Best Backpacks for Women 2017 – Buyer’s Guides

We know that we use the different backpack for the different purpose. But when we choice a backpack, we consider the quality more than anything. All the backpack is not suitable for women, and all are not also suitable for men. So If you are women, you search for different features in a backpack. Keeping these things in mind, here we select  backpacks for women. 

best backpacks for women

These backpacks are quite different from each other. If you search for a backpack for women, then here you find the best backpacks for women. I believe, if look all these backpacks for women, you could choice one for you.


Best Backpacks for Women- Comparisons

Backpack Name





The North Face Unisex

2.4 Pounds

​Ballistic Nylon, Mesh, Polyester

Tumi Voyageur Calais

2.3 Pounds


High Sierra Curve

1.3 Pounds


AB Earth Leather

2.2 Pounds

Genuine leather, Polyester lining.

Coreal Hiking Foldable

0.75 pounds

Nylon Fabric

Osprey Woman Flapjil

1.7 Pounds


Osprey Atmos 65

18.4 Pounds


CoolBell 18.4 Inch

3 Pounds


Bago Duffel Backpack

3.9 Pounds


Venture Pal Lightweight

11.2 Ounce


Best Backpacks for Women - Reviews

01: BeautyWill Vintage Canvas Backpack

best backpacks for work

If you are looking a stylish and multi-functional backpack, then this backpack is the best for you. The backpack comes with durable material, well structure and leather straps.

The backpack is designed with high-quality canvas material. So you don’t worry about the durability, when you use in various purposes. it is really cute and its vividly colors don;t pale.

It has 1 main pocket, where you can carry a 15” laptop, tablet, smartphone, umbrella and others stuff. The 2 inner organized pockets give you carrying smartphone, passport. The front secured zippered pockets allow you to tote passport, keys, cellphone and your frequently used items. The two side secured zippered pockets grant to carry an optic mouse, cards, and lipstick etc.

The straps of the backpack are adjustable, so you can adjust those according to your needs. The shoulder straps are sturdy and well-made pack. You can carry stuff all the day for its comfortable shoulder straps without feeling boring. Adjustable shoulder straps free you to shoulders pain when you carry lots of stuff on the go.

The best features of this backpack are MULTIPURPOSE USAGE AND CASUAL STYLE. You can carry it to school, college, hiking, shopping, cycling, traveling, dating, etc. It is suitable for women, men, boys, girls, & teenage.


  • Best for Multipurpose usage and casual style.
  • Perfect for carrying 15” laptop.
  • Having adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Material quality so high.
  • Large capacity for storing all your necessaries.
  • Comes with 6 different colors.
  • Suitable for Both for men and women.


  • There is no laptop sleeve.

02. The North Face Backpack Review

best backpacks for women

​​To continue our daily purposes several things are needed. The backpack is a very common thing which is used to carry this necessary element. Because to carry these several things I can’t find any option without the backpack. The north face Unisex Borealis backpack is such a backpack. It’s multiple compartments to keep a various thing in a different compartment is very helpful to us. Moreover, this backpack can be used both men and women. For its attractive and different features, this backpack is kept in the list of best backpacks for women. If you set your mind to buy a backpack, then you can try with it. Let’s see another feature of this backpack.

Features & Benefits:

The North Face Unisex Borealis Backpack has both primary and secondary compartment. You can keep your very essential element in the primary compartment such as books, clothes, tiffing etc. And, In, secondary compartment you can keep other things. There is special compartment such as media pocket and elastic webbing which are secured with zipper.

This special women backpack provides you sleeve in its primary compartment in which you can keep 15" laptop. For these laptop keeping sleeves, your laptop becomes secure and you can use a single backpack for the different purpose.

The another innovative feature for which you can keep this backpack in you first choice is it has the Flex vent suspension system. That means there is a mesh pad in both of the shoulder straps. For which it feels more comfort when your backpack becomes heavyweight.

North Face Unisex Borealis Backpack’s dimension is 19.75" X 13.5" X 8.5". There is almost 2 lbs weight can be carried in this backpack. If your backpack's weight becomes very high, then a waist belt can help you to carry this.

For carrying bottles, you will get two stretch mesh pocket on the both side of the special women's backpack. These pocket are on the side of the backpack, so you can easily pick up and drink water.

This backpack is special for women , also for school and college and . To choose this backpack, first, you should consider for which purpose you need this backpack. Considering all of the aspects, we think this would be a great choice of woman backpack and you shouldn’t miss the chance at all.


  • Laptop and tablet carrying sleeve available.
  • The flex vent suspension system in shoulder straps.
  • Lifetime warranty.
  • Multi-compartment.
  • Waist belt for carrying easily.
  • Almost 2lbs can be carried.


