15 Best Leather Backpacks: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

Best For Men

The Polare bag is great for everyday use and traveling. It can accommodate a 16 " laptop.

Best PU Leather 

This retro PU leather bag by WITZMAN is an afforable, large and stylish backpack.

You’ll find backpacks out there of every shape, size and capacity, designed for every purpose imaginable and made from a range of modern fabrics and materials which are lightweight, breathable, etc. This site is full of them!

You may feel that your days of cheap and cheerful nylon/polyester bags are behind you and it’s time for an upgrade. If that’s the case and you find yourself looking for a really durable and stylish everyday backpack, then leather is the go-to option.

One of the most appealing features of the leather backpacks is that they often look better as they age and wear. Other materials end up becoming tatty and worn, eventually only fit for the trash. This makes leather backpacks a planet-friendly option and also cost-efficient.

Leather Backpacks Compared




Laptop Sleeve

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No products found.

P.MAI Premium Valletta Leather

12.5 X 6 X 15.5 Inches

Yes – 15”

Tumi Women's Voyageur Halle Backpack Black

Tumi Women's Halle Backpack

5.5 X 11.5 X 14.25 Inches

Yes: 12”

MICHAEL Michael Kors Rhea Zip Medium Slim...

Michael Kors Rhea 

10-1/2 X 12 X 4-3/4 Inches

Ipad Pocket

No products found.

Leatherology Parker Backpack

17.7 X 13.8 X 6.5 Inches


Royce Leather Executive 15' Laptop Backpack...

Royce Leather Handcrafted

17 X 8 X 14 Inches

Yes: 15”

Polare Cowhide Leather Multiple Laptop...



12.6 X 5.1 X 17.3 Inches

Yes: 16”

Coach Charlie Pebble Leather Backpack F38288...

Coach Charlie Pebble

12 X 14.75 X 5 Inches


Vera Bradley Leather Leighton Backpack Bronze...



7 X 11.75 X 4.75 Inches


Claire Chase Jumbo Leather Small Laptop...

Claire Chase Jumbo

17.5 X 15 X 10 Inches

Yes: 17”

Gucci Soho Backpack Bag Leather Pink Rosette...

Gucci Soho Backpack

9 X 12 X 3.75 Inches


HESHE Backpack for Women Leather Backpack...

Heshe Women’s Vintage Leather 

11.41 X 13.38 X 4.52 Inches


WITZMAN Men Travel Backpack Laptop Bag...

WITZMAN Men’s Retro Canvas/PU Leather 

11.41 X 13.38 X 4.52 Inches


VASCHY Vintage Leather Canvas Backpack for...

Vaschy Vintage Leather

13.4 X 5.5 X 16.5 Inches

Yes: 15”

No products found.

Mwatcher Waterproof Waxed Canvas 

11.81 X 19.68 X 5.11 Inches


No products found.

Humble Chic Vegan Leather Backpack

13.5 X 12 X 5.5 Inches


Different Types of Leather Explained

Real Leather

Without doubt, the luxurious feel and timeless style of a leather backpack is the crème de la crème of the different variations available. Within the category, though, the leather used ranges from the finest, softest and most flexible calf leather, through to the more workaday, utilitarian leathers.

These have the durability and overall sturdiness but do tend to lack in the style stakes. It’s worth bearing in mind that when cheaper leathers are dyed they’re sometimes not color-fast which can be disastrous for your clothes when the bag gets wet.

Faux Leather (PU Leather)

If a real leather backpack isn’t an option for you due to the higher price-tag, then you’ll be glad to know that faux leather has leapt forward in terms of quality in recent years.

The fundamental difference between the two is that genuine leather is made from animal hides – cattle, buffalo or oxen. Faux leather, on the other hand, is made from a plastic base treated with dye, wax or polyurethane to create texture and color.

What faux (PU) leather lacks is the uniqueness of real leather – no two pieces of animal hide are ever identical, with their characteristic stretch marks, scars and veins which add to their overall beauty and distinctiveness.

Techniques used in making artificial leather have improved considerably over recent years. These days you’ll be spoilt for choice as you go in search of the best faux leather backpacks.

Many do such a great job at mimicking real leather that only you will know the truth. The downside that you need to bear in mind is that real leather will always win hands down for durability and longevity.


The virtual indestructibility and waterproof nature of canvas have made it indispensable for all kinds of practical purposes on land and at sea going back into the mists of time. But this hardwearing fabric is now just as likely to appear on a catwalk as on the high seas.

