Kriega R20 Backpack: Reviewed For Motorcycle Riders

Are you looking for a stylish and versatile backpack to take on the road with you? The Kriega R20 Backpack is one of the best options for a day out on your motorcycle - you'll want to read this review to find out why!  

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Unique Features of The Kriega R20 Backpack 

Design and Comfort When Riding 

The unique shape of the straps allows you to easily fit the bag over yourself. The straps also make it easy to adjust their size. Finally, it comes with special clips, allowing you to connect the bag to yourself. You won’t need to worry about it falling off on the road or bouncing around in the wind! 

Size and Carrying Capacity 

The dimensions offered by the pack are 5.91 x 11.02 x 18.5 inches. That’s a good amount of space to hold everything that you need. It holds a capacity of 30L and is very lightweight. 

Kriega R20 backpack

Overall, you should be able to carry most of what you want on the road with you. 

Inside the Bag 

Inside there’s an internal taped-seamed liner. The liner is waterproof, allowing you to easily protect your belongings in any condition. The inside of the secondary pockets also provides waterproof protection.  

Material and Zip Quality 

You receive YKK water-resistant zips, which are some of the best in the business. The bag is made from 420D nylon rip-stop, which is very durable, yet still extremely lightweight. You get quality straps and other components, so you don’t have to worry about rips. 

Color and Style Options 

The R20 only comes in slate black online. However, you can find trailblazing bags made by the same company. These options come with different colors, including orange and unique mesh patterns. 

Our Review of the Kriega R20 Backpack 

Kriega R20 Backpack
  • Durable Construction: 420D nylon rip-stop...
  • Visibility: Equipped with reflective panels...
  • Water Resistance: YKK water-resistant zips...
  • Compatibility: Designed to be compatible with...

We’d have to say that this bag is perfect for motorcyclists who need to transport a lot of stuff with them on the road. For instance, if you use your bike to commute to work or school, you could greatly benefit from it. The bag should easily hold your laptop and other day-to-day supplies! 

Additionally, it’s great if you need to pick up a few things from the store. The bag has a large storage capacity, making it perfect for grabbing some snacks or essential items. Overall, this backpack is best for cyclists and those commuting on a motorbike. 

The straps don't restrict your movement and the front clasp keeps the bag stable while you ride. So it shouldn't feel like you're fighting it to stay balanced or feel too stiff to turn and see behind you. 

We'd have to say this isn't a bag for those who travel the most by car or plane. It's not designed to be an everyday travel bag but built specifically for bikers. That's the great thing about backpacks-- they have come so far in being individualized to your specific needs.  

To summarize, this backpack won’t throw you off balance while you’re riding. It was made with motorcyclists in mind, so it doesn’t hinder your arm movements either. You should be able to fit everything you need inside for a commute to work or classes too. And if you require more space, you can easily attach a Kriega Drypack to the backpack, extending your capacity by an additional 10 liters.  

The Good 

  • Durable and high quality material
  • Comfortable straps that don’t restrict movement 
  • Ample storage space 
  • Tight waterproofing systems 

The Bad 

  • More on the expensive side 
  • Only offers one outer pocket for additional storage space 

Price Guide & Sales Expectations 

The backpack can be a little more on the expensive side. You can expect it to cost about $200, depending on where you buy it from. On, you can expect the pack to be around $190 instead.  

It’s better to buy the bag on sale if you can. We recommend checking on it on Amazon sale days or days such as Black Friday. You can expect the cost to drop significantly, depending on where you're shopping.  

Kriega R20 Vs R15 Vs R25 

kriega r15 backpack

You’ll want to know how the R20 compares to the other options the brand has. Overall, the Kriega R25 is a direct improvement on the R20. It’s just as durable, but offers a Quadlock harness. 

This feature helps to transfer the bag's weight over your back more evenly, allowing you to easily maneuver the roads with it on. You even get a waist harness with adjustable tension. 

The Kriega R15 is a bit more basic but can save you some cash. It’s very light and comes with a durable design. It’s great for storing snacks and other items while you ride. It comes with the Quadloc-Lite, which is a simpler version of the Quadlock on the R25 and R20. 

All of these options are very similar. You get extensive waterproofing, strong construction, and a set of straps that don’t restrict your movement. Overall, they all offer a good amount of storage space. 

We’d say that the Kriega R20 backpack falls in the middle of these two backpacks. All are excellent options, but you get some more benefits and features with the later models. 

If you’re specifically getting a backpack for motorcycle riding, you’ll want to consider some additional options from Best Backpack Lab. You can find a variety of options from other brands there!  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who owns Kriega Backpacks? 

The company is owned by Dom Longman and Michael Cottam, who are both motorcycle and riding enthusiasts. They work in the outdoor industry and wanted something better for carrying their belongings on the road. 

Where are Kriega bags made? 

The backpacks are produced in a factory in China. The company says that the factory only ever provides them with high-quality work. The bags go through intensive quality control. 

How do you adjust a Kriega Backpack?  

It’s very simple to do. First, look at the straps and feed up the bottom into the clip, then pull out the strap. This motion causes the clip to slide along the strap and tighten the bag- do the reverse to loosen it. Kriega bags come with setting markers, making it easier to match both of the straps to each other. 

Is Kriega R20 a laptop backpack? 

Yes, there is ample space for adding a laptop to this backpack. You’re sure to have enough room even for the largest models today. The bag makes it very easy to transfer your electronics from place to place. 

Can you put a hydration pack inside a Kriega pack? 

You can add a hydration pack to the bag, although it doesn’t come with one. The inner pockets are compatible with hydration packs or back protectors, allowing you to choose an option based on your needs. 

Are the smaller and bigger Kriega backpacks worth buying? 

Yes, you can consider buying the R15 or the R25- there’s even a larger Kriega R30 for you to check out. The size you choose will depend on how much stuff you need to carry with you on the roads, as well as how much you are able to safely carry. A smaller bag is better if you can’t hold a lot of additional weight. 


Overall, the Kriega R20 backpack is extremely useful for any rider to have. It's a bit pricey, but you can expect the back to last you many years of constant use. 

  • Updated October 27, 2021