  • Don't find any notable negative side.

03: Osprey Women's FlapJill Backpack

best backpacks for women reviews

Not only for the office worker or servicemen, but also for the student, a laptop becomes the very common issue for them. If you such kind of people, then, Osprey women's FlapJill backpack is for you. For the laptop carrying sleeve, this backpack can take place in the fashionable backpack for women . Let's see the another feature of the backpack.

Features & Benefits:

Laptop Carrying Sleeves is one of the most important features of this backpack. For educational purpose, a student needs laptop or tablet. Because of the feature of laptop carrying sleeve, the backpack becomes more famous to the user.

Several Compartment in both Interior & Exterior makes the backpack makes user-friendly. If you use this backpack, you can keep your different types of materials in a different compartment.

Zippered with every Compartment makes the backpack more secure. Because of the zipper, content inside the backpack remains safe and secured.

Water is another important the thing which needs to carry when we go outside. Pockets for Carrying Water Bottles are also available with this backpack.

If you are looking for an attractive backpack, then Osprey women’s FlapJill backpack can fulfill your requirements. Because of almost every people like it's designed.


  •  Laptop sleeve available.
  •  Attractive look.
  • ​ ​ Secured with zipper.
  • ​ Multiple compartments.
  •  Pocket for keeping water bottle.
  •  Specially design for women.


  • Not suitable for hiking.

04: Tumi Voyageur Calais Backpack

best women's daypack

The present generation boy’s and girls are very careful about the style and outlook of their gadget and gears. According to this thing in consideration, Tumi voyageur backpack is designed. If you are modern girls, or if you search a stylish backpack for modern girls, then this backpack should keep in your first choice. For its attractive outlook, we keep this backpack on the list of best backpacks for women. The other features of this backpack is mentioned bellow.

Features & Benefits:

Most of our school and college going girls use ordinary design backpack. But it’s very embarrassing for them. If you such kind of girl, then don't worry, Tumi Voyageur Calais Backpack can solve your problem. For its exclusive design, girls also some women choose this backpack.

These backpacks are specially designed for carrying laptop and tablet. Nowadays it is very common to carry a laptop or tablet for both school and college going student for their educational purpose. A sleeve is available which makes you laptop and tablet more secure. If you choose these backpack, I believe, you will be benefited.

Though Tumi Voyageur Calais Backpack is small but there is a large front compartment are available in this backpack. In which you can keep your necessary element such as book, clothes and also tiffing. You will find an extra loop pocket in this backpack in which you can keep a pen. And every compartment is secured with zipper.

Though this backpack can't carry heavy weight, it has a padded shoulder for which you will feel comfort when you carry this backpack. This is the very common feature of Tumi voyageur backpack.

You will find leather straps on the top of the backpack. This will help when you carry these backpack in hand and increase the durability of the backpack.

This backpack is specially designed for women who are searching for the unique thing. As this is a stylish backpack, you can't use it roughly. But we ensured that this is a quality backpack and that ‘s why it take the position in the list


  • Secured with zipper every compartment.
  • Tablet carrying sleeve available.
  • Exclusive design for girls.
  • Padded shoulder straps.
  • Loop pocket for carrying the pen.
  • 5-years warranty.


  • Don't have any special pocket for carrying the bottle.

05: High Sierra  Backpack 

best  backpack for women

High Sierra Curve Daypack is a backpack where you get multiple compartments which are very large size. It is suitable for the user who works in the office. To keep their document in a various compartment is very much needed. This backpack will provide you this opportunity. Moreover, school and college going student can keep their book, notebooks in the different compartment. That's why this backpack is kept in the list of backpacks for women. Let us see the another feature of the backpack.

Features & Benefits:

High Sierra Curve Daypack Backpack has two large compartments in which you can keep your books and another necessary element if you are a school going, student. Do you want to use it for your official purpose? Don't worry, these large compartments are also suitable for carrying office documents. Moreover, you can use these women backpack for the different purpose.

A nice and comfortable shoulder straps are very necessary things when you will buy a new backpack. High Sierra Curve Daypack Backpack also ensured you this feature. There is a wide shoulder strap with the nice padded system with this backpack. This pad ensured your comfort.Moreover, these adjustable straps make the backpack more comfort and also popular.

For you daily needs, you need to keep some small but necessary things such as pen, eraser, musk, wallet etc. Though there is two large compartment are available with the backpack, these large compartments are not suitable for storing these important materials. You will get 3 interiors and 4 slip to keep these materials. If you keep those things here, you will find these easily when you need them.