It’s produced in a whole range of colours and has become a super popular material for all kinds of bags, satchels and daypacks. Modern canvas is so durable and attractive in its own right but when it’s teamed with leather it creates an eye-catching combo.

Leather straps and panels not only make a stylish contrast of texture and colour but they also give extra strength and protection to the canvas.

Vegan Leather

Vegan leather is a high quality, scratch-resistant, lightweight synthetic material that feels and wears like soft leather. Because of its ‘niche’ market, it tends to be on the pricey side, so if you’ve got an eye on economy, you’d be wise to look at the huge range of faux leather options instead.

Like faux (PU) leather, vegan leather won’t last as long as the real thing. It also lacks real leather’s ability to age gracefully and stylishly. But that’s a compromise you’ll be happy to make to satisfy your conscience.

best leather backpack mens

What to Look For In a Good Leather Backpack

Fake it till you make it

If your personal principles preclude the use of animal products, then a real leather backpack isn’t going to be in your sights at all. But faux leather backpacks can look just like the real thing, so you can still get the benefit in the style stakes without having to trouble your conscience.

Real leather will always win when it comes to longevity but then you won’t have shelled out as much for the bag in the first place, so the cost of replacing it won’t seem so burdensome.


If you’re on a sightseeing trip, you’ll need space for necessities like guidebooks, camera, sunscreen, cell phone, water bottle. For school or college, it’ll need to accommodate those weighty textbooks, laptop, and so on.

We suggest giving careful thought to the intended purpose of your new backpack before you make your selection, so you don’t make a costly error of choice.


The unique aesthetic appeal of genuine leather (and also the high-quality faux leather) products makes them a winner in the style stakes every time.

No two leather products will look the same and the vast range of colors now available extends that variety further still. Many have a slightly grainy or ridged texture that adds to their individual look.

There are so many different styles and designs available, from daypacks to purses, so it’s up to you to choose the product which best fits your needs and your own personal style.


It's not made of leather. It's not even made of good faux leather.

Cosmopolitans #1 reason why your bag looks cheap


Think carefully about the intended purpose before you select the size. It’s important to check the actual dimensions before you buy and to establish if it’s likely to be large enough to suit your needs.

Laptop Sleeve

This is another factor where size is important. Laptops come in all sorts of sizes, so be sure you check that yours will be accommodated comfortably in the laptop sleeve of your chosen bag.

You risk damaging it (and the backpack itself) if you attempt to squeeze it into a tight space every day.

Straps, Zippers & Handles

The robust nature of leather backpacks means that the straps are usually sturdy and strongly stitched to the body of the bag. This is always worth checking as it can be a weak point. Good quality zippers are essential, of course, or they’ll break long before your backpack wears out.

An additional carry handle at the top is always a useful feature for carrying very short distances so you don’t have to sling it over your back each time.


The length and type of warranty varies from product to product but the bottom line with warranties is that a manufacturer who really believes in the quality of the product will usually offer a better warranty.

15 Best Leather Backpacks Reviewed

1. P.MAI Premium Valletta Leather Laptop Backpack

No products found.

Best For Everyday Use, School, College, Laptop
  • Size = 12.5 X 6 X 15.5 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes – 15”
  • Warranty = Yes – 1 Year (Limited)

This super-stylish designer bag from P.MAI is ideal for your daily commute, being the ultimate carryall backpack, but it’s also smart enough to take you from your desk to the restaurant for an evening out.

With sleek and smart black or navy options, it’s made from premium Nappa calf leather – soft as a baby’s bottom! – and lined with water-resistant, ultra-durable nylon. There are multiple compartments, including a water bottle holder and a 15” laptop sleeve.

It’s especially tailored for women, with padded straps, adjustable webbing, and a convenient luggage strap so you can be hands-free.

Naturally, for a premium product like this, it’s at the higher end of the price spectrum. If you’re looking for an elegant yet versatile women’s leather backpack purse, then this is one of the best on the market in our opinion.

A ‘free’ matching wristlet bag is included in the price which we think is a really useful additional feature. What you have here is a bag which combines luxury and utility and we think it’s a winner.


