How to use leaf Blower

how to use backpack blower

Say, you have a beautiful house apart from the noisiness of city with a garden and green, large yard. Who does not want to have it nice and clean including you? You always take a look in your house if it is dirt free or not. But if the yard is not taken care, leaves are all over the yard then will your sweet home be nice? So, make your yard clean is a part of the cleanliness of your home. You can quickly remove those fallen leaves from your yard using a backpack blower. Then first you have to know what is this blower and how to use a backpack blower and that will no longer be a problem. And you can keep your hand dirt free!


What is a backpack leaf blower?

Backpack blower is very useful for collecting lawn leaves and grass clippings which are in a large volume, and you cannot remove these empty handed. Don't try to blow every leaf of your yard or lawn because this will make you crazy. Have a leaf rake at the end of the garden for getting the stragglers.

Where you can’t access into, then the vacuum mood of the backpack blower is more efficient. In this situation using a rake is more difficult. Use vacuum mood for leaves trapped under rocks, in the tight areas, at the place where you can’t reach, at the bases of barrier or fence. Sometimes you can use a bag for storing the leaves and leave these by the side of a dustbin.

Using backpack leaf blower tips

There are some techniques and ways of using backpack blower. If you come to know these then you can easily handle the blower, you are using. If you are a new user of this equipment you better first know these and then hold the blower.

1. After planning for the landing of the leaves, position a tarp in a spot. Do it in sections when you are blowing the leaves        into a wooded area. Gather leaves into the place and divide these into six sections for resting on the particular area.

2. Nozzle attachment helps reducing sound. Set throttle speed at the lowest possible stage you can. Use one blower at a        time because this will reduce the sound that comes from the blower.

3. Place the nozzle close to the ground, then gradually raise it. The full lower nozzle is more efficient to use as dust will not      generate.

4. Control the air velocity which is at the end of the nozzle. Practice nozzle movement, throttle controlling which will be             beneficial. Then operate the blower at up, down, left, right direction. Following this instruction gather the leaves and             divide into sections.

5. Maintain working at one particular direction. Otherwise, leaves will blow to the places you already have cleaned.

6. Hold the blower that it will remain at your side. Point it at a shallow angle. Use back and forth motion.

Warnings and cautions for Using  Blower

  •   Wear goggles as fly as flying debris can hurt your eyes.
  •  There generates high sound from the blower which can harm your hearing. So use earplugs.
  • ​ Loose fitting jacket, jewelry should avoid. Protective clothing is necessary.
  •  Do not use the blower in the early morning or late night. Because this will be a cause of disturbance to your neighbors.
  • ​ Do not use the blower to clean up gravel, construction dirt, gravel dust, plaster  dust and dry garden topsoil. Because  this can cause damage to the backpack  blower.
  • ​ The fuel is to be the correct gasoline.
  •  Before fueling, the blower should dry and clean.
  •  In addition, keep it from children.

Final verdict

Now, I think you have got a clear concept of using backpack blower. You need not call municipal workers or dirt your hand. Doesn't it great that you can keep your yard or lawn neat and clean by yourself? But above all, it is necessary to know the manual and warnings provided with the machine. Therefore, it is not a too tough job to handle a blower as you read the instructions here and I think this will help you.

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