The backpack is too small but too attractive. The dimensions of the backpack are 18.5" X 12.5" X 8.5". This backpack can carry almost 1.3lbs which are enough.

Finally, I want to say that, you will find so many unique features backpacks here. But for using the backpack for general purpose, it is the best choice for its quality.


  • Adjustable shoulder straps.
  • Mesh side pocket  is found on the both side. 
  • Attractive outlook.
  • Every compartment secured with zipper.
  • Specially designed for women.
  • Standard warranty applicable.


  •  Not suitable for heavy weight.

06: CoolBell Multi-purposes Backpack

best backpacks for women

The name of the backpack is coolbell laptop backpack. According to the name of the backpack, we can understand that the special feature of this backpack is a laptop pouch is attached in its interior compartment. The size of the backpack is 19.6”. So you should not worry about the size of the laptop. And the strength of the backpack is also good. That’s why we keep it in list.

Features & Benefits:

There are almost three compartments in this laptop carrying the backpack. Among these three any of them can be used as the laptop carrying sleeve. You can also carry your tablet with this compartment.

There are multiple compartments in this backpack. So if you are a school going student then, this backpack is very suitable for you. The different compartment is used for carrying books, tiffing, and different notebooks.· In the front side, a media pocket is available for keeping headphone, mobile, MP3 player etc.

Multiple zippers secured every compartment and make safe the internal materials. All of this zipper are quality full.

This high-quality backpack is waterproof which is the basic need of a laptop carrying the backpack.

If you need to carry a laptop all time then, cool bell laptop backpack may be a good choice for you. Moreover, this backpack has a media pocket which is a unique thing. So if you need a technology backpack, then I suggest you take this backpack.


  • The backpack is Water resistant.
  • Having Multiple compartments.
  • Laptop carrying sleeve.
  • Media pocket available.
  • Every compartment is secured with zipper.


  • Don't find notable negatives.

07: AB Earth Women's Backpack

Best backpacks for women

AB Earth Women's Backpack takes the position because of its attractive design and product quality. There is not any confusion of the backpack's attractive outlook. Moreover, this is the quality product. The body material of this product is made with cow's leather. The other features of the backpack are mentioned bellow.

​Features & Benefits

AB Earth Women's Backpack is designed for those women who choose stylish backpack. This backpack is designed so much different way. It is smaller than another backpack which is normally used by school and college going student. But the little bit of large than parse which is used by women. The shape is almost like school backpack. For its different shape, AB Earth Women's Backpack, become famous.

There is only one large compartment in this backpack. I believe which is enough for your necessity. Moreover, you will get another small compartment in which you can keep your small daily necessary elements. If you become a limited user of a backpack. Then this is a perfect choice for you.

Though this special women’s backpack is differently designed, you will get two shoulder straps here. These shoulder straps are attached here because you feel more comfort with these when you carry it.

At first, I told that this is a luxurious backpack for women. So you can easily understand about the quality of the product. This AB Earth Women's Backpack is made with genuine cow's leather. So the backpack becomes more stable and also durable.

​· Safety and security are one of the main issues of using the backpack. To ensure your safety and security AB Earth Women's Backpack provides you both belt and zipper. Every compartment of this backpack is secured with zipper.


  •  Exclusive design.
  •  Made with cow’s leather.
  • ​ Two shoulder straps.
  • ​ Belt and quality zipper available.
  •  Small but able to carry the heavy load.


     Not laptop carrying sleeve.

08. Coreal Hiking Foldable 35L Backpack Women Review

Best backpacks for women

Coreal Hiking Foldable backpack is specially designed for hiking. First of all, I want to tell that if you use this backpack any purpose without hiking, then you may feel embarrassing. So if you are going for hiking, then I suggest you this backpack. Though this backpack is a women's backpack, both men and women can use it.

​Features & Benefits

Coreal Hiking 35L backpack provides you large space capacity. If you are going for hiking or love traveling to the countryside, then this backpack can fulfill your requirement. The large space of your backpack provides you the opportunity to carry a number of clothes, foods, snakes and another necessary element which are required in the hiking.

As this backpack is specially made for hiking, people use this backpack for carrying it with heavy weight. To make supportive with heavy weight, there is double pouch available in both tops and downs of the backpack. At the top, the exterior pouch is used to keep emergency things such as cellphone, wallet, sunblock, camera etc. And the interior pouch is used for keeping more important things such as money and other keys. The double pouch in the bottom make the backpack more secure and increase its durability

To feel more comfortable when carrying the backpack, there is soft padded in the shoulder straps and also in the chest clips. Chest clips with soft pad bound the backpack with the body and keep it more secure. And in shoulder straps, makes it more comfortable.

