How To Choose A Best Stylish Backpack For College

How To Choose  Best  Backpack For College

Choosing a backpack for a college student is not a simple affair. It has to be durable enough with high storage capacity, offer good compartmentalization and still stylish enough. But do bear in mind that you must not compromise comfort over style because that is what it matters the most at the end of the day. Some pretty stylish backpacks are available out on the marker yet they are also comfortable.


However, by reading some buying guides you can find a quality stylish backpack that may not be quite expensive. A good support is always as important as style. So, your backpack should fairly utilize your shoulder strength to avoid back pains. Hence, backpack with broad, padded shoulder straps may be an ideal choice. A college backpack is capable of supporting a person besides having many functions. Without further ado, let’s unearth attributes about how to choose a best stylish backpack for college.

Useful Attributes While Choosing A Backpack

Two most common attributes a college backpacks always provide us to pursue its functionality. Space & straps play a vital role to the functionality of a college backpack.

1. Straps:

Straps, of course, give support to the heavy loads you are likely to carry. These straps have multiple functions to your backpack.

​Adjustable Straps

Basically, you need proper strap adjustment to ensure your backpack stay close to your back. Thus it will restrain your backpack from tipping backward, which can cause more strain to your body.

​Padded Straps

Padded straps ease the pain. Some time straps may cause discomfort to your shoulder. Perhaps, padding will keep the straps from digging into your shoulders.

​Broad Straps

At least 1.5-2 inches wide straps will provide extra support and comfort to your shoulder and back as well.

​Waist Straps

Straps around your waist help keep your back from shifting while carrying heavier loads.

​Padded Back ( adds extra comfort ):

Some manufacturer even offers back padding. The padded back does provide a student with extra comfort.

​2. Space:

Accommodating space for all kinds of gears of a college student is the main characteristic of college backpack. An ideal backpack of a college student always comes with multiple compartments and a number of pockets.

​Multiple Compartments:

A backpack, of course, an essential part of a gear for any college student. It’s like a vessel in which you transport all your books, pens & papers, notepads, tablet or a laptop and all other everyday carry gears. It also provides security to your technological gear, like photography equipment, tablet or laptop, or any other mobile device.

​Lots Of Pockets:

Multiple compartments can be a huge help. Things like keys, cell phone, water bottle etc. you can accommodate easily. Most backpacks nowadays come with all types of compartments and pockets, whether for water bottles or laptops.

Choosing Best Backpack For College

From the outer look of a backpack, it comes in all sizes, shapes, and colors. The truth is picking the best backpack for a college student is a real challenge. Choice of a college student not only based on personal aesthetic reason, but also on practicality and its functionality. Things that we need to consider while choosing a backpack for a college student:

​Quality & Durability:

The type of backpack should be versatile and durable and stylish as well. More often you should get a backpack that will last you the college year and beyond.

​Stylish, yet Sporty:

Some backpacks possess a classic and ageless design that fairly combines with different types of clothing combination. Thus it offers a sporty look with trendy styles.

​Sturdy & Functional:

No doubt, your backpacks must be sturdy. And perhaps the most widely sought feature after quality is functionality. Among many functionalities straps gives comfort, compartments for academic gear and pockets for other kinds of tools.


​Technology Friendly:

Students look for a watertight, crushproof and at the same time impact resistant backpack. As a result, it will preserve their laptop’s integrity for a longer period of time. It keeps their most important electronic devices safe from damage.


College students like to move around with lighter bags which are less bulky to pursue their busy schedule. They prefer to have their backpack made of lightweight material, such as polyester, with linings of the same material.

​Simple and Smart in Design:

Students pick their backpack that is simple yet classic in design and which is good looking too. They feel comfy which is fully padded and fleece lined.

Final Thought

In light of the above information, I am sure you have got all the ideas How to choose a best stylish backpack for college. Not only you will enjoy the quality with stylish features but also hit pocket-friendly prices. Disregard the gender disparity, so both boys and girls suitable to use the backpack that I mean to say it is unisex. The only thing there must a change in their clothes. We are confident of giving priorities to its functionality and it will certainly help carry your stuff around campus. Hence, we must appreciate a nice balance of comfort and style as well. After all, the main point of choosing the best backpack for college is to make life more comfortable.

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