Black Diamond Creek Backpack Reviews (5 Models Compared)

Your work commute can be tiring, and having a secure backpack to carry everything you need for the day is vital. What about indoor training sessions and traveling cross-country 

You need a backpack that can move with you as you do, and we have found the perfect backpack: Black Diamond Creek Backpack. Our guide will show you what makes this backpack the perfect travel companion for work, training, or traveling fun. 

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Unique Features Of The Black Diamond Creek Backpack   


The backpacks range in size from small and compact to large and hefty. The Black Diamond Equipment backpack is a great mid-size option. The mid-size backpacks and larger backpacks can hold laptops up to 15” in separate laptop compartments.  

Before purchasing, think about the size of bag that you need.

Consider the size you want to carry and then choose accordingly.  

Carrying Capacity  

These Black Diamond backpacks range in size from 16L carrying capacity to 50L carrying capacity. The amount of interior space that you need is dependent on your goals for your backpack.  

Consider when you will use the backpack the most and choose a size that can hold everything you need for whatever activity matches your goals.  

Pockets & Compartments  

The larger backpacks have more compartments. However, the largest backpack (the Black Diamond Creek 50) doesn’t have as many interior compartments as a more organized person might want. That backpack is focused primarily on holding a lot of items and not on organizing them.  

The interior compartments are few and far between. The other backpacks have more organization, but they still lack organization compared to other work-style backpacks.  

Material Quality  

Several Black Diamond Creek backpacks come with waterproof shell fabric, including the Black Diamond Creek Mandate, the Black Diamond Creek 50, and the Black Diamond Creek Transit 32. All of the Black Diamond backpacks are made with high-quality, durable material that is meant for outdoor excursions, including hikes and ongoing travel.  

Packing Design

The removable foam back panel design is present on every Black Diamond Creek backpack. We love this design choice because it makes it easy to wash the backpack without damaging the foam. It also keeps a comfortable support system in place between your back and your things. The foam panel is thicker in more oversized Black Diamond Creek backpacks but does the job (keeping you comfortable) in every size, making it the perfect hiking companion 

Strap Style & Design  

A few of the backpacks from Black Diamond Creek come with not only shoulder straps but also Uhaul straps. These are great because they give you another carrying option. You can easily grab your pack by the Uhaul straps and continue on your way if you are tired of carrying your backpack on your back.  

Comfort and Ease of Use  

The Black Diamond Creek backpacks all offer padded shoulder straps, but they do not have the level of comfort of other, weightier bags. These packs are made with durable material but are also made to be light for long treks outside. Each backpack is easy to use, but the Black Diamond Transit 32 backpack is the best for overall comfort and loading/unloading items from the pack.  

Black Diamond Creek Backpack Reviews 

1. Black Diamond Bullet

Black Diamond Bullet 16, Adriatic, us:one...
  • Black Diamond Equipment: Designing and...
  • External zippered pocket
  • Internal mesh Zippered pocket
  • Easy-to-remove 20 mm webbing hip belt

The Black Diamond Bullet reminds us of the slick, sleek bullet trains in Japan. This backpack is not only sleek but also compact, making it perfect for everyday travel. For a backpack this size, it's almost impossible to find so many unique features such as a hydration hose and hip webbing. 

The webbing hip belt adds additional comfort and can be removed. The hydration hose makes it easy to take the backpack on a hike or other sport activity and immediately rehydrate when you need it. 

This backpack is affordable and made with easy-to-wash material. This is convenient for those days where your pack gets dirty or muddy and needs to be washed. Washing the backpack won’t damage it either. 

The foam back panel that helps provide support while wearing the pack is removable and can stay dry while you wash. The Black Diamond Bullet does come with limited color choices, however, in black, teal, and white. The backpack is also smaller than some may need (can hold 16L).

If you plan on going for a longer hike or carrying a lot of items to work, the bullet may not be your best bet. If you plan on going for day hikes and want a smaller, compact yet roomy backpack with a hydration hose, removable foam paneling, and hip webbing, then the bullet is the backpack you need. 


