10 Best Toiletry Bags in 2018: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

These days, when it comes to traveling space is at a premium. 

In the past, suitcases and bags weren't designed with space-efficiency in mind. 

Whilst toiletry bags always existed, the ones that are on offer on the market today are almost unrecognisable. 

best toiletry bags

These days, they're designed to be compact and space-saving, allowing you to take all of your essentials with you on your trip without wasting huge amounts of space. 

However, there's a huge amount of toiletry bags out there to choose from, so how are you decide to pick the best? Just read through our in-depth guide. 

Best Toiletry Bags - Comparison Guide

Toiletry Bag Name Material: Hanging Hook: Price
Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag
Leather Exterior + Water Resistant Lining N/A
Vetelli Toiletry Bag
PU Leather (Water-Resistant) Available
ProCase Toiletry Bag
Water-Resistant Nylon Available
Tailored Toiletry Bag
Faux Leather Available
Lavievert Toiletry Bag
Nylon (Water-Resistant) Available
Itravel Toiletry Bag
Water-Resistant Fabric Available
AmazonBasics Toiletry Bag
1680D Polyester Available
Freegrace Toiletry Bag
Premium Nylon (Waterproof and Tear-Resistant) Available
Alpine Swiss Hudson Toiletry Bag
1200 Denier Ballistic Polyester (Waterproof) N/A
Household Toiletry Bag
Nylon N/A

Best Toiletry Bags Reviewed

Choosing the best toiletry bags can be a big ask for even the most experienced shopper, and there's so much choice out there. 

To help you out, I've shared a few of my favourite brands with you below. I hope that you'll find the perfect toiletry bag for you among them. 

Read on for our detailed reviews.

#1 - Vetelli Leather Toiletry Bag 

Vetelli makes one of the most space-efficient toiletry kits available today. The Vetelli leather toiletry bag has a vintage look thanks to the high-quality leather used in its manufacture. 

This bag is designed with men in mind, and has a classic look with a touch of luxury. That will really appeal to a lot of men that travel often. 

This toiletry bag has two extra-large compartments inside it, one placed vertically and the other horizontally. This unusual placement of compartments is done to make sure you get maximum storage space for carrying necessary things. 

Both the compartments have strong steel zips which are sure to last as long as the dopp kit itself. Plus, the steel zips have got an antique finish to enhance the overall vintage look.

When you unzip the horizontal compartment you'll find two zippered mesh pockets and two more mesh pockets for bottles.

In fact, the Vetelli leather toiletry bag comes with two additional silicon travel bottles (60 ml each). This volume is within TSA flight restrictions. That means you can store water bottles, shampoo, large tubes (toothpaste, shaving cream) and more.

It has with a stylish carrying handle placed on one side of the bag. This toiletry bag is made to be waterproof to protect both the contents of your bag and the things in the rest of your suitcase.

The exterior of the bag is premium grade split leather (high-grade PU), and the inner side has nylon lining. It has a water-resistant base too, so you can rest it on a sink without worrying. 


  • check
    Spacious bag with plenty of capacity 
  • check
    You can store this bag in a suitcase
  • check
    Two protected zippered pockets
  • check
    Two mesh pockets for keeping bottles
  • check
    This is a well-made bag with a stylish look
  • check
    Waterproof material
  • check
  • check
    Great bag for the price


  • exclamation-triangle
    I didn't find any notable negative sides

#2 - Vetelli Hanging Toiletry Bag 

Vetelli manufactures their toiletry bags for men with excellent features. This best toiletry bag is designed and patented by their Italian designers. That means it just exudes prestige and luxury, something highly appreciated by men around the world.

It's made with high-grade PU leather, which makes it easier to clean and maintain than Analine leather or top-grain leather. This leather has an inner lining of canvas. Overall, it's a bag that's both stylish and durable. 

One very unique feature of this dopp kit/travel accessories bag is that it can be used in two ways – it can be hung up or laid flat. 

How? The bag is equipped with a reinforced hanger affixed to the top rim. Say you're in a hotel and need to shave, you can hang the dopp kit on the wall (if there's a support) and get on with it. That makes it easier to access your things and means you don't have to lay the bag on a potentially damp surface. 

