How to Choose Backpack

How To Choose Backpack For Everyday Life

In my student life, the problem I repeatedly faced was my backpack’s unsustainability. Either it would tear out after several uses, or it couldn’t space all my necessities at a time. How many bags I bought each year, I even lost the count. This problem bothered me so much that later I became a backpack specialist.

Now people often ask me what to look for before choosing a backpack. Well, this is probably your question too. For you don’t have to go through the same difficulty, here’s my article.


Instead of buying the wrong one first and then change again, it is smart to know which one is the best backpack for you. After read this article you will able to buy best backpack for college, best backpack for school and best backpack for travel, Best backpack for man And stylish backpack, backpack for under 50 & stylish best backpack under 100.

Features Of Backpack :


Your occupation greatly decides what you need to carry every day. Again every working place has a different atmosphere that influences choice. Styles also differ regarding different occupations.


The also location largely affects your choice for the backpack. The weather, geography, influence the material, fashion, and style as well.


It’s another important thing what you usually carry in your backpack. A sports person needs to carry a bat or badminton whereas a student lugs study materials. Again a minimalist solely relies on a smartphone or a tablet.

What to look for buying backpacks:

The packs that you use for your daily purpose must be sustainable. That is, it has to be able to withstand against everyday hazards.

​Water Resistance

First, make sure your bag is 100% waterproof. Otherwise rain or moist will wet the inner gears. Waterproof means it must be able to resist absorbing a cup of water.


It’s another important thing to look for. Make sure if you can zip it smoothly or not. Check whether it gets stuck with the fabric quite often or not. Choose those that have two zippers in each compartment.


Choose backpacks having several pockets at sides, front and elastic pockets. These pockets allow you taking additional things without disturbing the internal holding capacity. Quick access pockets are quick to zip away. Instead of digging through deep pockets find your favorite staffs quickly.

​Padded Components:

Watch the padded parts are fastened securely or not. You put your, expensive gadgets there and unexpectedly it drops and gets damaged. It's never desirable, is it?

​Hip belt and Shoulder Strap:

Belt and straps help to carry load evenly and more comfortably. You may not need to carry a huge load every day. But when you use the bag for other purposes like going for a trip, these will help you. Make sure they are adjustable and thick enough to resist splitting and thinning out.


As you are going to use it every day, I suggest purchasing well-known brand backpacks. The quality and durability largely depend on of which brand you are buying the pack. Well-known brands usually guarantee the sustainability of your pack.

​Infernal Frame:

Choose your pack that has an internal frame instead of buying one of with external frame. Internal frame makes your bag slimmer thus making it easier to move around. It is composed of tough plastic or carbon fiber that makes it lighter as well as durable.


Choose backpacks that match your occupation. Daily using backpacks easily get dirty. Therefore, I’ll suggest going for a gray or black as light colors reveal dirt more.

​Price Estimation:

The price of your backpack largely depends on size, fabric and as I mentioned above, the brand. Backpacks mostly range between $99- 300 USD. The medium size is available around $199 USD. But buying a backpack at a price 300 USD would be too much. For daily usual $100- 200 would be perfect.

Brand recommendation:

Osprey, North Face, and Gregory are big brand names and Go Outdoors is a camping store in the USA. Again, REI, EMS, MEC are the names of camping stores in Canada. You will get backpacks of big brands in those stores.

Final verdict:

Backpack nowadays has become an everyday gear. Your backpack reflects your fashion sense as well as how much choosy you are. Therefore, manage a pack that will serve you well and makes you stylish at the same time. And it'll be easy when you know how to choose the perfect one for you.

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