TSA Backpack,...

Samsonite Pro 4 DLX Urban Backpack

12.2 X 5.5 X 17.2 Inches

Yes 13 - 15"

Samsonite Modern Utility Mini Laptop...

Samsonite Modern Utility Small Backpack

Small 15.5 X 10.75 X 6.0 Inches

Yes, 13” Sleeve

Samsonite Kombi Business Backpack,...

Samsonite Kombi Large Backpack

Large 17.5 X 12.0 X 7.0 Inches

Yes - 15.6”

Samsonite Xenon 3.0 Checkpoint Friendly...

Samsonite Xenon 3.0 Slim Business Backpack

Large 16.5 X 12 X 6 Inches

Yes - 15.6”

Samsonite Novex Perfect Fit Laptop Backpack...

Samsonite Novex Perfect Fit Laptop Backpack

Large 17.5 X 12.2 X 7.2 Inches

Yes, Different Sizes

What Makes the Samsonite Brand Popular?

The Samsonite brand has come a long way since being founded by Jesse Shwayder in 1910. Their focus is on suitcases, and they've followed and shaped the evolution of the suitcase in the century since Samsonite was born, but the company’s range includes a large variety of backpacks, travel bags and other products.

They offer different sizes, along with quality materials. And, the best part is that you don’t pay as much as some similarly popular brands. These bags are also functional, allowing for a plethora of uses from daypacks and laptop storage to work needs.

Samsonite is a brand that's committed to providing quality bags that will stand the test of time, and focuses on sustainability. They recently supported the #KeralaIsOpen campaign in an effort to revive tourist numbers after devastating monsoon floods in the area. I don't know about you, but I love buying from brands that clearly demonstrate their commitment to social causes. 

Who are Samsonite backpacks made for?

These bags are made for everyone, although I believe they're best suited to people who generally carry a lot of items with them. That's because Samsonite pack their bags with features.

Compartments, pockets, sleeves, and holders help organize even the busiest of professionals. This is all done with an intelligent design and construction to the Samsonite range of bags.

Therefore, those who commute, travel with work, or go to the gym with all their equipment, will appreciate this backpack the most. If you need a very simplistic backpack, perhaps if you're a high schooler, then this bag is not for you.

samsonite backpack review

What Did We Look At? Samsonite Bag Buying Guide

These are the components of the bags we looked at. Our quality testing and analysis of these important features help us to offer an unbiased opinion, so you can get the best products for your needs.


The material of the backpack is strong and durable. Most of these bags are made from 100% Ballistic Weave Polyester. Some of these bags are also weatherproof, ensuring your laptop is safe. But, those that aren’t waterproof are made water-resistant. Everything on the bag, such as the straps, handle, zips and the side pockets, is made to last years and not just months.


The straps on the Samsonite backpack is made for comfort. Each strap is padded and extra strong. The straps are also designed with a dual contour to help alleviate any stress on the shoulders and back muscles. This is extremely helpful for those carrying heavy loads.


One of the great things about the Samsonite backpack is the different sizes that the bags come in. There are the smaller bags, best for tablets, books and a few items, the medium size bags that are great for going to the gym and medium laptop bags for smaller laptops.

There are also the larger bags for the businessman that need to carry more than just their laptop, making it possible to carry everything that you need to have with you in a fashionable bag.


Different Samsonite backpacks have different compartments. But in general, they have a compartment for a laptop or tablet. They also have compartments for water bottles, clothing and smaller items that could go missing in a large bag.

The larger the bag, the more compartments it has, making it ideal for everyone that is carrying a multitude of items.

Style Options

Most Samsonite backpacks come in black, which is why they're great unisex products. The only bags that are designed for woman are the handbags. They also come in other, different colors like red. 

You won’t have to worry about carrying a bag that's designed with the other gender in mind. It really doesn’t matter if you're a woman, man, girl or boy. These bags are suitable for everyone.


Samsonite backpacks mostly come with a limited three-year global warranty. The warranty only covers manufacturing defects and not damage caused by negligence. At the indiscretion of Samsonite, they'll decide if the backpack should be replaced or repaired.

6 Best Samsonite Backpacks Reviewed

If you're looking for a Samsonite backpack, then these top 6 backpack reviews will make it easier for you to decide which one you should purchase.

1. Samsonite Tectonic 2 Large Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Waterproof = No - Water-Resistant
  • Number of compartments = 5 +
  • Laptop sleeve = Yes - 17”
  • Colors available = Black/Orange
  • Size = 8.6 X 13.3 X 18 Inches
  • Warranty = Yes

The Samsonite Tectonic 2 large backpack is ideal for people that want a bigger bag with all the bells and whistles at an affordable price. The bag is made from poly-ballistic fabric and is durable and long-lasting.