  • Hydration hose 
  • Hip webbing 
  • Compact 
  • Sleek 
  • Affordable 


  • Smaller than may be needed 
  • Limited color choices 

2. Black Diamond Creek Transit

BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Creek Transit 32 Pack...
  • Durable, waterproof shell fabric inspired by...
  • Zippered top lid with large zippered...
  • Haul loop handles on the top and front
  • Exterior-access padded compartment holds a...

The Black Diamond Creek Transit was made for the fitness enthusiast who wants a great backpack that is affordable and can hold all of the gear they need. Many users have talked about how durable this pack is and how comfortable it is to wear while climbing. It also is roomy enough to hold most climbing gear. 

15” shoulder drop is comfortable for all sizes and makes it possible to adjust the padded shoulder straps. A removable foam back panel also exists as well as a removable hip belt. We like that this backpack has several compartments and is made from high-quality, durable materials so it can withstand a lot of wear and tear. 

However, the top lid is not well designed, and if open, it will spill when trying to get something from the main compartment. We recommend only putting small items in the top lid so that you can primarily keep it zipped shut.

The Black Diamond Creek Transit backpack also comes in three colors: black, ash, and sergeant. This backpack is best for people who want a backpack with adjustable straps and a long drop, as well as a roomy interior with a durable exterior.  


  • Roomy interior 
  • Rugged material 
  • Durable zippers 
  • Hip webbing 
  • 15” Shoulder drop for people of all sizes 


  • Top lid is not well designed 
  • Limited color choices 

3. Black Diamond Equipment - Street Creek

BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Street Creek 24 Pack...
  • Haul bag inspired pack construction for best...
  • Anodized matte black metal closure buckle
  • 15-inch dedicated external laptop sleeve
  • Front zipped organizational pocket for...

The Black Diamond Equipment backpack is a haul bag design with maximum durability and extra space. The haul bag design gives you the option of wearing the backpack on your back or carrying it as a bag by the top hand straps.

It also lets you stuff as much as possible into the bag, which is great for going to the gym or bringing along a lot of sports equipment on a hike. The durable material on this pack is also slick, making it easy to spot clean and wipe off dirt without needing to wash the entire bag.  

The padded shoulder straps are more comfortable than other backpack straps on this list because of the included EVA foam. However, the laptop sleeve isn't as secure as we would like and doesn't hold the laptop in place. The organizational compartments in the front pocket are also limited, and it is difficult to organize your things with this pack.

That said, the goal of this backpack is to hold as much as possible and be easy to carry on your commute. This backpack does just that. We recommend this backpack to people who prefer the haul bag design.  


  • Durable, heavyweight material 
  • Slick material is easy to spot clean 
  • Unique top haul design 
  • The Black Diamond backpack with the most color choices 
  • Padded shoulder straps 


  • Laptop sleeve isn’t as secure as we would like 
  • Not many organizational compartments 
  • Buckle isn’t durable 

4. Black Diamond Creek 50L

BLACK DIAMOND Equipment Creek 50 Pack - Black...
  • Durable, waterproof haul-bag fabric
  • Load lifters, padded shoulder straps, a...
  • Top-loading design with drawcord skirt...
  • Full-length side zipper for easy access to...

The Black Diamond Creek backpack is the largest backpack on our list, with a 50L capacity. The easy loading panel system helps to keep things separated and includes an exterior access compartment for your laptop. The backpack is made out of durable material that is also waterproof and can withstand storms. 

The haul loop handles on top of the backpack give you another carrying option. Easily adjustable shoulder straps with foam inserts keep you comfortable while keeping your hands free. This backpack is perfect for hauling numerous heavy items to work, on a trip, hiking, or flying.  

It does have limited color choices, similar to the other Black Diamond backpacks. A few reviewers have also noted that the bag is too large for everyday commuting in most cases unless you have a big haul of things to carry to and from work.

If you want a large 50L backpack with an exterior access compartment for your laptop and durable waterproof fabric, then we recommend the Black Diamond Creek backpack.  