The whole bag can be folded and buckled up with straps that are made of split leather and are attached with rust-proof stainless steel buckles. When you unfold the toiletry bag, you will find two zippered compartments at the top, and two snap fastened pockets.

The top two zippered pockets can expand sufficiently to carry all your travel accessories. The zippers on these inner pockets are made of stainless steel. That means there's no risk of breakage.

This Vetelli hanging dopp kit is very easy for carrying around due to the leather handle attached to the top.

The whole thing is made using premium grade materials so you can rely on it for years to come.


  • check
    Made of high-quality PU leather
  • check
    Easier to clean and maintain
  • check
    Looks stylish and fashionable 
  • check
    Can be used two ways - hung or laid flat
  • check
    Zippers are made of stainless steel
  • check
    Easy to carry
  • check
  • check
    Easy to organize and use
  • check
    You can pick from a range of colors
  • check
    This bag comes with an impressive lifetime guarantee


  • exclamation-triangle
    Upper pockets press against the lower ones and sometimes, the pockets can feel overstuffed

#3 - ProCase Toiletry Bag

The ProCase Toiletry Bag is one of the best toiletry bags that you can buy today. It's designed with your ease and convenience in demand.  

It's made of high-quality nylon fabric, which has multiple features. The nylon fabric is water-resistant, so it works to keep your toiletry bag and the belongings inside safe from water.

It has got a stylish and classy look. If you think leather is durable, so is nylon. It will last you a long time. The workmanship alone makes it top notch.

It's equipped with a hanger, which is an important feature that a lot of men look for in the best toiletry bags. This reinforced hanger lets you hang the Black toiletry bag on a towel rack, door knob or shower rod. That means you can access your thing easily, and saves time and space.

The compartments are set out in a very ergonomic way that provides ease of access. The main compartment is large and has about 10 mesh chambers. Three of the chambers are zippered, and they're comparatively big. The rest of them are slip pockets where you can store smaller items.

Among all the mesh pockets, there's an open chamber where you can store a towel (or anything for that matter). On two sides of the bag, there are two zippered flap pockets. In these two chambers, elastic loops are attached so that you can store your toothbrush, makeup brush, toothpaste, etc.

This ProCase is a pro at organizing your travel accessories. It allows easy access when you reach for them. On the outside, there is, of course, a handle for you to carry the toiletry bag comfortably. It might just be the best toiletry kit for travel purposes.


  • check
    Made of high-quality water-resistant nylon
  • check
    Stylish & classy look
  • check
    Hang on a towel rack, door knob or shower rod 
  • check
    Has 10 mesh chambers
  • check
    3 zippered mesh chambers 
  • check
    Zippers are easy to pull
  • check
    Best toiletry bag for travel & college
  • check
    The design is well thought out
  • check
    Good-quality fabric
  • check
    Lots of pockets for storing your essentials


  • exclamation-triangle
    Many of the customers are concerned about the small size of the bag

This toiletry bag, the Tailored Hanging Toiletry Bag does exactly what it says on the tin. This bag has a sophisticated look with a sense of class radiating from it. It goes with your style statement and makes you stand out.

Most importantly, this toiletry bag has more to it than you can see from the outside. Following the current fashion, it includes with a reinforced hanger. This hanger makes it easier for you to locate your items when you need them.

You can hang the bag anywhere that's convenient so that whether your home or abroad, you can always keep your day-to-day necessities well-organised. It's got a lot of space, but it doesn't occupy much space.

There are, in total, nine pockets in this toiletry bag. The chamber at the bottom is the biggest one and can be used to store larger items.

This section is removable. It's attached to the main body with snap buttons. This is to help you when you want to travel light but also have all the necessary things with you.

One of the nine chambers is hidden behind this removable section. You can use this secret zippered pocket to store things away discreetly.

Besides this, there's one wide and two narrow snap pockets, two mesh pockets over the narrow ones and one zippered pocket on top and one on the back.

This Tailored Toiletry Bag can be folded and buckled using two snap-fit buckles which are attached to two nylon straps.

After folding the bag up, you can simply carry it using the handle attached on top.