It has a padded laptop compartment that will fit devices up to 17-inches, with a brushed tricot lining that will fit most of these computer models. This is great for every business person. The other great thing about the Tectonic is that it has a smart sleeve on the back of the bag that will ensure that the bag is always in an upright position, so your devices are better protected. The bag is only available in black with orange details.

It includes a wide variety of pockets, so you can organize everything from your glasses and earphones to your credit cards, pencils, and water bottles. That's the best thing about this bag: everything fits.


  • It's large enough for most laptops
  • The bag is made from durable fabric that will last a long time
  • The bag can be used for men or woman


  • The bag can be uncomfortable if it's fully-packed

2. Samsonite Pro 4 DLX Urban Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Waterproof = No - Water-Resistant
  • Number of compartments = 4 +
  • Laptop sleeve = Yes 13 - 15 Inches
  • Colors available = Black
  • Size = 12.2 X 5.5 X 17.2 Inches
  • Warranty = Yes

The Samsonite Pro 4 is a compact design, but still, has enough storage space for a 13 to 15-inch laptop. It also has a tablet pocket, making it ideal for work or college where you usually need to take your electronic devices with you. The bag is designed to absorb shock, so if the bag falls, or if someone kicks it by accident, it should provide enough protection to your belongings.

The smart sleeve is built-in and prevents the bag from falling over. This ensures that it stands up straight to protect the laptop or tablet inside it. Moreover, the bag is made from the popular Samsonite fabric making it durable and long-lasting, often more than many of their competitors.

With leather details, it also includes many types of compartments so that all your specific items stay organized and in place: pencils, credit cards, keys, notebooks, and so much more.


  • It's compact. For people that don’t need a lot of storage
  • Laptop as well as tablet pockets
  • Great size for most business people


  • It's really expensive
  • Might be too small for most people

3. Samsonite Modern Utility Small Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Waterproof = The Bottom Of The Bag Is Waterproof
  • Number of compartments = 5 +
  • Laptop sleeve = Yes, 13” Sleeve
  • Colors available = Charcoal Heather, True Navy
  • Size = Small 15.5" X 10.75" X 6.0”
  • Warranty = Yes

The Samsonite modern utility small backpack is ideal for school children and for people that don’t need to carry a lot of stuff with them. The bag has a fabric lining, making it durable and long-lasting.

The bag has the RIPSTOP feature, meaning that it has extra-strength fibers to prevent the bag from tearing. We all know how some bags can tear and break easily, so this feature is impressive and gives this model a big extra point. Moreover, the bottom of the bag is water-resistant so your items are safe in the case that you accidentally put the bag on top of wet floor.

Just like many other Samsonite backpacks, it comes with the smart sleeve feature to prevent the bag from falling over when you're letting it stand on the ground. It also makes it easier to transport if you are also carrying a roll-on backpack with a handle tube.


  • The bag has a tablet and laptop sleeve
  • The bottom of the bag is water-resistant
  • It's small enough for children and teens


  • The bag is expensive for what it is
  • Only a 13” laptop can be stored

4. Samsonite Kombi Large Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Waterproof = No
  • Number of compartments = 4 +
  • Laptop sleeve = Yes 15.6”
  • Colors available = Black And Brown
  • Size = Large 17.5" X 12.0" X 7.0"
  • Warranty = Yes

The large Samsonite Kombi backpack is ideal if a large amount of storage is needed. The bag has a strong nylon lining and is made with the popular smart sleeve feature. It has a padded laptop compartment that's perfect for devices up to 15.6 inches.

This bag has some specific organization features, like a keychain and pockets for pens and cards, that along with the elegant design make of the backpack an ideal option for businessmen and women. There's also a fleece-lined pocket that will help protect your phone from dust and scratches; as well as cushioned shoulder straps and a padded top handle that will provide added comfort.

The Kombi bag provides stability when the bag is open so that the laptop doesn't fall and get damaged. All the details on the bag are made from genuine leather making the bag durable and long-lasting like all the Samsonite products.


  • Huge bag with enough storage and compartments
  • Padded laptop bag
  • Many pockets for storage


  • The bag is expensive
  • It can be too large for some people

5. Samsonite Xenon 3.0 Slim Business Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Waterproof = No
  • Number of compartments = 5 +
  • Laptop sleeve = Yes 15.6”
  • Colors available = Black
  • Size = Large 16.5" X 12" X 6”,
  • Warranty = Yes

The one thing that makes the Samsonite Xenon slim backpack so great is the material that the bag is made of. It is elaborated from rugged 1680 denier ballistic polyester for greater durability. It also has the Samsonite's smart sleeve feature, which prevents the bag from falling, keeping your items safe and secure.