  • Combines elegance with practicality
  • Multiple organizer pockets including 15” laptop sleeve
  • Luxurious Nappa calf-leather
  • Trolley strap for use with wheeled suitcase


  • High price tag
  • Only 1-year warranty

2. Tumi Women's Halle Backpack

Best For Everyday Use, Laptop
  • Size = 5.5 X 11.5 X 14.25 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes: 12”
  • Warranty = Yes: 5-Year (Limited)

This super-versatile and beautifully crafted women’s leather backpack is packed with useful features, so it combines functionality with elegant style. The word ‘elegant’ isn’t one usually used in the same breath as ‘backpack’ but we think this bag pulls off this magic trick!

There are 3 main pockets, plus a padded pocket designed to fit a 12” laptop and a handy quick-access phone pocket with magnetic snap closure. Added to all this, there’s an internal water-resistant water bottle pocket. At the back, there’s a special sleeve, designed to fit over extended handles of wheeled suitcases, which is a really useful feature when you’re traveling.

All Tumi bags feature a ‘Tumi Tracer’, so you can register your details online to help reunite you with your bag should it ever go astray.

If you like a little personalization, there’s a detachable leather danger/key ring which is monogramable. This is a great feature if you’re buying the bag as a gift for a loved one.


  • Available in 4 gorgeous colors
  • Add-a-bag sleeve
  • Padded 12” laptop pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort


  • Expensive

3. Michael Kors Rhea Medium Slim Leather Backpack

Best For Everyday Use, Laptop
  • Size = 10-1/2 X 12 X 4-3/4 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = Ipad Pocket
  • Warranty = Yes – 2 Year (Limited)

The best word we can think of to summarize this high-end leather backpack is ‘understated’. It doesn’t shout ‘look at me’ and it doesn’t have bucketloads of pizzazz but it’s undoubtedly classy, sophisticated and elegant. If that’s your kind of style then read on…

The smart, black, grained, supple Venus leather contrasts delightfully with the high-shine, high-quality, gold-tone hardware.  It has multiple zippered pockets to keep your bits and pieces organized and it features a laptop sleeve which will keep your electronic devices safe and secure.

The shoulder straps are adjustable for comfort and there’s also a useful grab handle on the top of the backpack. It’s available in a selection of colours from classic black to funky hot pink.

The only thing it lacks is space for a larger-sized laptop but on the plus side, that means it’s a compact size. After all, it’s hard to look sharp and sophisticated if you’re hauling a huge load around on your back! Its neat size, therefore, could be as much of a plus point as a minus.


  • Sophisticated style
  • Laptop sleeve
  • Supple, high-quality leather
  • Multiple colors


  • Not as capacious as some leather backpacks
  • High cost
  • Laptop space is limited compared to some products

4. Leatherology Parker Backpack

No products found.

Best For Travel, Everyday Use, Laptop
  • Size = 17.7 X 13.8 X 6.5 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes
  • Warranty = No

If you’re looking for functionality and style combined, this full-grain leather backpack from Parker may be just the thing you’ve been searching for. It has all the features of a standard nylon/polyester backpack, but is in a different class altogether being crafted from beautifully soft leather of the highest quality.

It’s super-practical, with multiple pockets, including a zipped laptop pocket and side compartments that are perfect for water bottles and drinks, yet it oozes style and sophistication. There are no less than 7 gorgeous colors to choose from, so there’s bound to be one that fits your personal style and taste.

This backpack is surprisingly spacious inside, with plenty of space for all your daily needs, including 2 easily accessible exterior side pockets for a water bottle or snacks. You can adjust the shoulder straps for comfort but if you just want to grab-and-go it also has a useful carry handle.


  • Multiple pockets
  • Zipped laptop pocket
  • 8 colors
  • Full-grain leather


  • Leather grain variable
  • No warranty

5. Royce Leather Executive Handcrafted Backpack

Best For Travel, Everyday Use, Laptop
  • Size =  17 X 8 X 14 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes: 15”
  • Warranty = No

This lightweight and expandable leather backpack is handcrafted from the finest Colombian Vaquetta leather and has a really comfortable ‘lived in’ look right from the start. If your style is low-key and casual but you still desire quality, functionality, and durability, then this could be the best leather backpack for you.

In spite of its relaxed style, it features a large subdivided front zip compartment, a pen holder, and a leather business card holder, so it’s equally ready for a day at the office, an away-day or conference.

The best part is that everything fits! It will accommodate a 15” laptop easily, and there are a number of other organizer compartments for iPhone, etc, and a handy external elasticized leather pocket for your water bottle or umbrella. You can even put your bulky jacket inside and won't have a problem to close the zipper. Moreover, the shoulder straps are padded for comfort and fully adjustable, and it also features a convenient padded top handle.


