How to Choose Best Toiletry Bag

How to Choose Best Toiletry Bags

When I headed off for the first trip in my life, I still remember I took a couple of luggage, a big size backpack with me. I was totally messed up with so many bags and accessories as I had to unpack and repack them regularly. I wish I were familiar with toiletry bags at that time.

The best thing I found is that toiletry bags help me stay organized as well as keep my handy things near at hand. It’s the toiletry bags for those I no longer dread long term travel.


As a fashion girl, you may have already sorted the most stylish toiletry bag. But it’s not only the style you should concern about. Choosing the best toiletry bag is the checklist of a few more things. Let’s explore them.

Things to look for:

TSA Friendly

It’s the most important feature when you choose to fly for a trip. Be mindful of TSA rules in case you plan for a flight. It’s useful if you want to your bag to carry on liquids onto the plane. They give your bag security in case if it gets lost. Using the 1-quart clear bag, you can zip through the security check post in any airport all over the world.


What would be the size depends on the things you will carry while traveling. The size must be enough to space all your accessories. Not bigger or smaller. Larger ones will take up unnecessary space while smaller ones will fail to hold all the items. For a few basic things, a 7.25 x 2 x 5 inches will be perfect. The larger one will keep your accessories tidy and streamlined if you have a lot of items to bring.


You don’t want your Dopp kit to be heavier that instead of helping you will add to your burden. People often blame bottles of liquids to make their bags heavier. But do you know that the fabrics, extra buckles, and doodads determines the weight mainly? So be wary of them. Prefer lightweight materials. Some bags are just 2.8 ounces with parachute-like “Ultra-Sil” material. The mesh pockets are also light and have smaller than normal zippers. Even the Larger one of this type won’t exceed more than 4- ounce.


For smart girls nowadays, styles are the top priorities. Though it’s a personal choice, your bag must have to meet your needs as well. If you just want to toss items into the bag and leave, then choose pouch- style bags. Or to accommodate a lot of little things, choose one that has multiple compartments. These will manage your stuff well keeping you trendy as well.

​Water Resistant

For extending the lifetime of your toiletry bag, waterproofness is a must quality. Be sure that the bottom of your bag is sturdy as well as water- resistant. Bags having antibacterial liner is helpful in case your bag gets wet.

​Extra Features

Handles helps you grabbing toiletry bag quickly. Thus it eases to put your bag for security instead of rummaging in your luggage. A clip, carabiner or a hook allow you to hang your bag from bunk beds, bathrooms’ stall doors even from seatback.

​Bags with built-in hook is an instant space saver. It’ll help you adjust your toiletry bag in the limited space of hotel bathrooms.

Your toiletry bags are prone to getting dirty and grimy easily as you roam around roads. Again there is a chance of leaking the bottles

in flights. So washable features will help you to clean your bag and reuse it. Be sure, if anything like this happens, your bag at least allows to wipe it down.

​Final verdict:

A toiletry bag allows you globetrotting for a weekend getaway. You don’t need to worry about carrying on handy materials. But for serving you this purpose, your bag must have some qualities and features. Know them before you buy one. Be sure your bag must be stylish and hardworking at the same time. I hope this article will help you to choose the best one for you.

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