4 Best Incase Icon Backpacks: Reviewed, Rated & Compared

The Incase backpack brand is known for its unique designs that center on protection and mobility to make them suitable for everyday activity.

While people have various preferences when it comes to backpacks, the most important factor in choosing a backpack is the purpose the backpack will serve.

In this review, I'll be looking at four Incase ICON backpack models that have been made for leisure, work, and travel.

Incase Icon Backpack Comparison Table




Laptop Sleeve

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Incase EO Travel Backpack (Black) fits up to...

Incase EO Travel Backpack

21.5”X15”X5” (24L)

Yes (17”)

Incase City Collection Backpack, Heather...

Incase City Backpack

20.5”X13.5”X5.5” (21L)

Yes (17")

Incase City Compact Backpack - Heather Black

Incase City Compact Backpack

18”X13”X5” (17.5L)

Yes (15”)

Incase Staple Backpack Metric Camo/Black

Incase Staple Backpack


Yes (15”)

What Make the Incase Brand Popular?

Founded in 1997, the scope of the brand goes beyond backpacks to include other types of bags, electronic gadgets and accessories.

They're able to design backpacks that are suitable for the hustle and bustle of city life by studying the lifestyle and the needs of office workers, outdoor lovers and travelers. This is what makes their products perfect for work and other daily activities.

Incase backpacks have a stylish design that's easily recognizable. Their backpacks are unisex, and they come in a variety of colors.

Typically, these packs can be really expensive, but that's understandable as Incase is a superior backpack brand known for the durability and functionality of their products.

incase city compact backpack review

Who are Incase Backpacks made for?

If you need a backpack to carry items to the office, a backpack for overnight and weekend trips, or even a backpack for outdoor leisure activities, then Incase backpacks are made for you.

From their laptop bags to their day packs and travel bags, they incorporate essential features like laptop compartments, padded and adjustable straps, padded back panels and many more.

Furthermore, their backpacks tend to lean towards gadget compatibility, giving you space to carry your phones, iPads and laptops. Incase backpacks are unisex, so, it doesn’t matter if you're male or female. They're designed to fit you.

These packs are made from various durable materials but they're neither water-resistant nor waterproof and because of the limited space, they might not be perfect for students.

What We Looked At: Incase Backpack Buying Guide


Durability is directly related to the material a backpack is made from. High-quality bags are made from nylons and polyesters.

Moreover, it's necessary to know if a pack is waterproof or not before buying. Incase backpacks are made from a variety of durable materials, but they're neither water resistant nor waterproof.


Backpack straps should be wide enough, padded and adjustable to ensure user comfort.

It’s uncommon today to find unpadded straps on any backpack and just like most backpacks out there today, Incase backpacks come with adjustable and padded shoulder straps. To further ensure comfort, the straps come with breathable mesh.


You have to be absolutely sure about what backpack size will be suitable for your purpose. More than knowing the size of the backpack, you have to know about the volume, so you can know if your laptop, books, and other items will fit.

With most Incase backpacks designed for particular purposes, you can be sure you'll find just the right size for you.


Another important backpack feature is the number of compartments. Not all Incase backpacks have multiple compartments; it all depends on what you're looking for.

These backpacks, however, come with a variety of additional organizational options so users won’t be short of pocket storage.

From side pockets to internal pockets to the main compartment and additional compartments, you'll find a backpack with enough compartments to serve you.

Check out this guide to the anatomy of a backpack to make sure you know what kind of compartment layout will suit you.

Style Options

Designed to hold laptops, tablets, phones, notebooks, and many more items, Incase backpacks come with a lot of padding which typically gives them a rigid but stylish look. Even when they're empty, their visual appearance doesn’t change much.

To make them more suitable for a wider range of users, the backpacks come in a wide variety of colors. Some people will simply refuse to buy a backpack if it's not in a particular color. With Incase, you'll surely get a color you love.

4 Best Incase Icon Backpacks Reviewed

1. Incase EO Travel Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Waterproof = No
  • Number of Compartments = 2
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes (17”)
  • Colors Available = 3
  • Size = 21.5”X15”X5” (24L)
  • Warranty = 1 Year Limited

This versatile backpack is perfect for overnight trips and can be used with other travel bags. The backpack can accommodate a 17-inch laptop in a compartment that's designed to open flat for fast and easy airport screening.

The sternum strap, padded back panel, and shoulder straps are designed to give comfort while the triple coated front panel provides weather resistance. Although this isn't the biggest backpack you can find out there, the main compartment expands 35% for overnight travel.

Some pros of this model include side compression straps for ease of carrying, organizer pockets for charger cables and other items, padded back panels and shoulder straps with breathable mesh.

With all these amazing features, the EO travel backpack is only suitable for overnight or weekend trips and it's not waterproof. The VIA backpack and TRACTO duffel are some other Incase travel backpacks that you might find suitable.

For a closer look at this backpack, check out the beginning of this video by YouTuber Joe Allam. 

