Adidas Prime V Backpack Review (Pros & Cons Compared)

The Adidas Prime V backpack is an excellent choice for students, sports enthusiasts, and workers. You can easily take this backpack with you to school, work, weekend trips, and traveling 

Our Adidas Prime V backpack review breaks down our favorite qualities about this backpack so you can determine if it is the right choice for you. 

Unique Features Of The Adidas Prime V Backpack 


This is the XXL Adidas backpack version, so the size is massive. The dimensions are 20 inches tall and 14 ½ inches wide. The backpack is best for adults and kids ten and up because of its large size. The adjustable straps will ensure the backpack falls comfortably on your back and in the best position. 

Carrying Capacity

Although the carrying capacity isn't listed for this backpack, we know that it can easily fit a 15" laptop and can hold up to five large textbooks. The backpack is much larger than anticipated and should work for most activities. However, when fully stuffed, it cannot fit under an airline seat and may not make the best carry-on choice for air travel

Design & Comfort

This backpack was designed to carry as much as possible, and there are a few comfort design details, but not as many as some users might like. If you want a backpack with a hip belt or heavily padded shoulder straps, then this backpack isn’t for you.

However, the backpack does come with adjustable straps and average padded shoulder straps. For most people, this will be sufficient for comfort. 

Inside The Bag

The Adidas Prime V backpack has a separate compartment for your laptop to keep it safe and separated. It also has an internal compartment that offers zippered and mesh storage for smaller items.

Color & Style Options

This backpack comes with 19 different color options, which gives everyone a chance to choose the best color scheme for their needs. From subtle, neutral colors and lighter pastels to bold, deep colors and crisp white, there is something here for everyone. A reflective accent panel helps keep walkers safe and comes with each color option. 

Material Quality

The material is a mesh material that responds well to daily life and won’t get as dirty as other backpacks. This material is also easily washable, so you can quickly spot clean after a spill or toss it in the washing machine on a gentle cycle. The zippers are metal and the bottom has a sheen material that helps prevent moisture from getting into the backpack. 

Zip Quality

A few users noted that the zipper quality was more flawed than they expected. Make sure that you take your time zipping and unzipping the backpack to avoid excessive wear and tear on the zipper. If the zipper does malfunction, you will need to sew in a new zipper. Most tailors can also fix zippers. The backpack does come with a lifetime warranty, and you can send the backpack back to Adidas for a new bag with a working zipper. 

Our Review of the Adidas Prime V Backpack 

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The Adidas Prime V backpack is the perfect backpack for gym-goers, school kids, and anyone who wants an affordable, durable, and easy-to-clean mesh material backpack. With five outside pockets and an internal organizational pocket, it's easy to keep things organized. This backpack is an XXL version of the Adidas backpack and is huge.  

Many users talked about how they can fit 7 textbooks into the bag or stuff sneakers, gym clothes, and several other gym items. Others talked about how they can carry their laptop as well as all of the documents they need for their job. If you want a massive backpack, this is perfect for you. However, if packed full, the backpack won’t fit under an airline seat (it has that much roomy space in its interior!).  

This backpack is best for school kids who need to carry a lot of textbooks while also keeping smaller items in place. The mesh exterior is easy-to-clean, and adjustable straps make this backpack comfortable for kids and adults of all sizes. The backpack comes in 19 different colors, so you can match your backpack to your school team, workplace logo, or whatever color scheme best fits your wardrobe.  

The backpack does have reflective accent panels, which keep you visible during darker times of the day. However, a few users have said that the zippers are of poorer quality than most Adidas backpacks. If your zipper fails, a new one can be replaced with the warranty. Make sure to pull the zippers slowly to avoid ripping them. This is great for kids who walk home from school or adults who use public transport to get to/from work.  


  • Easy-to-clean mesh exterior 
  • Huge backpack 
  • Adjustable straps 
  • Laptop compartment 
  • Multiple color options 


  • Poor zipper quality 
  • Fully packed, won’t fit under an airline seat 

Price Guide & Sales Expectations 

The Adidas Prime V backpack typically costs $65. It does not usually go on sale because of the brand name: Adidas. Adidas is a well-respected and recognizable brand in the sports community. This is also one of their staple backpacks and is rarely replaced (therefore, no old model sales).  

Amazon is the best place to buy the Adidas Prime V backpack because they do occasionally have sales on specific colors. We recommend watching the Amazon link and checking to see if any of the color styles go on sale weekly if you need an even better deal. At $65, for a backpack of this size and quality, this backpack is already priced affordably.  

adidas prime v backpack

Comparing with Other Adidas Backpacks  

Prime V or Excel V? 

When considering the Adidas Prime V, another Adidas Model, the Excel V comes to mind. This backpack is approximately $10 cheaper than the Prime V, but it is also smaller. The Excel V comes with 32 color options compared to Prime V's 19, so you may want to consider the Excel V if you want a different color choice. 

The Excel V is an XL size and comes with a fabric exterior rather than the mesh exterior of the Prime V. We recommend the Excel V for smaller kids who don’t need to carry as much or adults who want a more compact version of the Prime V.  

Prime V or Urban Utility? 

The Adidas Utility backpack is modeled after the combat or military-style backpack. It has pouches on the exterior and two buckles to keep the top compartment covered as well as a cord lock and hood. The backpack style is unique but only comes in two colors: black and rain camo ambient sky. 

This backpack is significantly smaller than the Prime V and functions best for everyday activities rather than school. A zippered side pocket and water bottle pouch make this backpack an excellent option for hikes. It does have a laptop compartment as well, but the internal carrying capacity is smaller than the Adidas Prime V backpack 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Are Adidas Prime V backpacks waterproof? 

No, the Adidas Prime V backpack is not waterproof. If you want a good waterproof backpack, then we recommend one of these waterproof backpacks 

Is Adidas Prime V a laptop backpack? 

Yes, like other laptop backpacks, the Adidas Prime V has a separate compartment for your laptop. You will need to check to make sure that your laptop fits, but most laptops will fit in this large pack. 

Is Adidas Prime V good for high schoolers? 

Yes, we recommend the Adidas Prime V backpack for high school students because of its carrying capacity. It has a large interior that can easily fit numerous textbooks and other school supplies. Students can throw everything into the backpack and won’t have to worry about carrying anything extra.  

Is Adidas Prime V good for college? 

Yes, the Adidas Prime V backpack is a good choice for college students because of its carrying capacity. This backpack can carry several textbooks as well as notebooks, writing utensils, and a laptop.  

Will a 40oz hydro flask fit inside an Adidas Prime V backpack? 

Yes, a 40oz hydro flask will fit inside the Adidas Prime V backpack. This backpack has a roomy interior and has room for a 40oz hydro flask.  


If you want a huge backpack with ample interior space, an easy-to-clean mesh exterior, and internal organizational compartments, then this backpack is a great choice for you. We recommend this backpack for gym-goers, students, and adults who frequently lug numerous work materials to and from work.  

  • Updated October 26, 2021