How to Choose Best Travel Backpack

How To Choose Best Travel Backpack

Why I usually recommend a backpack instead of a suitcase for traveling, is a question to many. Well, one word would be enough to sum up the explanation that is Convenience. But how to choose the perfect backpack for you, isn’t possible to describe in a word.

When I went to pick the first travel backpack for me, I wasn’t informed enough what to look for. I didn’t have much idea about the features, brands, and price then. Therefore, I had to face troubles with that first one.


However, after dealing with various types of backpacks over the years, now I know how to pick the right one for you. Below I’ve laid out the qualities a good backpack should have so that you don’t pick the wrong one and suffer as I did.

Factors to consider:


How To Choose Best Travel Backpack

Too big and it’ll be unfit to carry and accommodate everywhere. Again too much small and you won’t be able to store every necessary item in it. The size mainly depends on the trip duration. But a long-term trip doesn't necessarily require a large backpack. If you are tricky, you will manage packing a 12 month trip in the same way as a 12-day trip.

No one wants to pack a bag to the brim and weight it almost half of their weight.

Try to choose one that no larger than65 liters. A total space between 50- 65l will maintain a good balance.


How To Choose Best Travel Backpack

The durability of your backpack depends on the fabric. There are backpacks of cotton canvas, polyester, leather, pack cloth nylon. Be sure about what you are buying.

Consider These Features Before Choose A Travel Backpack:

​Water Resistant:

How To Choose Best Travel Backpack

Water- resistant material will allow you to travel regardless rain and winter. Again it will protect your gears inside from soaking in the case of sudden downpour or boat-trip.

​Infernal Frame:

As most of the backpacks nowadays have internal frames. So it would be next to nothing to tell you to buy internal-frame packs. All you need to check is whether your bag doesn't have an external frame.

​Hips Belts:

Hip belts help to distribute loads on your hip so that you don’t have to carry it all alone with your back. But be sure that the belt is sturdy and aligns your hip while trying it on.

Shoulder Hardness:

They push the weight of your backpack downward making it more comfortable to carry. They will lessen the pressure on the shoulder as well as lower back. But make sure they fit you well and fall evenly on your shoulder.

​Multiple Compartments:

Compartments make it easier to access. Keep things separately in main, side, top compartments regarding your requirements.

​Lockable Zippers:

Make sure each compartment contains two zippers from both sides. They will allow you to lock them together. Again, purchase locks that are TSA friendly so that you can open the lock without breaking it to check the bag.

​Compression Strap:

​This strap compresses your gear helping you to hold items temporarily outside the bag.

​Bungee Ties & Draw Strings:

You can permanently attach items outside your bag by using them. For example, things you don’t want to put inside like dirty shoes, wet clothes, sleeping bag, etc.

​Airspace Ventilation:

It prevents your bag from getting sweaty by providing proper ventilation. It keeps the bag away from the direct contact with your skin, and that’s how it works.


As I mentioned above, lockable zippers ensure the safety of your possessions in the bag. Also look, whether the padded things are fastened well or not.


How To Choose Best Travel Backpack

Traveling backpacks are expensive. But no one is going to expand thousand dollars for a backpack.But remember that, you are not going to buy an average school backpack. Your backpack will act as a home for all your belongings while traveling. Brand backpacks will cost more than local store backpacks. But those warrantied backpacks will serve you long term, and you don’t have to alter it often. Thus it ultimately saves your money.

Final verdict:

You carry the fun of your trip in your backpack. Hence, choosing the right one is important. There are a lot of confusing things. I have tried, seen and experience a wide variety of backpacks. I’ve summed up them for you so that you don’t have to spend hours upon hours on research. Choose the best-suited one for you.

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