  • 50L capacity  
  • Exterior access compartment for laptop 
  • Durable waterproof fabric 
  • Easy loading panel system for keeping things separated  
  • Adjustable, comfortable shoulder straps 


  • Too large for those wanting a compact backpack 
  • Limited color choices 

5. Black Diamond Creek Mandate

Black Diamond Laptop
  • Durable, Waterproof Shell Fabric Inspired By...
  • Kippered Top Lid With Internal Zippered...
  • Haul Loop Handles On The Top And Front
  • Exterior-Access Padded Compartment Holds A...

The Black Diamond Creek Mandate is a 28L backpack with haul loop handles, an exterior padded laptop compartment, zippered pockets, and a sleek, tight design. The external material is waterproof and made from high-quality, durable materials, so you won't experience rips or shredded fabric on a trek.

The haul loop handles are convenient and offer another way to carry your pack. The laptop compartment can fit a 17" x 15.5" laptop, and the panel-loading design makes it easy to grab the laptop/put it back without disturbing the rest of your stuff.  

However, this Black Diamond backpack has the same three limited color choices as other models: black, ash, and sergeant. We have also found that some packs come with loose stitching. If there is a loose stitching area on your backpack, a quick re-threading will keep it strong. 

If you want a medium sized backpack with a padded laptop compartment and haul loop handles, this is a great choice. If you want something small and compact or large and hefty, look at another model.  


  • Perfect mid-sized backpack (28L) 
  • Haul loop handles as well as backpack straps 
  • Padded laptop compartment 
  • Waterproof exterior backpack  


  • Loose stitching 
  • Limited color choices 

Black Diamond Creek Vs Other Bag Brands 

The Black Diamond Creek backpack is great, but there are two areas where it falls short: color selection and fashionable design. The Black Diamond Creek backpacks come in different colors depending on the model you choose, but most models offer 2-3 color options, and that's it.

Unfortunately, many of these color selections are bland, boring colors that fit well with an outdoor aesthetic but some may find lacking.  

When it comes to fashion, these backpacks fall short. They were made to be durable and to work well in outdoor environments, but they won’t turn any heads hopping on the subway or walking down the street. The Black Diamond Creek backpack is best for fitness enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts.

If you want a backpack with more style but one that can hold your laptop too, then we recommend the Mancro Laptop Backpack. This backpack also comes in several color choices.

Another excellent backpack selection for those who like the outdoor readiness of the Black Diamond Creek backpack but want something waterproof is the Vitchelo Waterproof Dry backpack.

If you expect that your pack will get wet frequently, then this backpack gives you the rugged durability of the Black Diamond Creek but adds waterproofing to the mix 

black diamond creek mandate grey backpack

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who manufactures Black Diamond backpacks? 

Black Diamond backpacks are made by the Claurs Corporation, who owns the company. These backpacks are made in the US, Europe, and Asia. It depends on the backpack type and the location of the factories. Most of the backpacks are designed in the US and created in Asia.  

How do you clean Black Diamond backpacks? 

Black Diamond backpacks can be cleaned in the same way that you clean other backpacks. Gentle soaking in a dash of vinegar and lukewarm water mix, spot treating any stains, and allowing the backpack to air dry.  

Is the Black Diamond Creek backpack approved by airlines as a carry-on bag? 

Yes, the Black Diamond Creek backpack is approved by airlines as a carry-on bag because it can fit underneath the seat. Most airlines require that carry-on bags can fit underneath the seat so that they can be stowed away during takeoff and landing.  

Can you carry BC Skis on this backpack? 

No, these backpacks are not made to carry skis. They cannot and will not be able to carry BC Skis or any other type of Skis. However, they can hold ski supplies such as ski boots, gloves, or a hat.  


The Black Diamond Creek backpack is both roomy and compact, with storage compartments that make it easy to bring everything you need, no matter where you are going. If you are headed for a vacation or to the office, take the Black Diamond Creek backpack with you.  

  • Updated October 27, 2021