  • Can accommodate 15” laptop
  • Ideal for business use
  • Functional and durable


  • Tan color is very ‘orange’
  • Only 2 color choices: black and tan
  • High price point

6. Polare Cowhide Leather Multiple Laptop Backpack Day pack Travel Bag Satchel

Best For Travel, Everyday Use, Laptop
  • Size =  12.6 X 5.1 X 17.3 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes: 16”
  • Warranty = Yes: 1 Year (Limited)

This functional, retro-styled men’s leather backpack is made from durable genuine oil leather, which is designed to stay strong and supple and to age gracefully (just like its owner!). It has enough internal and external pockets to keep any number of items safe, secure and easily accessible. Inside, it has so much space, including a pocket large enough to hold a 16” laptop.

This is a perfect backpack to take to the office or to college, especially if you need to carry many little things that you need to organize: pencils, charger, earphones, wallet, laptop, tablet, phone, calculator, notebook - all of these can be kept inside their own unique space.

The front pocket has a hook & loop closure for easy access. The zippers and hardware are strong and the leather is double-stitched for strength and durability, a look which enhances its ‘vintage’ character. The strong shoulder straps are adjustable and there’s also a top carry handle for convenience.


  • Multiple external compartments
  • Retro style
  • Functional and durable


  • External compartments offer less security

7. Coach Charlie Pebble Leather Backpack

Best For Everyday Use
  • Size =  12 X 14.75 X 5 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Warranty = No

If you’re determined to put your nylon/polyester backpack days behind you and your heart is very sensibly set on owning a leather backpack but you’re not able to aspire to the ‘luxe’ market (yet!), it would be worth taking a look at this smart and practical women’s leather backpack from Coach.

It’s manufactured from genuine leather with a ‘pebble’ grain and the hardware is gold-effect which gives it a touch of class. It has a number of multifunction pockets inside to keep your items organized, and features a useful zipped front pocket for easy access.

Although it doesn’t have a dedicated laptop sleeve, reviewers report that it can take a 13” laptop. You can select from 4 colors, our favorite being the stylish ‘chalk’ option. This is not great if you need to carry a lot of items, since it doesn't include that many compartments - it's especially inconvenient for carrying water bottles.


  • Durable ‘pebble’ grain leather
  • Practical & smart yet inexpensive
  • Padded, adjustable straps


  • No laptop sleeve
  • No warranty

8. Vera Bradley Leather Leighton Backpack Bronze Age

Best For Travel, School, Everyday Use
  • Size =  7 X 11.75 X 4.75 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Warranty = No

We just love the fun design on this cute leather backpack from Vera Bradley’s collection. It gives it a unique and eye-catching style which will always get you noticed. Even the lining is leather, a big step from the usual polyester. The vintage-looking leather is intended to develop more character as it ages.

Vera Bradley bags are designed with quality and longevity in mind, so the higher price tag can be justified. There are 2 outer pockets to keep pens and other small items organized. These are very tight, so they won't fit a water bottle as most side compartments usually do. There’s no laptop sleeve but ample space inside to accommodate one if needed.

On the outside, there’s a zipped front pocket with plenty of space for your phone, keys, and wallet; plus a slip pocket on the back. The shoulder straps are adjustable for comfort and there’s a convenient carry handle too.


  • Funky style
  • Leather designed to age gracefully
  • Carry-on compliant


  • No warranty
  • No laptop sleeve

9. Claire Chase Jumbo Leather Small Laptop Backpack

Best For Travel, School, Everyday Use, Laptop
  • Size =  17.5 X 15 X 10 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes: 17”
  • Warranty = No

This roomy yet elegant backpack has plenty of capacity for all sorts of items including a secure compartment for a laptop up to 17”. It’s fashioned from the finest top-grain Vaquetta cowhide, with high quality, stylish, antique brass hardware that complements the leather beautifully.

The satin lining lends a touch of class to the interior of the bag, so it’s not just about style on the outside but on the inside too. There are a number of internal and external slip and zippered pockets for all sorts of uses, including side pockets that are large enough for a water bottle or a small umbrella. This model is perfect for travelers (it is great for carry-on), long days walking around the city, school, work, and even to take it to the gym.

You can choose between 6 stylish color options, so there’s bound to be one that suits your personal taste.


