What Necessities To Pack For Your Honeymoon Travel?

The Honeymoon is the first holiday spent together by a newly married couple, and most newlyweds choose to visit far and exotic destinations. This is why knowing how to pack and separate your belongings is key to having the perfect vacation.

For newlyweds, the honeymoon vacation seems to often go at the end of the planning list for your wedding as the actual wedding requires a lot of organisation and preparation. Moreover, many couples want to first see how much finances they’ve spent at the end of the wedding and thus accurately plan the honeymoon.

At BestBackPackLab.com, we know that the amount and type of belongings you should take with you strongly depends on the length, season and location of your holiday. Apart from the essential family stuff to pack such as clothes and toiletries, there are many things you might forget in the excitement for your dream-cation.


Take Tasks Off Your Shoulders With Our Honeymoon Packing Checklist.

Before you begin packing all your stuff in your bags and luggage, consider the following:

  • Make a packing checklist - write down all the things you will be carrying with you and discuss it with your spouse, at first glance some items might seem suitable, but do you really need them for the trip? Think twice then go on to the next step;
  • Pack the items you’d need during your travel separately, so you can easily access them during your flight and transport in the exotic country you’re visiting. Those might be documents, flight tickets, sunglasses, extra pullover or a book;
  • Think of all the items you’d need to buy for your trip and get them whenever you’re at the pharmacy, grocery shop or perfumeree.

Don’t Underestimate Your Luggage

The first step of packing is planning what luggage you’d need to pack all your belongings.


“Make sure to build a good arrangement strategy for fitting all your belongings together and use what ‘tetris’ skills you’ve gained during your childhood.”

“This will help you not only maximise usable space, but also to keep things as tidy and wrinkle-free as possible” adds the expert.

Ryan Banks | Professional Packer

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Even though every bag is different, there are universal rules to help you with packing all the right honeymoon essentials:

  • Place heavy items and shoes at the bottom of your bag;
  • Use packing cubes to organising shoes, wet, and dirty clothes;
  • If you have side pockets, use them for toiletries/medicine and underwear. Otherwise get separate bags for those items as well;
  • Use items like book or hardcover magazines to act as barriers in your suitcase if necessary;
  • Keep small and malleable objects like belts on the perimeter.

A Medicine Bag is a Must

No matter how far or how exotic the location you are about to visit will be, consider meeting your doctor before traveling to a foreign country especially if you need something special such as vaccines. Malaria pills might come to use if you are visiting Tanzania.

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You should always look after your health and pack basic medical essentials. There is nothing worse than having to deal with unexpected health problems with and being unable to act accordingly.

If you’re planning a trip longer than a few days, make sure to bring the following:

  • Insect repellant;
  • Anti-diarrheal medication;
  • Anti-motion sickness medication;
  • Pain/fever reducer;
  • 1 percent hydrocortisone cream;
  • hand sanitizer, band-aids.

Of course, you might be in a particular situation where you have to take a certain prescription medicine, so make sure to bring enough of it. Make sure to bring all the necessary documents

Scan important documents like your visa, travel insurance and passport and email them to yourself. If you have the time print each of them and keep a copy at an easily reachable place during the entire travelling. Having copies of your most important documents will save you in case anything happens to the originals whilst you’re abroad gets lost.

Together with your documents, keep some cash with as well, some countries don’t have ATMs and payment terminals everywhere and having some cash the first few days might save you a lot of headache.


Apart from the most important documents, you should always print (if not digitally available) copies of airline and other transport tickets, reservation and event tickets. For example, forgetting your tickets at the theater might ruin your entire evening.

Yes, beauty products

This may bring panic to women preparing for a long-awaited honeymoon, but often, toiletries and bathroom accessories take up a ton of space. Don’t even dare asking your husband about the blow-dryer, because this might turn out to be your first family fight!

So, if you can, try to minimise your products by bringing ones that can do double duty. For instance, bring bar shampoo, which can double as soap, and a tinted moisturizer with sunscreen, which can take the place of cream, foundation, and SPF.

Check whether the hotel you will stay at provides electrical appliances such as a hair dryer so you won’t have to bring yours.

To make your trip as special as possible, bring your favorite perfumes and bath accessories, for example the ones you used for your wedding, so your dream day continues throughout your journey.

Some additional honeymoon packing essentials

When you are about to leave a home made cozy for a while, it might feel like you taking everything with you, but rest assured once you step foot on your honeymoon location, all you’ll need is your spouse next to you.

This is probably the most beneficial traveling advice of them all: pack what’s going to be essential to the specific destination you’re visiting, and wherever you’re going, don’t forget your travel pillow. We don’t want you to be grumpy at the start of an amazing holiday, right?

For a hot, summer destination, pack your bathing suit in your carry on so you’ll be able to enjoy your honeymoon right after you reach the planned destination: This way, if you arrive at your resort before the suggested check-in time, you can easily change in the hotel lobby bathroom and hit the beach or pool without losing valuable time.

Can you imagine spending the first moment of your trip bathing suit shopping, if for some reason your luggage gets delayed or lost! This is why I have an even better advice - Put your bathing suit on first, then start your honeymoon trip.

On the other hand, if you’re travelling to a winter resort, make sure to bring all the needed warm socks, scarfs, gloves and if you’re the sporty type - all skiing and snowboarding equipment.

Make your honeymoon extra special


This is your special holiday, so make it memorable and amazing by bringing the following:

  • Special presents and surprises
    think of all the ways you can surprise make your spouse the happiest person on Earth. Prepare a few creative and sentimental presents to keep;
  • Your favourite playlist
    bring the music you like, maybe the playlist from your wedding to keep the energy going; 
  • Camera or even a drone
    if you are a fan of taking breathtaking photographs, don’t forget to take your camera together with some extra batteries, memory cards and chargers;
  • Guidebook
    spice up your trip with a guidebook which will help you explore the special places and events your destination hides from the common tourist. Read the guide during your holiday and do something fun each day;
  • The things you can’t live without
    everyone has those, whether it’s your laptop, a book, a skateboard or anything else, make sure to leave some space for it in your luggage.
  • Make sure you securely lock your home
    before you go and make the necessary arrangements for your pets if you have any.

And last but definitely not least, don’t forget to take your positive and adventurous mood with you. Enjoy your trip!

  • Updated October 29, 2021