  • check
    Has hanging hook 
  • check
    Convenient and easy to organize
  • check
    Has 9 spacious pockets
  • check
    One secret zippered pocket.
  • check
    One wide and two narrow snap pockets
  • check
    Lots of spacious chambers
  • check
    Best toiletry bag for college students thanks to the stylish design
  • check
    You can easily store the bag thanks to the folding design it comes with
  • check
    Both men and women can use this bag without problems
  • check
    You can easily store liquids in this bag which are the right size for TSA-approval 


  • exclamation-triangle
    Some reviewers would prefer larger pockets

#5 - Lavievert Toiletry Bag

The Lavievert Toiletry Bag is one the best toiletry bags for backpacking. Its design really catches the eye.

This purple bag can be used daily or when you're traveling and you need a convenient way to carry your accessories.

It's manufactured using premium quality, water-resistant nylon material. This nylon fabric is durable, even if you decide to use it continuously. The material is also very easy to clean and maintain.

Moreover, it's well-padded, so that if you're carrying any breakable items you can keep them safely tucked inside.

You can take it on vacation, or to the gym or to your office. The Lavievert is also equipped with a hanger that makes it easier to use.

Using the hanger, you can hang it up in your bathroom or anywhere else, so that you can easily find the item you need.

This is very useful for carrying makeup and cosmetics for regular or occasional use.

Let's delve inside this organizer. It's got five zippered compartments, and the one in the middle is the largest one.

In this bigger chamber there are multiple pockets – one transparent zippered pocket, two mesh pockets, two slip pockets and elastic loops.

All these help you to store and organize everything with ease. They means that when you need anything you can easily find it. 

What's more, it has four zippered side pockets, two on each side. The outer two pockets have elastic loops for holding smaller things. The two adjacent pockets in between have enough space to store towels or anything of that size.

In fact, the Lavievert has enough space for two or even three people’s accessories.


  • check
    This bag is made of water-resistant nylon 
  • check
    Easy to clean & maintain
  • check
    This bag is sturdy & durable
  • check
    People can hang the bag in convenient places
  • check
    5 spacious zippered compartments
  • check
    Multiple spacious pockets
  • check
    A multipurpose bag suitable for all trips
  • check
    This bag is waterproof 
  • check
    Suitable for vacations, for the gym or just your office
  • check
    You can keep electric devices in the bag too


  • exclamation-triangle
    I didn't find any negative sides

#6 - Itravel Hanging Toiletry Bag 

At number six on my list, here’s another unisex toiletry bag. Men and women can both use this one with no problems as it has separate compartments for your tiny essentials and bigger accessories.

The design is elegant with three big compartments inside. You can pack in all your essentials and carry them with you. There are also seven sub-pockets with multiple sections.

The zippers are great quality and perform well. This product is suitable for long vacations and business trips.

One thing I liked about this is that comes with multiple color options. None of these colors stand out too much.

You don't have to worry about them clashing with your outfit as they're never something you'll be carrying around, but you still want something understated and stylish. 

Another feature that's rare among toiletry kits or bags is the lightweight material. Polyester is odor-free and lightweight, so it won't add too much weight to your luggage. It's simple and convenient.

I did mention odor-free, didn’t I? Well, it doesn’t let odors seep through the inside pockets. You can store your makeup, feminine and baby products and even shaving equipment for men separately and safely. The pockets are see-through.

One of the things we love most about this bag is that it's recyclable.

You don’t need to clean it after every time you use it. However, when the time does come to clean it it's really easy thanks to the BPA-free polyester.

If you're worrying about hygiene while using it, don’t. It resists microbial attacks. Mildew and other bacteria can’t harm you, as long as you keep it fairly clean, thanks to the coating.


  • check
    Nice, compartmentalized design
  • check
    Comes in elegant colors
  • check
    Odor-free and lightweight polyester material
  • check
  • check
    Stylish & convenient
  • check
    7 spacious pockets
  • check
    Resists microbial attacks
  • check
    Perfect for long vacations and business trips


  • exclamation-triangle
    A bit small according to some reviewers

#7 - AmazonBasics Hanging Toiletry Bag 

AmazonBasics has brought out a Hanging Toiletry Kit that might easily be the best hanging toiletry bag you've seen up until now. The design is up to date, minimalistic, sleek and stylish.

The kit is made of 1680D polyester, which is definitely one of the best fabrics you can find. This fabric is strong and durable and can be cleaned with just a single wipe.