  • Finest quality vaquetta leather
  • 7 color choices
  • Antique brass hardware
  • 17” laptop compartment


  • Some reviewers found the bag bulky and heavy

10. Gucci Soho Backpack Bag

Best For Everyday Use, Fashionista’s
  • Size =  9 X 12 X 3.75 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Warranty = No

The Soho backpack from Gucci is the most expensive bag on our list. It comes with high-quality chain straps and zip-top closure. Luxury is clearly evident as it is made with resistant, textured leather.

The gold-toned interlocking G Front zip pocket is great for smartphone storage. Interior open pocket and top handle with 2" drop chain shoulder straps allow for easy carry. Yes, these may not be the most comfortable - but let's be honest, the killer looks of this bag are worth sacrificing comfort.

This is not the option that you're looking for if you need to carry that many items, especially if they're bulky. This is a fashionable and casual choice, more than a practical one.

This is a great gift for your special women as it is made in Italy and will stand out from the crowd. Be aware though as it comes with a hefty price tag.


  • Super stylish
  • Hard to find in shops
  • Timeless fashion accessory


  • Price tag
  • Small capacity

11. Heshe Women’s Vintage Leather Backpack

Best For Everyday Use
  • Size =  11.41 X 13.38 X 4.52 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Warranty = No

Made from man-made (PU) leather with high quality contrasting silver hardware, this bag has the stylish look of leather without the price tag. It is not only elegant on the outside - the textile inside the bag looks quite classy as well. The unique feature of this backpack that really appeals to us is that the strap can be adjusted so that the bag can be a backpack, a shoulder bag, a slingback, or a hobo – so versatile!

The durable coffee-colored polyester-lined interior has a number of different zippered and slip pockets. There’s plenty of space for your phone, wallet, cosmetics, umbrella, and all sorts of other daily essentials. On the outside, there are front and rear zippered pockets. You can choose from 8 vibrant and neutral colors to suit your own taste.

This a great choice for the office if you don't need to take bigger items. Moreover, it is perfect for daily use - take it to the restaurant, the museum, or the mall.


  • Adjustable straps
  • Spacious enough for all your daily essentials
  • Inexpensive yet stylish


  • Not as durable as genuine leather

12. WITZMAN Men’s Retro Canvas/PU Leather Backpack

Best For Everyday Use
  • Size =  11.41 X 13.38 X 4.52 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Warranty = No

The rugged style of this quality cotton canvas/man-made (PU) leather backpack really caught our eye. The juxtaposition of the different materials and the contrast in color gives this backpack a real sense of style.

It’s not all about looks, though, as this backpack also delivers on capacity and functionality. It features a multi-purpose design, so it can be used as a backpack, tote bag, or a cross body duffel bag, so it adds versatility to its many qualities.

This bag is available in 3 colors and also in 2 sizes: 20” and 23”. You’ll find this backpack to be the perfect companion for everything from casual, everyday use to a weekend away in the city or out on the trail. It is also an ideal choice for current travelers since it does the job for a carry-on. It's also great for high school students, who tend to carry a bunch of books.


  • Exceptionally capacious
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Flexible carrying methods


  • Large size may be too cumbersome for some people

13. Vaschy Vintage Leather Canvas Backpack

Best For School, Travel, Everyday Use, Laptop
  • Size =   13.4 X 5.5 X 16.5 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes: 15”
  • Warranty = Yes – 1 Year (Limited)

We’re impressed by this premium quality product from Vaschy which doesn’t have the premium price tag to match. The tough, washable, cotton canvas juxtaposed with the cowhide leather creates a really attractive and classy-yet-casual backpack that wouldn’t look out of place in the office or on a hiking trail. What is more desirable in an accessory than versatility? Probably nothing.

This attractive backpack is designed for men and women and the wide, adjustable shoulder straps disperse weight evenly are comfortable. Both the canvas and the leather will evolve and mature over time – every scratch and mark will be a reminder of the journeys you’ve made together.

It’s specially designed for carrying a 15” laptop in a padded inner pocket. There are other small pockets inside and one big, easily accessible pocket on the front. It has so much space that it's a good option for office workers who head to the gym before or after their shifts.


  • Durable, washable cotton canvas
  • High-quality cowhide leather panels/straps
  • 15” laptop pocket
  • Suitable for men and women


  • Some issues with zippers/stitching reported by reviewers

14. Mwatcher Waterproof Waxed Canvas Leather Backpack

No products found.

Best For Travel, School, Everyday Use, Laptop
  • Size =   11.81 X 19.68 X 5.11 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Warranty = No

This vintage-style waxed canvas and leather roll-top backpack from Mwatcher is top of the pops for both fashionable style and practicality. Both materials are intended to age naturally, so each mark, scar and scratch ends up telling the story of your life and increases the ‘distressed’ look.