2. Incase City Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Waterproof = No
  • Number of Compartments = 2
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes (17”)
  • Colors Available = 4
  • Size = 20.5”X13.5”X5.5” (21L)
  • Warranty = 1 Year Limited

This laptop backpack is suitable for various sizes of laptops up to 17”. It features two primary storage areas, a 360-degree padded laptop compartment, and quick access pockets. The 21L backpack is made from durable 270x500D blended weave polyester.

It comes with a plush fleece lined laptop compartment, large organizer compartment, iPhone pocket with fleece lining and two zippered stash pockets. These features make it suitable to carry all the essentials you need at work or on the move.

Adjustable shoulder straps with air mesh padding ensure carry comfort and padded laptop compartment protects your laptop. With all these amazing features that make this backpack suitable for work and leisure, it doesn't have waterproof features and some people may find the space insufficient.

This backpack is very similar to the City Compact Backpack; the only notable difference is in their sizes. Similar Incase laptop backpacks are the ICON backpack with Woolenex and the City Compact Backpack.

3. Incase City Compact Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Waterproof = No
  • Number of Compartments = 1
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes (15”)
  • Colors Available = 2
  • Size = 18”X13”X5” (17.5L)
  • Warranty = 1 Year Limited

This backpack is a laptop backpack that you can use for work and business purposes. Although it's a little smaller than the EO travel backpack, it can serve overnight travel purposes and it's very similar to the City Backpack.

Made with weight-bearing tensile panels and designed to protect, organize, and carry your 15.6” laptop and other essential items, the city compact backpack gives you the opportunity to carry everything you need for your daily commute.

With a plush fleece-lined laptop compartment, a large organizer compartment and an iPhone pocket with fleece lining, this backpack has got you covered in terms of storage space. The shoulder straps are adjustable and they have air mesh padding. Some interesting features of this backpack include adjustable and padded shoulder straps, a padded laptop compartment and quick access pockets.

With all these amazing features, the backpack isn't waterproof and it has limited space. Some similar Incase laptop backpacks are ICON Triple Black, ICON Pack- Diamond Wire and City Commuter and the ICON Slim backpack with Woolenex.

4. Incase Staple Backpack

Quick Look - Bag Features
  • Waterproof = No
  • Number of Compartments = One
  • Laptop Sleeve = Yes (15”)
  • Colors Available = 3
  • Size = 2.5”X19”X12”
  • Warranty = 1 Year Limited

This Incase backpack features a simple and modern design with a much slimmer frame than most Incase backpacks.

The storage options make it perfect for carrying everyday essential items, with a zippered main compartment and back panel security pocket. You have everything you need to carry your laptop, books, documents and other items.

The backpack can hold up to a 15” laptop. It's made from polyester material, so you can be assured of the durability of this backpack. It comes with adjustable and padded shoulder straps for carrying comfort.

The only demerit of this backpack is that some people might find the space insufficient. Some similar Incase laptop backpacks not reviewed include the City Dot backpack, City Commuter backpack, and the Compass backpack. 

How do these models compare?


The Incase backpacks discussed in this review are generally for everyday activities although the EO travel backpack and the City backpack can serve overnight travel purposes.

These backpacks can hold between 15”-17” laptops and iPads, and other essential items that you need for work, business and travel.

Of all the backpacks reviewed, the EO travel backpack is the biggest, and the smallest backpacks are the City Compact and the Staple backpack.


Incase backpacks can be very expensive, but then again, it all comes down to the specific features of each backpack.

The high price of their products can be a reflection of the quality. You can be sure that you're getting value for your money whenever you buy an Incase backpack. The backpacks reviewed range from $50-$180.


Incase backpacks are generally made for the urban life and some of the models reviewed are suitable for work, business, travel, and leisure.

A few models, like the EO travel backpack and the City backpack, are more versatile than some other models, and they can serve more than one purpose.

City Collection

There are certain similarities among some of the models reviewed and the only difference that separates these similar models is whether they're regular or not.

For example, the City Compact backpack and the City backpack have the exact same features but the only difference between them is the size, the City backpack is larger in size and volume than the City backpack.

More warranty details can be found here.

incase eo travel backpack

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Are Incase backpacks good quality and durable?

Incase backpacks are strong and of good quality.

Are Incase backpacks good for college?

Incase backpacks are perfect for college if you won't need to pack too many books and textbooks.

I need a large backpack. Will this brand be good for me?

If you're looking for a large backpack, this brand isn't really the best option for you.

Can you take this backpack + a carry on bag on airplanes?

Yes you can, provided the backpack size doesn’t exceed the size allowed by your airline. Be sure to check with your airline everytime you fly to make sure you don't get into any trouble.

How do you wash or clean an Incase backpack?

You can wash Incase backpacks both in the washing machine or by hand, but it's highly recommended you wash by hand. The inside can also be cleaned with a vacuum and the outside with a cloth or brush.

Where can you buy backpacks at cheap prices?

You can buy them at cheap prices on Amazon.


Incase backpacks offer functionality, sleek design and clear purpose. They're best suited to tech carrying individuals who favor a smart design with impressive style. These bags are a top option for students, commuters, everyday carry and more.

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  • Updated April 16, 2021