Best Backpacks for High School in 2017 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guides

Best Backpacks for School

I have seen many children around to struggle with their schoolbags on books, books and books. With tons of loads that they have to carry to school every day, education brings no joy to them at all. Whatever they get taught in school becomes nerd and nuts, instead of fun.

In fact, a research shows that the reason behind children’s pre-maturing is- 80% of modern children carry around a bag that is way beyond their capability and capacity.

Apart from the heavy load on backpacks, extra load in bags also cause neck pain, back pain etc. So, from all of these aspects, we have sorted down best backpacks for high school in this review content.


 Best Backpacks for High School-Comparisons 

Backpack Name





UnderArmour Storm Hustle II

1.3 pounds

Polyester & Nylon

Vera Bradley

2.1 pounds

100% Cotton

JanSport Superbreak

0.69 pounds

Nylon & Polyester

The North Face Jester

1.7 pounds

1200D polyester.

Coolwoo Backpack

3 pounds


Vaschy Unisex Classic

1.6 pounds


High Sierra Swerve

0.98 pounds

Mesh Ripstop

Bagerly Lightweight Canvas

1.4 pounds

Polyester lining.

Bolang Water Resistant school & college backpack

1.4 pounds


JanSport Unisex

1 pounds

100% Polyester

Best  Backpacks for High School - Reviews

01: Under Armour Storm Hustle II Backpack Review

The Under Armour Storm Hustle II is a multi function backpack that can withstand the daily necessary elements of you while you are on the go. This compact backpack has everything you normally expect from a single regular backpack. That’s why it’s on the top of our list of best backpacks for high school. Besides, you can really use a laundry bag in your Under Armour Storm Hustle II backpack. Therefore, if you are looking for a gadget-friendly backpack for your child’s school, I highly recommend this one for you.

Now, let’s have a look on what this wonderful backpack features.

Features & Benefits:

The first important thing of this backpack is the 30 liters of space along with a good set of pockets and the laptop compartment. Basically, it has two things that set it apart. And this feature is one of them.

Mainly, the UA warm Technology has made this backpack an all weather pack since, it allows it to become breathable and water repellent at the same time. Therefore, if you are going out in the rain with the bag the Under Armour has made the right thing for you.

Another important feature is it comes up with lots of pockets here and there on it. Besides, it has a quite minimalist organizer section along with a quick access pocket.

For an enhanced comfort it provides adjustable straps that easily fit with your shoulder. Moreover, it’s comfortable for people of all ages. That’s why is you need the utmost comfort then it’s a must buy.

This backpack is a great choice for anyone, looking for a bag for everyday use like school or college purpose. However, focusing on the quality and services of the backpack we have added this item to our list. Hope this Under Armour Storm Hustle II will bring convenience in your life.


  •  It has a unique laundry pocket.
  •  Bottom of the backpack is made to be abrasion  resistant.
  • ​ Two main compartments.
  • ​ Laundry pocket is a big selling point of this item.
  •  There is a quick access pocket too.


  •  I wouldn’t recommend it if you need a dedicated  bag       rather than a flexible backpack for all trades.

02: JanSport Superbreak Backpack Review

Best Backpacks for School

This is a casual backpack that is compatible, versatile, ergonomically designed and fits with anybody. Moreover, this product is great and absolutely stunning and big enough to provide enough space for kids to cram all his things in it. If you have a child who isn’t careful for her ridiculous belongings then I would like to say to get her a JanSport Superbreak.

Features & Benefits:

The JanSport High Stakes Superbreak features premium fabric for a unique texture and superior durability. Therefore, it ensures that it will go with you for a long period of time.

It offers a single main compartment as well as a front pocket along with organizer to give it enough space for for storing textbooks, paperbacks, calculators, large blinders, cell phone and so on.

Front easy accessory pocket keeps things safe and you can just open and keep you things securely inside it.

In addition, for cushioning comfort this SuperBreak offers 2/3 padded back panel and straight-cut padded shoulder straps.

Moreover, this item is outfitted along the top with a web haul loop that make sit easy to carry here and there.

If quality is your main concern then this JanSport High Stakes Superbreak backpack is the right choice for you. Because,when I came to know about this backpack I found it to be a high-quality compact backpack on the market. Moreover, because of its being extremely durable it goes with you for years and renders a constant performance. Hence, decide what you exactly need and get a JanSport High Stakes Superbreak today!


  •  Keeps your all necessary chores organized.
  •  It provides your kit the highest security.
  • ​ Very comfortable padding insulated in the upper  section of the straps.
  •  Durable and environment friendly product.
  •  Able to carry lots of things.


  •  It doesn’t provide a separate laptop part.

03: The North Face Jester Backpack 

Best Backpacks for School

Honestly speaking, this backpack is still the most sold product on line and the most popular item that worth every penny of your valuable. In addition, offering lots of exciting features this item is just great. It would be adjustable for anyone to use it for any purpose like traveling, school, college going or hiking etc. This product is built for comfort and just let you carry everything you need to have with you.

