Tennis Backpack Vs. Bag (Which Is Better For Carrying Rackets?)

A tennis backpack and tennis bag are similar items that can easily carry your tennis racket, jersey, snacks, towels, grips, and tennis balls for your latest match on the courts. However, each option has different features.

This guide will help you choose the best option for your game.

Pros & Cons of Tennis Backpacks

A tennis backpack is a backpack that was designed specifically for tennis players to carry their tennis rackets. These backpacks look similar to traditional backpacks and are great choices for players who want to be able to use their backpack outside of tennis as well. These backpacks come with adjustable straps and tend to be more comfortable when compared to traditional tennis bags.

With a tennis backpack, the tennis rackets and water bottles are held upright at all times, which can prevent spills and also make sure that you don’t accidentally crush your racket when picking up or setting down your backpack. However, you won’t be able to carry 4/5/6+ rackets the way you can with a tennis bag, and you won't be able to carry as many tennis balls either.


  • More comfortable
  • Adjustable straps
  • Hold rackets upright
  • Water bottle storage upright (won’t leak)
  • Backpack design style may appeal more to people who want to take the bag on/off the court
  • Can be used as a regular backpack
  • Perfect for travel


  • Can hold fewer rackets
  • Can hold fewer tennis balls
  • Not as much storage

Pros & Cons of Tennis Carry Bags

The tennis carry bag is the traditional tennis racket bag and probably what you think of when you think of purchasing a tennis racket bag. These bags are easy to buy online, and unlike other sports bags, they were built specifically to hold tennis rackets. This means that you can easily fit 4-12 tennis rackets in most of these racket bags.

tennis carry bag

We love these bags for tennis professionals and tournament seekers because they can carry all of the equipment you need. They are on the heavier side, therefore less portable than the more compact tennis backpack, but the heft allows you to bring your rackets, balls, snacks, towels, water bottles, clothes, and other necessities. Most even have space for court shoes!


  • Pack a LOT of rackets (4-12!)
  • Pack a lot of tennis balls
  • Holds all the equipment and accessories you need to play
  • Numerous compartments for organization
  • 2-3 different strap formations for multiple carrying options


  • Heavy
  • Large
  • Less practical (best used as a tennis racket bag and nothing else)

Tennis Backpack Vs. Bag (Key Differences & Which Is Best?)

Most casual players pick up the tennis backpack for its compact size and comfortable carry option. However, most tennis professionals pick up the tennis bag for its ability to carry 4-12+ rackets and hold all of the equipment they need to play at the tournament level. Let’s break down the two and see what option wins each of the following categories:

1. Style & Design

When it comes to style and design, it’s a true toss-up. The tennis backpack offers a more modern design and can be sporty or more fashion-forward. We love the way you can take it on and off the court and use it for other things (school, work, and the gym). The tennis bag glorifies the sport with more bold designs and often more tennis-specific. If you like cool graphics or sleek black (professional looking), then the tennis bag wins.

2. Carrying Capacity & Storage

When it comes to carrying capacity and storage, the tennis bag wins hands down. Why? Compare the number of rackets that you can carry in each iteration. With a tennis bag, you can often carry as many as twelve rackets! Tennis backpacks tend to hold two rackets at the most. You can also throw in towels, socks, tennis shoes, tennis balls, hair accessories, water bottles, protein bars, and a dozen other accessories easily in a tennis racket. No such luck with the compact tennis backpacks.

3. Portability

Both the tennis racket bag and the tennis backpack are portable. After all, they were both designed to be able to easily bring your racket to and from the court. The more portable option, however, is the tennis backpack simply because of its compact size and lightweight frame. If you want the ultimate in portability, the tennis backpack is your winner.

4. For Professional Tennis Players

For professional tennis players, we recommend choosing the tennis bag. The simple reason is that most players bring several rackets to tournaments as well as additional shoes, clothing items, snacks for fuel, and water bottles. This adds up to far more than can be carried by a tennis backpack. If you are a professional tennis player, we recommend investing in a tennis bag for all of your tennis equipment.

5. For Tennis Rookies

If you are a rookie tennis player, you will do well with either option. Consider whether or not you plan to play tennis weekly, monthly, or more casually. Consider what you want to bring to the court when you play. Are you bringing a single racket, a few tennis balls, a small snack, and your wallet? Go with the tennis backpack. Are you bringing four tennis rackets, clothes, separate tennis shoes, and an extra set of socks? Go for the tennis bag.

6. Price

When it comes to price, both the tennis backpack and the tennis bag come in affordable and luxury price points. The tennis bag tends to be more expensive simply because it is much larger and has more built-in compartments for accessories. No matter your budget, you can find a tennis bag or tennis backpack that works for you. The more you spend, the more features the bag will come with (such as thermal protection or climate protection).

tennis sports bag

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Which Brands Make The Best Tennis Bags?

The best brand for tennis bags is a personal choice, but we do have several brands that come highly recommended by tennis players. These brands include Babolat, Tecnifibre, Geau Sport, Yonex, Wilson, and Dunlop.

What Is The Price Range Of Tennis Bags And Backpacks?

The price range of tennis bags and backpacks is $20—$100. Most bags can be purchased in the $20—$60 range, but there are a few features that can only be found in the $60—$100 range.

How Important Is Thermal Or Climate Protection In A Tennis Bag?

This depends on the type of weather where you live and whether or not you travel for tournaments. If you are a casual player and live in a moderate climate, thermal or climate protection may not be necessary. Thermal protection is best for players who live in warm temperatures because it will protect the frame.

How Do You Carry A Tennis Racket Bag With Ease?

Most tennis racket bags can be carried in multiple ways. Depending on the tennis racket bag, you may have a padded backpack strap, a shoulder strap, or a hook that you can hold in your hand. We recommend trying out each method of holding your tennis racket bag to find which method is most comfortable for you.


Choosing between a tennis backpack and a tennis bag comes down to personal preference and the kind of tennis player you are on the court (casual, frequent, or tournament type). The choice also comes down to how you get to and from the court, what you want to bring, and how you prefer to carry your racket.

  • Updated November 6, 2021