The laptop bag is padded for extra protection of valuable items. This bag is ideal for any business person that needs to take things like a laptop or a tablet with them to work. The one feature that's really different from this bag (compared to the previous models on this list) is the air channel system that not many other Samsonite bags have. A padded grip also ensures that it is easier to carry.

The main compartment is big enough so that you can also store additional items, like your work out clothes if you're heading to the gym after work.


  • The laptop sleeve can take a laptop up to 15.6”
  • Large bag with lots of storage
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Might be too expensive
  • Only comes in black

6. Samsonite Novex Perfect Fit Laptop Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Waterproof = No
  • Number of compartments = 4 +
  • Laptop sleeve = Yes, Different Sizes
  • Colors available = Black
  • Size = Large 17.5 X 12.2 X 7.2 Inches
  • Warranty = Yes

The one thing that makes the Samsonite Novex perfect is its laptop compartment. It allows you to adjust the pocket for different size computers, so if you have two laptops, you can save yourself the headache that comes with choosing a bag that fits both of them. It is also helpful if you have a not-so-common computer since most backpacks are designed with the more popular models in mind. This is something not many bags are offering.

The laptop compartment is also padded to protect the device from damage while stored in the bag. It's a high-quality backpack made of durable material, so it could last for many years. However, it is only available in black, so if you're looking for a vibrant design this may not be for you.

The bag is on the more expensive side, but with the features that it offers, it is still a bargain.


  • Any size laptop will fit into the bag
  • Padded laptop sleeve
  • Large bag


  • The bag is expensive
  • Might be too large for most people

Negatives about the brand

One of the negative things about the Samsonite brand is that there aren’t many bags that are fully waterproof. Some are water-resistant, and others are waterproof on the bottom.

The other negative aspect of the brand is the fact that it's expensive. Cheaper versions are out there, although at times quality can be compromised.

Travel blogger Victoria at Pommie Travels commented that she isn't overly keen on the feel of the inner lining of her Samsonite bag, but other than that she loves it. 

How Do These Models Compare?

Here's some information about how the Samsonite ranges compare. This should help decide which is best for your needs.


The great thing about the Samsonite brand is that there are different sizes. You can find a small size that will only fit a smaller laptop. However, there are also larger bags that will fit laptops up to 17”. Making it ideal for business, pleasure or as a children’s backpack.


If you're looking at the price of the Samsonite brand versus other brands, you'll see that the Samsonite is more expensive than other brands. This is mostly because of the quality that the bags are made of. They might be more expensive, but they're durable and long-lasting. The cheapest options are around the $50 mark while more expensive models range close to $200.


All the Samsonite brand bags are really functional. They're unisex bags and ideal for school, work and travel. They all have padded compartments that make them ideal to take your laptop with you. Some of these bags even have a laptop and tablet compartment.

samsonite novex perfect fit laptop backpack

Need a Complete Set of Bags?

Samsonite Outpost
5 Piece Nested Luggage Set

If you need to purchase a complete set of bags, Samsonite brand has this option available.

With the set, there are 5 different size bags all made from quality material and all the Samsonite main features.

The great thing about the complete set of bags is that it comes in three different colors; red, charcoal and black.

The larger bags have wheels for easy use as well.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

There are many people that have questions about the Samsonite brand that are hard to find answers for. With these frequently asked questions answered, you don’t need to find out the answers for yourself.

I need a large backpack. Will this brand be good for me?

If you need to have a large backpack, you can choose between a couple of Samsonite bags. However, the one that most people prefer is the Samsonite Novex Perfect Fit Laptop Backpack. It's one of the larger backpacks.

I need a wheeled or rolling backpack. Which one should I buy?

Most people prefer the Samsonite Large Underseater Wheeled Backpack. This is because it has all the required space and is on the cheaper side. It represents great value for money.

Can you take these as carry-on bags on airplanes?

These bags are usually considered a separate carry-on piece and most airlines will allow hand baggage plus this backpack. It’s always best to call your airline prior to flying to get an exact answer as each company’s policy can vary.

Are these Samsonite bags TSA-approved?

Yes, these Samsonite bags are TSA-approved, and this is why these bags are so much more expensive than some bags from other brands.

How do you wash or clean a Samsonite backpack?

You can wash Samsonite backpacks with soap and water. You might not want to soak them in water, but it isn’t that hard to clean them with using just soap and water and a soft cloth.

Where can you buy backpacks at cheap prices?

Amazon is offering these backpacks at cheap prices, without compromising the quality that Samsonite backpacks are offering. They have a huge variety of backpacks, so you'll find the one you need.


There are some really great benefits of Samsonite backpacks. These are the top 6 Samsonite backpacks in our opinion and offer a variety of unique features for men and women.

Whether it's for travel, work or leisure, you can be confident in purchasing a Samsonite bag.

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  • Updated April 16, 2021