Features & Benefits

North Face Jester Backpack comes up with a large main compartment that fits books and binders and the secondary  compartment has organizer panel.

Unlikely most of the other products it offers a built-in emergency sternum or whistle for your extra security.

The push foam shoulder straps and back panel allow you carry heavy loads in comfort.

Along with this backpack provides an extra laptop part and floating padded sleeve to protect your laptop from bumps   and falls.

Moreover,the backpack straps are padded for additional comfort with a chest clip to tighten it against your body that     makes carrying the backpack more secure and comfortable.

Although, this item has some drawbacks but it’s good for its quality and price. Whether you are looking for a best backpack for traveling or school going I suggest you this one. Because, once you use this product you will just love it. If you like this product, go for it.


  •  This product is available in a variety of colors.
  •  Perfect for hiking, occasional travel and day to    day use.
  • ​ Long lasting performance.
  • ​ Padded haul handle.
  •  It’s good for the affordable price.


  •  This isn’t a water proof backpack.

04: Vaschy Unisex Classic Backpack 

Best Backpacks for School

Introducing you this Unisex backpack which is especially a school bag. The material of this pack is 100% polyester. As a result, you feel no pain at your back while using it. This material is so much durable that your bag will not tear off if you carry a lot of weight with it. Let's know more about this one of the best backpacks for school.

Features & Benefits:

Unisex Classic School Bag is so much durable as the material of the pack is 100% polyester. Therefore you can carry a lot of your important things with you.

The fabric of this backpack is so much soft that you will feel no back pain while carrying your books or something.

It is fully water resistant bag. As a result, bad weather will cause not many problems for you. Your books will remain safe from water.

The main compartment of it is so much roomy. There is also a padded laptop sleeve is available in this backpack. So, you can carry your laptops securely with you. It is one of the best backpacks for school.

It includes three small interior pockets and two zippered pockets. So, you can easily keep the little things in it. Zippers are smooth enough that you will feel comfortable in using it.

The back panel of this pack is fully padded. Therefore you feel comfort in your back. For the adjustable shoulder straps of it, you can quickly adjust your shoulder with it.

If durability is your best concern, then this bag is more than perfect. It is a classic backpack for school. Heavyweight will not cause any problem as the backpack will not tear off.I assure you that you will feel much comfort while using the pack.


  •  Water resistant backpack.
  •  Polyester is an ideal lightweight material. As a  result, the bag is more than perfect for school.
  •  This pack is heat resistant.
  •  So much durable that it will last for a long time.
  •  This backpack is wrinkle-resistant.


  •  The backpack is suitable for school but not fit  enough       for a long journey.

05: High Sierra Swerve Backpack Review

The backpack is so much important for school or colleges as you need to carry a lot of books with you. The books are also so much heavy that you feel much pain to take books. Therefore you need a quality backpack so that you feel comfort. Therefore I am introducing to you one of the best backpacks for high school. There are a lot of features available with this bag. Let's know more about this backpack.

Features & Benefits:

This backpack comes with a large multi-compartment design. As a result, you will get enough space for keeping your important things in it.

It includes a laptop sleeve which is fully padded. Pad provides the security to your laptop's safety. You can easily keep a 17-inch laptop in this sleeve.

This bag is so much well organized that it will be easy for you to find things from this pack. It also includes multiple pockets for keeping small things.

The fully padded back panel provides comfort to your back. As a result, if you carry a lot of heavy books, you will not feel any pain.

It features adjustable straps which adjust correctly with your shoulders.

This bag comes with a media pocket. If you are a music lover, then it will be high school backpack for you as it contains a headphone port.

We mostly need a comfortable bag as we need to carry a lot of books for our school and colleges. This bag is super comfortable in nature as it is a fully padded backpack. So, you will not feel uneasy even when you will carry a lot of weight with you.


  •  The material of this bag is so much durable that it  will not tear off.
  •  It provides huge capacity.
  •  This pack is abrasion resistant. So, abrasion will  not cause any harm.
  •  It includes a media pocket for music lovers.
  •  Made with enough comfortable fabric.


  •  There is no water bladder available with this bag.

06: Bagerly Lightweight Backpack Review

I am introducing you this backpack which is one of the most stylish backpack available in the market. You will feel it so much easy to carry things with this bag. There is also a laptop sleeve so that you can keep your laptop in it. It has a lot of features with it. Let's know more about this.

Features & Benefits:

The material of this bag is polyester which is so much lightweight as well as durable in nature. So, durability is not your concern anymore with this backpack. This bag will last for a long time.

It comes with an excellent structure. It consists of eight pockets. One large main compartment along with a laptop sleeve is available with this bag. You will find enough space for keeping all of your important things in school or college.

It has one front pocket with a strong zipper, three inner pockets, and two outside pockets.

There is a pocket for carrying water bottle or umbrella. So, you can say that it is an ideal bag for school or college.

Adjustable shoulder straps with pad ease the pressure from your shoulders. As a result, you can avoid back pain while carrying heavy things with it.