The copper rivets and vintage metal hardware add to the overall retro look of this backpack. One of the best features of this roll-top bag is that it can be rolled down to be made into a more compact bag when space is limited, for example on a plane. This is why it is a top-notch choice for travelers.

The internal and external pockets of various sizes are ideal for organizing your daily essentials, including carrying a laptop up to 15.6” and also a not-so-wide water bottle. Another great feature is that it is water-resistant, so it could be a good companion for your hiking day-trips.


  • Vintage retro styling
  • 4 cool colors available
  • Perfect for school, college, work or travel


  • Water-resistant, not water-proof
  • No laptop sleeve

15. Humble Chic Vegan Leather Backpack

No products found.

Best For Everyday Use, Laptop
  • Size = 13.5 X 12 X 5.5 Inches
  • Laptop Sleeve = No
  • Warranty = No

You can carry this elegantly designed Humble Chic vegan leather backpack with a clear conscience. The chances are only you will know your secret, though, as it’s such a convincing copy that only very close inspection would reveal the truth.

This practical bag is as functional as it is stylish and makes the perfect shoulder companion for pretty much any occasion from a weekend away to a day on campus. It is not very high, so it may not be the most suitable for carrying a laptop. However, it can carry bulky objects (like a sweater or a small jacket) as well as a tablet without any problems.

Featuring a top-zip closure, adjustable straps, 2 interior pockets, and 2 exterior zippered pockets, this backpack will keep all your essentials organized and secure so that you don't have to lose your time looking for your keys or wallet. The contrasting gold-tone hardware is of good quality and offsets the ‘leather’ perfectly.


  • Convincing leather look without the price-tag
  • 4 color options


  • Vegan leather doesn’t age gracefully like genuine leather

Types of Leather Backpacks

The versatility of leather makes it the perfect material for creating backpacks of every shape, size and configuration and for every purpose imaginable. If you have a particular purpose in mind, you can be sure that there’s a product out there to fit the bill.

Whether you’re looking for a backpack to carry a few bits and bobs on your daily commute, or to keep valuable equipment like cameras and laptops safe and secure, you’ll find a wide range of options. Because of the higher cost of leather backpacks, bear in mind that you need to make your choice very carefully.

Consider when you’ll be using it - on your commute, or for day trips or weekend adventures? - and which features you’ll need. From water resistance to laptop compartments and exterior pockets, there’s a stylish and practical leather backpack out there for everyone, for every purpose.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Where does real leather come from?

There are no prizes for guessing that real leather originates with animal skins which are processed and tanned to produce differing grades of leather used for different purposes.

Generally speaking, the softer the leather, the higher the quality – and the higher the cost. If your conscience is unhappy with using animal products, then faux (PU) leather or vegan leather products are a great alternative.

How do I clean a leather backpack?

The best place to start is with prevention because we all know that’s better than trying to cure a problem. We recommend using leather protection cream as soon as you take it home but always test on an unobtrusive area first to make sure that it’s compatible.

This cream adds a protective barrier to the leather that repels stains and protects the surface from wear and tear. You can wipe your bag occasionally with a clean, damp cloth.

Is leather waterproof?

It can be waterproof but only with special treatment. There are many sprays and creams available which are designed for this job but it’s essential to check manufacturer’s instructions before attempting such a treatment. You may cause permanent color change or damage.

How do you soften leather backpacks?

If the manufacturer recommends it, leather can be softened through treatment by proprietary products you can buy from any shoe store. However, it’s essential that you check before you treat the leather as it may change colour significantly after treatment.

If soft leather is your aim, it’s probably best to buy a softer leather backpack in the first place.

How can I tell which backpacks are real or PU leather?

This will always be specified in the product description and is often discussed in reviews but another clue is often in the price, since genuine leather will always be more expensive than artificial.


Of all the accessories which accompany us on the daily round of commuting, working, shopping and socializing, bags and backpacks have to be able to stand up to some pretty rough treatment.

If you’re looking for a backpack which will stand the test of time, then leather is the go-to material. Leather is versatile and strong, yet also exceptionally stylish. In fact, one of the quickest ways to upgrade your look is to start carrying a leather backpack!

Pair its functionality with its style and you’ve got the perfect bag to take with you anywhere, any time for almost any purpose.

  • Updated April 16, 2021