If you go for hiking or traveling in the countryside, you will face adventurous feelings. Sometimes it is raining, and sometimes it is sunny weather. If it is rain, your important elements are being wet. So it is very important to have a backpack which is not affected by water. Coreal Hiking 35L backpack is such kind of backpack.


  •  Huge storing capacity.
  •  Double pouch in both up and down.
  • ​ Waterproof backpack.
  • ​ Soft chest clips.
  •  Durable backpack.
  •  Suitable for both men and women.


  •  Only use for hiking purpose.
Best backpacks for women

​Here we list best backpacks for women. But this is men’s backpack. First of all, women can also use this backpack. Moreover, because of the quality of the product, we keep this backpack, in the list of the best backpacks for women. It is especially hiking backpack. If you are going for hiking, then I suggest you take this. Let us see the other features of the backpack.

​Features & Benefits

At first glance, it seems that the length of the Osprey atoms 65 AG backpack is very high. But don’t worry. You can adjust this length by using the easy release cams behind the backpack's yoke.

The large capacity of the backpack is the most important feature I think. The user may choose this backpack when they go for traveling or hiking. These huge space allow you to take various things.

When you go for traveling or hiking, you may need some essential element. In this backpack, you will find 5 exterior pockets where you can keep your necessary elements and make quick use of these.

An internal receiver is found with this backpack which allowing receiving hydration which is a unique feature of the Osprey atoms 65 AG backpack.

There is the various compartment in this backpack, all are secured with the quality zippered chain.

If you are hiking lover, then I suggest you try this backpack. I ensured It is a quality backpack, but the interior of the backpack is narrow. Since, the interior of the backpack is narrow, we create another option for you to use as best women's travel backpack. That is of almost same quality product with a wide interior. You can take any of these. Both are the quality product.


  •  Different size available.
  •  Large storage capacity.
  •  5lbs weight capacity.
  • ​ Hydration receiver.
  • ​ Specially made for hiking.


  •  Too much long.

10. Bago Duffel Bag Convertible to Backpack-53L Review

Best backpacks for women

Bago Duffel backpack is mainly a travel backpack. As this backpack is listed as a  both men and women can use it. If you love traveling or fond of going countryside for few days then, I suggest you use this backpack. Let us see the other features of this travel backpack.

​Features & Benefits

If you go for traveling, then Bago duffel backpack is the best solution for you. The enough interior space is suitable for keeping your clothes and another necessary element in this backpack. For the purpose of traveling this is the best choice for you. That's why it took place on the list of best backpacks for women.

Several exterior pockets are another important features. When you are in traveling, you may need various things. If you keep this thing in the exterior pocket, you can make quick use of them.

This travel backpack can carry a heavy weight. To carry this backpack easily, soft and smart straps are used in this backpack. If your backpack becomes heavyweight, then don't worry, the carrying system of this backpack is very smart and comfortable.

The interior of the backpack is so large. So The storage system of the backpack is so easy and efficient. I think you will very comfort with this backpack.

Every compartment of this backpack is secured and safe with the zipper. And all of this zipper are the quality zipper. So don't worry about the safety and security of the backpack.


  •  Specially designed for traveling.
  •  Used by both men and women.
  • ​ ​ Smart and comfy straps.
  • ​ ​ Secured with the quality zipper.
  • ​ Long lasting and durable.


  •  Ordinary design.
  •  Can’t use in office or school college.
Best backpacks for women

​Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack-35 liter is another travel backpack listed as a best women's travel Backpack. Though a several travel backpack is mentioned here, this backpack is also listed because it’s outlook is quite different. Travelers have always very luxurious mind. They always try to use different types of product. According to this thing in consideration, this backpack is listed in its backpacks for women. Without these, this backpack has other different features. Let’s see the features of the Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack.

​Features & Benefits

Among all other backpack Venture, Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack-35 liter is the largest and stylish backpack. Actually, this is also a travel backpack. As large compartment is one of the basic needs of travelers, this backpack contains these features.

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Travel Hiking Backpack is the lightweight backpack; it has a great internal space which allows you to keep huge clothes.

·Mesh shoulder straps make the backpack more comfort.· Multi-compartment keeps these elements in a systematic way which is another great features.Multiple zipped systems make the backpack safer and secured.

For the traveler, rain is one of the most common things. If your backpack is not waterproof, you will face many difficulties when you traveling. Keep this thing in consideration, we offer you this backpack is a waterproof backpack.


  •  Large storage capacity.
  •  Attractive outlook as a travel backpack.
  • ​ ​ Multiple compartments.
  • ​ Meshes shoulder straps.
  •  Suitable for both men and women.