  •  Large main compartment provides enough space for keeping books.
  •  So much well organized that you will find things very quickly from it.
  • ​ This one of the best backpacks for the school includes a pocket for keeping water bottle or umbrella.
  •  You are getting it at a very affordable price.


  •  Don't carry things above the capacity of it. It may tear off the bag

07: Bolang Water Resistant Backpack 

Introducing to you this bag which is fully water resistant in nature. So, rough weather is not a problem for you anymore.This is perfect for school and college backpack.

Features & Benefits:

The material of this bag is nylon. As we are aware, nylon is so much lightweight and durable in nature, so this pack will not tear off in the case of carrying heavyweight.

It is a fully water resistant backpack. As a result, it will protect your books from water in case of bad and stormy weather.

The most amazing thing of this backpack is the design of the main compartment. It is a very well organized bag and also divided into so many parts. As a result, you can find things quickly from it. It also includes a padded laptop sleeve with it.

It features adjustable shoulder straps. Therefore the straps fit perfectly over your shoulder and protect you from back pain.

For keeping small but important things, it has three pockets. You can say that it is one of the best backpacks for school available in the market.

If you need to take things with a great comfort, then this bag will be a perfect option for you. It divides the total weight equally to your two shoulders. As a result, you will feel much relax while carrying things with it.


  •  So much lightweight bag
  •  You will find a lot of space in it.
  •  It comes with water resistance for protecting your  books.
  • ​ The material of it is torn and wear resistant.
  •  Adjustable shoulder straps for easy fitting.


  •  Not so much roomy but enough for carrying things  for school or colleges.

8: JanSport Unisex Big Student Review

Here comes this Unisex bag with a unique construction. The main compartment of this pack is well organized that you will find things more easily than before. In the case of durability, this is one of the best backpacks for High School available in the market. It has a lot of unmatched able features with it. So, let's know about it.

Features & Benefits:

JanSport Unisex School Backpack comes with durable leather along with Cordura construction. For this, the bag lasts long. You can carry heavy things, but the pack will not tear off.

The pack is available with a lot of colors. So, it is up to you that which color you will choose.

It comes with a large main compartment which will provide you enough space. It also includes internal pockets and laptop sleeve. You can carry on a 15-inch laptop in it.

It features padded shoulder pads. As a result, the pads don't fall from your shoulder when you are in a hurry for going on your class.

This  backpack for high school has front pockets along with organizer. As a result, you can keep the small things in it as like as iPad, charger, headphone, pens, pencils, etc.

The fabric of the bag is comfortable enough that you will feel comfort while carrying your books for a long time.

The front stash pocket of this bag contains a sturdy zipper. You will find it easy to search a thing from this backpack.


  •  The material of it is so much active.
  •  It has a variety of colors.
  • ​ Padded straps provide comfort to your back.
  • ​ You can securely carry your laptop with it.
  •  It comes with a reasonable price.


  •  This bag is not waterproof.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Backpack

When there’re lots of bags with different brand and qualities available in the market, how will you choose the best one for your child? For that, you need to consider something before buying the product. You should know about the size, trending, comfort, and safety, etc. These are described below:

Size matters a lot

The size of the backpack varies according to the age group. So don’t buy a bigger one or too small one for your kid. Ensure the size of the bag with the body frame. If you choose the incorrect size, then it may cause back pain or spine growth problem of your kid.

Be up to date with the trend

Before buying the bag, you need to know the current trend and style. For example- the current trend may be camouflages prints or more specifically geometric camouflage prints. So you’ll choose the backpack keeping that in mind. Again, there might be the color trending in any particular year. Like once Citrus color was in the trend for boys whereas for girls it’s pink or red.

Ensure Comfort

Though you follow the trend and keep yourself updated, you need to make sure that your child feels comfortable with the backpack. Comfort in the backpack means padded straps, mesh lining for easy breathing, etc. Hence ensure that your child is feeling comfortable while carrying the bag crammed with books and other necessary stuff.

Sturdy and Safety issue

As your child need to go to school alone, so safety is a must. There’re many cases where the backpack can save your child from any sudden road accident. I have one friend in my childhood who came out from the serious accident only because of the safe and sturdy backpack. Hence, the backpack should be strong enough to protect your child. Besides, there is some backpack available which offers reflective trims to keep your child visible. So before buying the best backpack for school ensure this quality.


The kids are severely tough on their bags. So definitely, the backpack needs to be durable and longer lasting. There’re certain things which you need to know to ensure the durability of the bag. There should be reverse-sewn zippers which make it more durable. Moreover, the strong base fabric keeps the bag upright and make it longer lasting. Again, the presence of interior seams ensures extra durability. Hence, before buying check all these things so that you can ensure longer lasting backpack

Final Verdict

Now as you have reached the bottom of top 10 backpacks for school, I hope you loved it a lot. Being a conscious mother, you should ensure a quality backpack for your kid. No matter what your requirements are, you will definitely find one or other matches in our review. The entire research was based on thorough web research, customer feedback, and expert analysis. So again, we are pretty sure that you can find the desired backpack for school in a price. Good luck with your kid’s schooling!

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