It's made to withstand steamy bathrooms and regular use. It's not just the fabric, the zippers are strong and long-lasting too. Use this toiletry bag as much as you want, it won't let you down!

This toiletry kit has an internal lining that helps you to clean up any spill or leak.

It has a hook so that you can hang it up conveniently. You won’t need to get all your things out whenever you need just one of them. Just hang it near the sink or on the door and grab what you need.

This AmazonBasics bag has ample space for all your travel/regular accessories. It has three compartments – one large in the middle, two small on the sides. The large compartment allows you to organize and store everything efficiently.

As a result, you can easily find what you need when you look for it. It has mesh dividers, zippered pockets and smaller pockets for you to store everything with ease.

The external side pockets give you extra space for storing smaller things. These side pockets have an internal lining so you can store things that might leak. The lining will help with cleaning in case of a mishap.

On the top of the exterior part there's a carrying handle.


  • check
    Made of strong & durable 1680D polyester material
  • check
    Strong & long-lasting zippers
  • check
    Suitable for travel & regular accessories
  • check
    Organize & store everything efficiently 
  • check
    The pockets are spacious
  • check
    The bag is nicely designed
  • check
    The price is great for such a large  bag


  • exclamation-triangle
    The bag is too big to be hung on a hook

​#8 - Freegrace Premium Toiletry Bag for Men & Women 

Freegrace wants you to have all the space you need for carrying your accessories.

This extra-large travel essentials organizer is manufactured in premium quality honeycomb nylon fabric, which is durable and suitable for rough use. It's also easy to clean.

This type of fabric is lightweight yet hardwearing. To ensure the safety of your accessories, the toiletry bag is lined with pearl cotton. That means if you get one of these, you can carry all kinds of items without worrying about their safety.

It comes in many bright and radiant colors, so you can choose your favourite. 

To make life (or your holidays) easier, Freegrace toiletry bags are equipped with hanging hooks. These hooks allow you to fix the bag anywhere and grab what you need. The hook is durable, so you don't have to worry about breakage.

As mentioned at the beginning, the Freegrace bag provides you with a lot of space. This is an extra-large toiletry bag. It has three compartments – one big, two small.

Inside the large main compartment, numerous mesh pockets help you sort and organize everything efficiently. Altogether, there are 10 mesh pockets, of which two are zippered. There are two open pockets on the outer side of the side pockets and one on the back.

At the front, there's one more zippered pocket. When you open the two side pockets, you'll find one mesh pocket in each, three elastic loops in one and four smaller loops in the other.

There's just too much space. On the top of the toiletry bag, there's an easy handle so that you can carry it with comfort. It's a contender for the best toiletry bag for college.


  • check
    Made of lightweight & durable premium honeycomb nylon fabric 
  • check
    Suitable for rough use 
  • check
    Has a durable hanging hook
  • check
    Easy to clean
  • check
    A lot of space for storing everything
  • check
    10 spacious mesh pockets
  • check
    Has 2 strong zippered pockets
  • check
    Best hanging toiletry bag for travel for people who stay on the road for long periods
  • check
    Everything has its place in this bag


  • exclamation-triangle
    This bag proved to be small according to some reviewers

#9 - Alpine Swiss Hudson Toiletry 

If you're looking for something classy but simple, the Alpine Swiss Hudson Dopp Kit is what you need. It offers a lot of space and easy access to your belongings.

It's made of 1200 Denier Ballistic polyester.This rugged material is super-durable and can withstand continuous use. As a result, you can even use it for daily use as well as for holidays.

Owing to the durability of the polyester used, the Alpine Swiss Hudson will last a lifetime. Moreover, the material expands well. That means you can store as many accessories you want as this Dopp Kit will hold it all.

The Ballistic polyester material is also self-mending. That means it will repair all the microscopic damage that is invisible to the eyes by itself without human intervention. These types of material are artificially-engineered and help to ensure lifelong durability.

The zippers are just as durable as the fabric. The large zippers are immune to breakage. Even with regular use they'll keep working just fine.

It's got one large main compartment and a front zippered compartment. The main compartment is spacious and has a wide opening so you can store items of any size.

One unique feature of the Alpine Swiss Hudson toiletry bag is that it has a block on its side where you can print your initials or name. The company doesn't offer this service; you can do it yourself after purchase.

