Alps Outdoorz Pursuit Backpack Review (Pros & Cons For Hunters)

Carrying your gear with you when camping or backpacking can be strenuous without the right backpack on your side. You need to have a great backpacking or camping backpack for your outdoor adventure needs.  

If you have been looking for the perfect camping or backpacking item to carry your gear, you need to check out the Alps Outdoorz Pursuit Backpack! 

Unique Features Of Alps Outdoorz Pursuit Backpack  


This great backpack is a really nice size for any user. It comes with a variety of great storage compartments as well as the means to collapse and expand various parts of the bag for added carrying comfort and storage depending on your needs. It will fit neatly on your back and will not drag down on your shoulders.

Carrying Capacity

This backpack has 2,700 Cu in of carrying capacity, but it will never feel like that when you are wearing it. The well-placed pockets, straps, and carrying features distribute this weight evenly for your maximum comfort when walking or covering rugged terrain. This is an impressive amount of carrying capacity without any issues with balancing the weight.

Inside The Bag

This bag has a rifle/bow holder pocket that is made to last. In addition, there is a hydration pocket with its own port, as well as carrying clip-style holsters on the padded waist belt. The exterior easy-access front pouch keeps items right at your fingertips and cleverly designed interior pockets subdivide all your belongings easily.

Color & Style Options

You can select from Mossy Oak Country, Realtree Edge, and Coyote brown colors when you order. All of the materials are of excellent quality and are not knock-offs. This is a unisex pack because it can be fitted and folded into a smaller shape, and it offers a vast array of adjustments for your fitting needs.

Material Quality

The bag is water-resistant and comes with a rain cover in blaze orange that can be used to make it waterproof in really tough and wet weather. This is a durable bag that will hold up to walks through the wet and the brush without complaint. You will never worry about the reinforced quality of any of the interior materials either.

Zip Quality

Every stitch and every item on this backpack is reinforced and made to last. You will never have issues with the zippers not working. This is also a well-designed bag that makes it really easy to access pockets and places in the bag without fighting with a tough zipper. You will love the ease with which you can use this bag.

Design & Comfort

The design of this bag cannot be praised enough. They have thought of everything from the comfort of the waist belt to the correct and clever locations of the holders and pockets for added gear. This is a fully-adjustable and totally comfortable bag that can be made to fit anyone’s needs with ease.

hiker with a backpack standing on rocks

Our Review Of The Alps Outdoorz Pursuit Backpack  

ALPS OutdoorZ Unisex Adult Pursuit Pack,...
  • Drop-down pocket to carry your gun or bow...
  • Large main compartment with front...
  • Padded waist belt with two pockets and...
  • Padded waist belt with two pockets, center...

Hunting and hiking backpacks are often bulky, hard to adjust, and uncomfortable to wear. It is an all-too-common complaint that the bag in question carries everything needed but that wearing it is not a pleasant experience. You will be freed from all of this struggle when you choose the Alps OutdoorZ Pursuit backpack! 

This is a great backpack that has been well-designed for functionality along with comfort. You can't say this about too many sturdy bags that are made for hunting or camping. The 2,700 cu in of storage is well-arranged and subdivided into pockets and pouches that make perfect sense for your packing needs. 

The quality materials will hold up to the tests of the trail and of camping out in the wet and the rough. However, despite the durability of the materials that this bag is made of, you will never feel like you are carrying a stiff or unwieldy bag. Every aspect of this bag was made with comfort and functionality in mind, and your user experience will reflect this immediately. 

The color options are great, and you will love that they are not visible in the bush if you are out hunting. The waterproof cover is very bright in color, but that is a minor complaint for the privilege of having this added benefit for your camping and backpacking needs 


  • Comfortable fit 
  • Lots of storage 
  • Great added features for gear storage 
  • Quality materials 
  • Comfortable waist belt 


  • Rain cover is too bright 
  • Belt might be too bulky for short or small users 
  • Zippers can be noisy for hunting 
  • Some items on hip belt will interfere with arms 
  • Some quivers do not fit well into the quiver holder 

Price Guide & Sales Expectations 

This bag offers top-of-the-line construction and storage options for a great and affordable price. Many sellers offer this bag at $70-$85. You will find that it does tend to go on seasonal sales with some manufacturers and sellers, at which times you might be able to get it for $60 or even less! 

Any camping or hunting supplies stores should be able to connect you with this bag, and you can get it quickly off Amazon. One of the other benefits of shopping for it on Amazon is the affordable shipping. For Prime members, the shipping is free. This can be a big help as this is a large bag that might add some shipping costs without free shipping on your side. 

alps outdoorz backpack

Alps Outdoorz Pursuit Vs Other Backpacks 

This bag is comparable to many of the excellent offerings that ALPS makes in other bag styles. Their ALPS OutdoorZ Traverse EPS bag offers a similar shape and arrangement of pockets and internal storage but without the hip belt with the added hunting accessories. This is a smaller bag but has many other features that you would want for camping or hunting. 

Their ALPS OutdoorZ Matrix Edge is designed more like a traditional school backpack, but this makes it a great choice for smaller users or shorter people. It offers a lot of storage just like the Pursuit bag, but the storage is placed higher up on the shoulders.  

Finding the right backpack for your camping or hunting needs should never be a struggle! Make sure you use good resources to help you find the right backpack for your needs! 

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Is the Alps Outdoorz Pursuit backpack quiet? 

Alps Outdoorz Pursuit backpack reviews do report that the zippers can be a little loud. The rest of the gear storage offers quiet and well-placed arrangements that will keep your gear from clunking together as you move around on the trail or in the brush. 

Does the Alps Outdoorz Pursuit backpack have an internal frame that provides stability?  

It does not have an internal frame, but is well supported by stabilizing materials intended to stiffen the backpack without causing excess noise or making the bag uncomfortable to carry.  

Can this backpack carry a crossbow? 

You will probably struggle to carry a crossbow in comfort with this pack due to the arrangement of the straps and carrying options. All of the other features will allow you to carry the rest of your gear with ease, but the bow arrangement will not give you enough room for this type of bow in most cases. 

Is Alps Outdoorz Pursuit backpack waterproof? 

It is not waterproof, but it is water-resistant. The rain cover that is included will make it waterproof and is perfect for your needs if you are going to have to set the bag down onto wet ground or store it in a location that might get wet. 

Check our guide on choosing the best waterproof backpack here.

Can you strap a sleeping bag to Alps Outdoorz Pursuit backpack? 

You have many gear-carrying options with this bag, and a sleeping bag could easily be attached to the many different accessory carrying locations that are on the bag and the waistbelt. 


This is a great bag at a great price. You will find that there are not many camping and hunting bags that offer this much storage at such an affordable price and with such good durability. For a comfortable bag that will take care of all of your camping and hunting needs, this is an amazing choice. 

  • Updated October 27, 2021