How To Wash A Vera Bradley Backpack (Clean & Care Guide)

Vera Bradley backpacks can be a convenient and beautiful way to store your things while on-the-go, and make great backpacks for travellers and for college students. Like with your clothes or bedsheets, these quilted backpacks need to be cleaned semi-regularly for hygiene and maintenance purposes. Keep reading this guide to find out how to wash a Vera Bradley backpack.

Founded by Barbara Bradley Baekgaard and Patricia R. Miller in 1982, Vera Bradley was formed to give women comfortable and fashionable luggage options. The company is based in Indiana and is widely known for the vibrant colors, patterns, and quilted backpack designs. These patterns are hand-drawn by artists and often come in paisley, plaid, floral, and other styles.

All About Vera Bradley Backpacks

Vera Bradley Backpack Range

Vera Bradley laptop backpack

One of the most popular backpack styles for college students, the laptop backpack has a variety of spacious compartments, padded backstraps, and internal linings, and easy to reach phone pockets, among other things. They can easily fit a 15-inch laptop and have water bottle pockets for convenience.

Vera Bradley school backpack

For kids and high schoolers, there are many options to consider. Five of the backpacks are approved by the American Chiropractor Association and have plenty of roomy padded compartments. Water bottle pockets and secure slips are also standard features that kids love.

Vera Bradley travel backpacks

Lightweight and colorful, Vera Bradley’s travel backpacks are a staple of the brand. With padded straps and a breathable back panel, and a trolley sleeve, these pieces have plenty of valuable features.

Vera Bradly purse backpacks

This versatile collection is a compact solution for day-to-night looks. Keep all your things safe while looking stylish all day long.

Vera Bradley sling backpacks

Vera Bradley’s sling backpacks are a lightweight and comfortable addition to your wardrobe that comes with various valuable features, such as secure zip pockets and compact size.

Vera Bradley sustainable backpacks

Vera Bradley's sustainable range uses recycled materials such as water bottles to create their bags for those looking for a more sustainable option. These durable and lightweight bags are also water-repellent, making them perfect for busy students.

How to Wash Vera Bradley Backpacks: Step by Step Guide

Can you wash Vera Bradley backpacks? You can if you’re careful. The Vera Bradley website states that their packs can be machine washed on a cold, gentle cycle. If you must use bleach, use a non-chlorine brand and line dry the bag once washed.

1. Check the label

Before doing anything, we recommend double-checking the bag’s label to confirm how it needs to be washed and cared for. If you are not sure what the label means, you can find more information here. Once you know how to clean the bag, you can move on to the next step.

2. Prepare the Bag

Once you have a plan, please remove all your items from the bag and place them together somewhere safe. Turn out each of the pockets to ensure that everything has been removed. Next, use a damp rag or a hand vacuum to remove crumbs, fluff, and other debris in your bag before removing the solid base, if applicable.

3. Hand washing

  • First, remove the dirt and debris with the help of a brush. A makeup or cleaning toothbrush will be fine. Rub the dirty areas in gentle circles to encourage the dirt to come off.
  • Use a spot cleaner. Using either a spot cleaner or a laundry pen, clean the stained area according to the product instructions.
  • If you’re using a regular spot cleaner, use a cleaning toothbrush. The cleaning toothbrush used earlier can be rinsed with clean water before being used again here.
  • Use cold water in order to remove the debris. Submerge the bag in a sink half-full of cold water and mild soap, using a clean cloth to rub circles into the material until it is clean. Make sure to keep all the pockets open and get into all the nooks and crannies.
  • Dry the bag. Once you are done washing the bag, turn it upside down and line dry it in a sheltered but ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

4. Machine Washing

  • Make sure that machine washing is allowed according to the instruction label.
  • Can you put a Vera Bradley backpack in the washer? Read the bag’s label to confirm that it can be machine washed. You can find a guide to laundry label symbols online.
  • Select the gentle cycle on the washing machine. If you are unsure which cycle is the gentle one, we recommend consulting your machine’s manual.
  • Add vinegar or a mild detergent. Add half a cup of white vinegar or mild detergent to the detergent compartment of your machine
  • Wash in a slow spin and place the bag in a clean pillowcase. Select a slow spin cycle, going as low as you possibly can. Ensure you place your bag in a clean pillowcase to prevent damage.
  • Dry indoors. Once the wash is complete, we recommend turning the bag upside down and line drying it away from direct sunlight.
How To Wash Vera Bradley Backpacks

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Are Vera Bradley bags durable?

While the bags themselves are durable, you can increase the lifespan of your Vera Bradley backpack by taking care of it and washing it semi-regularly.

Are Vera Bradley backpacks waterproof?

The bags are typically water-resistant or repellent rather than waterproof. Read the product description carefully to confirm before purchasing one for yourself or your family.

How can you tell a fake Vera Bradley?

Take a close look at the sewing and pattern details, as well as the zips and other added features. You will see a noticeable dip in quality.


Vera Bradley bags are stylish and convenient additions to your daily life. Knowing how to wash a Vera Bradley laptop bag can help you increase your bag’s overall lifespan and durability.

  • April 7, 2021
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