Thule Crossover 32L Backpack (Reviewed For Work & School)

You’ll want to find the best, most stylish backpacks for work and school. Of course, they should also be versatile and useful to have on you! The best Thule Backpacks offer a large capacity and are perfect for anyone who has to commute often.  

If you need to learn more about the Thule Crossover 32L Backpack, make sure to continue reading! 

Unique Features of The Thule Crossover 32L Backpack 

There are many strong features that come with the Thule Crossover 32L Backpack. You get a great design, large carrying capacity, and durable construction. The overall size would have to be best for work and school- it’s great for carrying a laptop, books, and other study materials. 

Design & Comfort 

The Swedish design is made to not restrict your movement, making it easier for commuters to get around. You shouldn’t have any complaints with the straps, as they’re very adjustable and made to fit well with your body.

The other major elements include additional storage pockets and a heavy duty fabric. It's very comfortable, and many users say they appreciate the care the company put into the design. 

Thule Crossover 32L backpack

Size & Carrying Capacity 

This is a pretty large bag. You receive dimensions of 12.4 x 12.2 x 18.5 inches. The specific laptop compartment consists of 10.5 x 1.2 x 15 inches, which is suitable for many laptops. The carrying capacity is 32L, which is enough space for anything you need to take with you to work or school. 

Inside The Bag 

Inside the backpack, you'll find a laptop pouch. Many customers appreciate this pouch, as it can hold very large laptops. The compartment is also padded, ensuring that your electronic devices stay safe while you're on the move. It also comes with a space for a lock, allowing you to keep your belongings safe. 

man wearing a thule crossover 32l backpack

Color & Style Options 

With this bag, you can only find a black coloration. However, you can find smaller options for kids

For instance, you may want to consider a 25L option for a smaller person. It can’t fit as many books, but that will be better for some people’s backs.

If you have a young child at home, you may want to consider the other Thule bags, which are designed with them in mind. 

Material & Zip Quality 

The materials used in making this bag are all extremely durable. Users have mentioned dropping the bag, and their personal items were all safe. In the rain, you can also expect your stuff to stay mostly dry. The fabrics and zippers are both waterproof, allowing you to use them at any moment in time. 

Our Review Of The Thule Crossover 32L Backpack 

The Thule Crossover 32L Laptop Backpack offers a ton of storage space. Students and workers can deeply benefit from using this bag. The ample space allows you to easily carry your laptop and any other work-related items with you. 

It’s especially great for artists to have. If you need to tote a ton of supplies across campus or to your workplace, you're sure to fit everything inside. Many people also say it's a great option for carrying a lot of camera equipment with you to a photo shoot.  

If you really need to fill your bag, it should be able to hold just about everything that you need it to. When left slightly empty, the bag does fold in on itself when set on the ground. This folding does make it a bit harder for the side pouches to unzip, unless straightened back out. 

This bag is not for students or workers who only need to carry a few books or other small items with them. The backpack is made to hold a high amount of stuff, so you’d be wasting the space and your money on this item. However, it’s a good laptop bag, but if that’s all you need it for, there are better options out there. 

Overall, this bag is for any commuters who need to bring a lot of supplies back and forth with them. 

The Good 

  • Versatile bag with lots of space 
  • Easy to find what you need 
  • Best for commuters with a ton of supplies 
  • Helps with keeping organized 

The Bad 

  • Not the best waterproofing 
  • Sometimes hard to unzip

Price Guide & Sales Expectations 

High-quality backpacks like these can be quite expensive during the year. You’ll want to wait for special sales to buy them. Make sure to follow Best Backpack Lab for upcoming sales information.

On Amazon, you can expect the bags to go on sale on Black Friday and Amazon Prime Days. However, they may also go on sale on Cyber Monday, since they hold various electronic items. 

You can usually find this product for sale online between $130 and $135. 

Comparing the Thule Crossover with Other Popular Backpacks 

 Thule Crossover Vs Thule Subterra

Thule Subterra Backpack 30L, Mineral...
  • Protects your laptop (15" MacBook Pro or 15....
  • Protect your tablet in the dedicated storage...
  • Cords are neatly managed between your device...
  • Access your laptop through the top-loading...

This is another decent option for a new, spacious bag. Both fit large laptops and are made from high quality materials. The sizes of the two bags are not wildly different – the Crossover has a 34L capacity and the Subterra has a 36L capacity. If you’re a frequent flyer though, the Thule Subterra is a better carry-on bag. That is because it has a built in “pass through panel” on the back that allows you to easily hook it over your rolling luggage.

One downsize, however, is the Subterra product page mentions nothing about the product being water-resistant. Your electronics will do better in the Crossover.  

Thule Crossover Vs SwissGear 6752  

SWISSGEAR SA6752 TSA Friendly ScanSmart...
  • TSA FRIENDLY: Unobstructed, ScanSmart TSA...
  • COMFORT AND QUALITY: Padded, Airflow back...
  • ORGANIZATION: Included Organizer compartment...

Additionally, another option is the SWISSGEAR backpack. It’s comfortable and comes with a strong limited warranty of 10 years! The unique design makes it easy to get everything out of the bag's pockets, which is good for going through TSA inspections quickly. Although the SWISSGEAR 6752 is slightly smaller than the Crossover, at 29.6L, we find this bag more ideal for those who are on the shorter side and have smaller frames.

 While both companies offer high quality backpacks with durable materials, we have found that SWISSGEAR backpacks are almost always more affordable than the Thule brand, which is just something to keep in mind if you’re on a tight budget.  

You can check out our full review of SwissGear backpacks here.

Thule Crossover Vs Ridge: The Commuter 

Ridge The Commuter - Weatherproof Backpack |...
  • WEATHER RESISTANT: This is the perfect...
  • EXTRA ACCESSORIES: This backpack has...
  • LAPTOP COMPARTMENT: A special compartment for...
  • ANTI-THEFT DESIGN: Hidden RFID packet to make...

The Commuter bag is designed with the tech-savvy person who is constantly on the go and needs to be ready for the elements. Ridge’s Commuter bag is very waterproof and comes with a water bottle holder. You can also rely on it for shock resistance if you were to drop it on accident.

Both bags offer some theft protection with durable zippers and places to put your locks, however the Thule Crossover has a much simpler design here. Ridge has taken the extra time to incorporate small details like a power bank pocket and external USB port.  

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Who owns Thule backpacks? 

Thule is owned by Erik Thulin in Sweden. The bags are also made in a factory in this location. You can expect the quality to be top tier because of this! 

How long is a standard Thule warranty? 

With Thule bags, you can expect a limited lifetime warranty on most of their products. That means your bag should be protected in a variety of circumstances, allowing you to get a new one if it breaks suddenly. 


The Thule backpack offers 32L of space and a special pocket for your laptop. This gives you plenty of room to add all your books and work materials. Many users say they can fit everything they need for the day and more in this product. 

  • Updated October 28, 2021