  •  Not suitable for heavy weight.

How to Choose Best Backpack for Women

Choosing a right backpack with all of the required features inside is a pretty hard job. When you buy a backpack as a women, you will consider some special criteria. Because finally, you use the backpack for carrying your necessary elements. If your criteria don't match with the backpack, then you should go for another. First of all, you must check the brand, quality, company reputation customer review etc. Here we make a list of the best backpacks for women. All are quality full you should choose any of this. There are some special features for which you will keep a backpack in your first choice. Let us see some criteria which are needed to consider before buying a backpack

Compartment System of a Backpack

We use the backpack to carry our daily necessary elements. As a woman, you have to carry even more things with you. If the compartment is narrow, you can’t keep your books or notebook or other essential things is a systematic way. Multiple compartment systems are another essential thing of a backpack. If you keep all of the materials in the same compartment, then it is very difficult for you to search them. So when you buy a backpack you should check is it have multiple compartment systems and also the size of a compartment. Here all the backpacks in the list of the best 10 backpacks for women have multiple compartments. So don't worry.

Laptop Carrying Sleeve

Not only the official purpose but also educational purpose, most of the women who are students, use a laptop. If there is a laptop carrying sleeve is in the internal part of the backpack, this will provide you extra facilities. Most of the backpack have laptop carrying sleeve today. But don’t worry you will find several backpacks which will have laptop sleeve in our list

Is the Backpack is Secured with Zipper?

If you choose a backpack which doesn’t have any zipper, I believe, you will not comfort with this backpack. Moreover, your material inside the backpack is not safe and secured. Ever I don't found any backpack which doesn’t have any zipper. But the problem is with a quality of zipper. The backpack with low-quality zipper is not a good thing. So as an expert I suggest you check the zipper when you buy a backpack. Here I mention backpacks that have the quality zipper.

For Which Purpose the Backpack is Designed for?

If you search a backpack  for women, then you look for several purposes on which the backpack is designed for. Some are designed only for traveling, some are only for carrying the laptop, and other are for school, college or university going students. Before choosing a backpack, you should specify for which purpose you use your backpack. Then search for a backpack. I want informing you that these all types of backpacks are kept in this.

The Outlook of a Backpack

As you are a girl, it is very common that you want a backpack which is different about style and outlook. In a word, you may want an attractive outlook backpack. Don’t worry. You will find not only attractive but also luxurious backpack in this list .But what yo need to be careful about is, most of the bags that look gorgeous outside, end up to be non-durable. So we would suggest you to keep the materialistic strength in your mind apart form the outlook and design.

Things to Consider to Buy a Backpack

Size of the Backpack

When you buy a backpack, size is one of the most critical issues. Suppose, you want to carry a laptop in your backpack, then if your backpack is smaller than you can’t keep your laptop into the backpack. That’s why you can’t make proper use of the backpack. So I suggest you considering the size before choosing a backpack.Yyou can find all product specification which will help you to choose a proper one.

Price of the Backpack

The price of a product is one of the important issues before buying a product. If the price does not support your budget, then absolutely this product is not for you. And the other case, if your product is too cheap that will not support your necessary feature then, it will a foolish decision to choose this product. So you should consider all the features according to the price, that will help you to find an optimal solution and choosing a backpack to form the list of 10 backpacks for women.

Weight Capacity of the Backpack

Every backpack has a definite weight capacity. If you take more product than its weight capacity, the durability of the backpack will be decreased. You absolutely have the concept of how many weight you need to carry. Weight capacity of a backpack is one of the most important issues. So you must consider this thing before buying a backpack. We mentioned all of our backpack's weight capacity.

Quality of a Backpack

You should keep this consideration as a first thing. I believe you will not agree to take a produce with low quality. The backpack is such a thing. The quality of body material, the zipper, the shoulder strap, the mesh water bottle pocket everything you need to consider. 

Other Customers Reviews

The opinion of other people who use this backpack is one of the most important issues. None can describe this product more than well then the people who use this. Always try to follow their opinion and suggestion.

Final Verdict

Finally, I think you a have seen all of our backpack which is listed in. And know which things need to consider when you buy a backpack. I strongly ensure you that the backpack which is mentioned in the list of best backpacks for women maintain all the criteria, based on your requirements. Also, you will use this backpack so you should consider each and every feature of a backpack. We mentioned all the details of this backpack here. As backpack are our daily necessary, and if you need a backpack, take one from the above mentioned best backpacks for women. Not only quality, these are also attractive and luxurious. So if you need a backpack, as you well wishes, I suggested you take one from the list.

Happy backpacking!

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