It has a handle on one side which helps you to carry the Dopp Kit comfortably.


  • The bag has an elegant design
  • You can rely on this bag for stability as it's rugged  and withstands the toughest weather conditions
  • It's just the right price for a travel toiletry bag
  • The zippers are great additions to this bag


  • exclamation-triangle
    I didn't find any negatives sides

#10 - Household Essentials Grooming Toiletry Bag 

There are a huge variety of toiletry bags available on the market today.

If you've been searching and still can't find the right one, this might be for you. The Household Essentials Grooming Toiletry Bag is an elegant-looking product that fulfils all your needs.

This rectangular toiletry travel bag uses ramie-polyester fabric, which is a very durable material that can withstand rough use.

The inner of the bag is lined with nylon. Both the outer and inner surfaces are easy to clean owing to the materials.

This rectangular organizer can be used by both men and women. It offers easy maintenance and convenient usage. 

This Black toiletry bag has one main compartment that opens up completely. The zippered flap can be opened like a suitcase giving you unencumbered access to the contents.

The size of the chamber is 10” by 7” by 3.5” which is ample space for storing all your necessary accessories.

On the bottom of the flap, there's a zippered vitreous chamber. This helps to separate wet or leaking items.

Right above the vitreous chamber, there are two elastic straps which you can use to hold tooth brushes or other items of the same size. 

But that's not all. On one side of the toiletry bag, there's a small zippered pocket. In this pocket, you can store ready-to-grab items like cards or even keys.

To help you carry the whole thing, there's a handle on one side. The handle can also be used to hang the bag up for ease of access. 


  • check
    Very durable & withstands rough use
  • check
    Easy to clean
  • check
    Easy maintenance and convenient to use
  • check
    Ample space for storing all your necessary accessories
  • check
    One zippered side pocket for easy access
  • check
    Simple design is the main selling point of this bag
  • check
    Excellent price for the quality


  • exclamation-triangle
    This is a bit small for long-term travel
  • exclamation-triangle
    Tends to lose its shape

What Are Toiletry Bags Exactly?

Simply put, a toiletry bag is an accessory which holds all your hygiene essentials. These include but aren’t limited to toothbrushes, toothpaste, shampoo, makeup, razors, and other toiletry products.

These bags are extremely helpful when you're travelling for keeping all your toiletries organised within your suitcase.

Some of them are even designed to be travel bags in their own right, known as 'overnight travel bags' which can also pack clothes. These have plenty of pockets to keep things organized.

Youngsters can also have their own version of toiletry bags in the form of a toiletry bag designed for college. These are great for summer camps, field trips, and excursions.

You can also store electronic accessories and other necessities, which are then accessible when you need them.

There are toiletry bags made for both men and women, but there are also plenty of unisex toiletry kits available.

How to Choose the Best Toiletry Bag

Like any other product, there are plenty of brands and vendors out there. That means you really need to know what you're looking for before you start your search so you end up with the right product. 

We're going to share some of the factors you should keep in mind to help you buy the best toiletry kits available. Read on for more information.

1. Know The Difference

Not all toiletry bags are made equal and the term is quite a broad one. There are however a few different types. 

Conventional toiletry bags are the most common ones you'll find. They suit young people and college students well.

Then, you've gut luxury toiletry bags. These are often more spacious, classy in design, and better quality. These are more designed for travelling professionals and people that can afford to invest in a good-quality product.

There are travel toiletry bags designed especially for women with special features for make-up and perfume.

If you aren't picky, there are also unisex models available.

The important thing is to know the difference between the types out there. Different types of bags have different uses, they are made for people of different age groups that will be different things.

The price can vary hugely. 

2. Look at the Material and Overall Quality

Any item, be it a bag or a simple toiletry bag for women, tells you a lot at first glance. These travel-friendly products often use three types of materials.

The first one is leather. Leather made men’s toiletry bags are weatherproof. They last the long haul and are classy. You can take them on your long family outings, business trips or anywhere at all. On the downside, they aren't vegetarian or vegan-friendly.

Vinyl is a good choice too when it comes to material as it's another waterproof option. Vinyl travel toiletry bags don’t have the nice scent of leather but they do their job well.

Often, these bags and dopp kits are cheaper than leather ones.

