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We are taking in guest submissions of articles related to home and garden, family and kids, sports and outdoors and anything related! So if you are searching for guest post submission for your own website, write for us. You may have knowledge guest post is 100% best than sponsored post.

What’s further, Bestbackpacklab is a community that always searches for knowledgeable and new conception from the people. Therefore, we would like to have a enthusiastic writer like you!

We Praise:

  • check
    Fact Guided, Fine exploration and involved to equestrian niche piece of content.
  • check
    Natural, humorous and satirical writing tone in the content.
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    A lot of Involved images, info-graphics, actual videos and illustrations that involve to the context.
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    Barn hacks and tricks to the trade

We Don't Praise

  • Genuine and rewritten articles that doesn’t provide any identical standard.
  • Lowly researched content with no focus story.
  • Grammatically and technically  poorly content full of gibberish and filler words.

Want to Give It A Try? Here is How-

We are probably to cover all facets, anything that puts on value to the pupils. To become a bloated member of Bestbackpacklab , here are a few simple leap to follow-

Step-1: Pick a niche to compose on. It can be anything from Home and Garden, Family and Kids, Sports and Outdoors and anything else you prefer to write about.

Step-2: Write minimum 1000+ words content that’s unique, easy-to-read, good formatted and grammatical mistake-free.

Step-3: If you attach a complete article, attempt to submit the file in a Word Document format. We inspire in-line hyperlinks that represent acknowledgement resources.

Step-4: We provide One link dofollow from the body of each article. It’s a must that the link comes up in a relevant and authoritive way. Do not try to link to porn/gambling/medical/spam or low quality websites.

Step-5: Submit your article or pitch just once. Don’t submit same article to multiple editors.

Because of the large number of articles we receive, we will contact you only if we think that your piece deserves to add value to our website. If you don’t hear from us in One-Seven business days, please feel free to submit the article on other publications.

Some Quick Notices for the Writer

  • Stay specific, focused and related to one particular topic. It can be answer of a question, tips and tricks or just sharing your experiences.
  • Keep self promotion to a minimum on your article.
  • Use as much relevant and royalty-free images as possible. Avoid providing pictures and don’t illustrate your piece.
  • Please let us know if your content was previously published on any other websites. Staplesearch plays with original pieces, not reposts.
  • Bestbackpacklab preserves the right of editing, re-formatting and merging the article you submit. Also, we have the perpetual right to publish and re-publish the content on any other media platforms.

If you have further query, feel free to Contact Us.

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