The third variant is more suited to women and college kids. Cheaper toiletry bags use cloth. These are best toiletry bags for college trips or for any other casual outings. Waterproofing might not be the forte of these things, but you can get good products spending only about half the money that you would on a leather equivalent.

3. Pay Attention to the Inside of the Toiletry Bag

The construction of the inside is critical for so many reasons. One obvious reason is that you need to stay organized. The toiletry bag that's the most organized and has lots of pockets will give you the most help.

Both men and women can be extremely messy and disorganised, so you'll find products designed for both sexes that deal with this problem.

You should be looking for spacious, expandable pockets that will allow you to store different items separately. 

Women might want to prioritise pockets even more than men, as they can tend to take more toiletries with them when they're travelling. 

The best toiletry bags have pockets especially for liquids and for fragile objects. These pockets normally have zippers so that if they do leak they don't spill into the rest of the bag. This is a good damage control mechanism.

4. What Are You Using the Bag for?

This is a question that people rarely ask themselves when they're make a purchase, but they really should. You need to know exactly what you'll be using the bag for before you start your search.

For example, if you're a frequent traveler, you’d want to buy one with lots of pockets to pack your things in to keep them organised.

You'll need lots of toiletries but probably also razors or an electric razor, and perhaps other electronic accessories. That means you should purchase a spacious bag with plenty of pockets and pouches within it.

However, if you think you'll only be using it for overnight trips like business trips then it won't need to be as spacious, and will only be convenient if it is too large to transport easily.

Remember, the general rule of thumb is that the larger the bag is the more expensive it will be, although this isn't always strictly true as quality plays a role. 


5. Inspect The Closure System

We've focused on toiletry bags with zippers in this review, but some bags do use Velcro instead.

However, zippers are often used to seal or close the pockets on the inside, the outer side and the main compartment. Do a thorough check to see if the zippers are working the way they should.

Some models come with zippers that open up and reach the bottom instead of stopping midway. Although these travel toiletry bags provide you a full view of the inside, the zippers tend to be flimsy. These bags can also lose their shape when you try to open them.

Check the strength of the zippers and where they're located before you settle on any brand.

6. Do You REALLY NEED A Bulky Product?

I mean, sure they can pack a lot inside, but storing them is a problem too. Also, some brands tend to become really heavy even if you fill them up partially. When packed full, these things add some serious weight to your overall luggage.

Leather and vinyl dopp kits and toiletry bags are the worst culprits. Cloth ones tend to be lighter, so consider compromising on the materials. 

Another alternative to this dilemma will be to go for two smaller toiletry bags. You can just use one of them on short trips but you can use them both on longer trips and spread the weight between them.  

7. Can You Hang It Up?

You need to decide if you need a bag that you can hang up. It isn't an essential, but can be very handy if you stay in hotels a lot. 

If you decide you want one, make sure the material is strong enough and the hook is sturdy enough to to support all the weight you put inside it.

8. Balance the Price with the Features

I get that you need a toiletry bag for travel, whatever purposes you're traveling for. But what are you prepared to spend on it?

Many of us spend too little on a product and end up complaining about the durability, performance and storage capacity, and having to buy a replacement much sooner than planned.

You need to understand; you only get what you pay for. If you want extra bells and whistles along with a sturdy product, you need to be prepared to spend a bit of money.

There are a lot of bags with color options, different size dimensions and extra add-ons such as pockets and pouches. However, all of this will cost you. 

If you don't need something sturdy and capacious and you won't use it a lot, stick with a standard, cloth dopp kit.

For people who take frequent vacations and long business trips, an elegant, well-made and spacious leather product is the order of the day. If you invest in a good product, you should invest a few more bucks. It will pay off in the long run. 


Well done for making it to the end of this comprehensive guide to the best toiletry bags and how to choose them. It's a wise move to do your research properly before you invest in a kit.

Some like it luxurious, some like it simple and others like a product somewhere in between. It pretty much boils down to personal preference, and I'm sure by now you've decided what's right for you. 

If you're still not sure, I recommend that you select a few favourites and read customer reviews. Thousands of past customers have left detailed reviews of the products available, so read them carefully before making a purchase. 

Sure, it takes time, but you won't regret it. 

Any of the products on this list will be a great option, as they've all had great user feedback, and I've tried and tested them myself. Happy traveling! 

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