How To Wash Herschel Backpack (Clean & Care Guide)

Herschel is known for its unique and high-quality products that ooze effortless style. As with any household item, these bags need regular care and maintenance to look beautiful and function well for years to come. Keep reading this guide to learn how to wash your Herschel backpack.

Founded in 2009 by Jamie and Cyndon Cormack, Herschel is a successful company based in Vancouver, Canada. They are known for creating quality products often made of nylon, leather, and cotton with various innovative and practical features. With ranges suitable for city slickers and wilderness enthusiasts, you can easily find something for you.

All About Herschel Backpacks

Herschel Backpacks

Herschel Ultralight Daypack

This lightweight backpack is full of valuable and easy-to-use features that make it suitable for traveling every day. These features include a collapsible design with a self-storing pocket, multiple storage sleeves, and water bottle holders.

Herschel Classic Backpack

This simple pack is featured in many regular sales, enabling students to get a discount on a quality product they may not buy otherwise. This classic design features a storm flap, large compartment, durable materials, and a wide variety of colors, among others. It's a perfect choice of a backpack for college students.

Herschel Mammoth

The Mammoth is a high water-resistant and durable bag that is perfect for outdoorsy types. It features padded and ventilated back panel, a rain cover, thorough strap and clip system, 15-inch laptop sleeve, and dual stretch side pockets.

Herschel Pop Quiz

The Pop Quiz is a large and aesthetic but basic backpack for students. The shoulder straps are well-ventilated and padded, and there are an internal laptop sleeve and headphone port. The organization panel and storm flap are of particular note and ideal for busy high school students.

Herschel Barlow

Made of durable and water-resistant material, the Barlow is a stylish and rugged bag. It comes with a rain cover, drawcord closure, heavy padding, mesh on the back panel and harness, and a 15-inch laptop sleeve.

Herschel Travel backpack

The Travel backpack is TSA friendly with its laptop compartment, spacious compartments, organization panel, luggage strap, and vented and padded lower back.

Herschel Dawson

Herschel's Dawson is a stylish model available in a variety of color options. It has a laptop sleeve that is slightly smaller than others in the series. Still, it does have a 20-liter capacity, drawstring main compartment, dual external pockets with magnetic closures, and a small and lightweight design.

Herschel Little America

The Little America backpack is a sturdy and durable compact model that shares many great features with others on this list, like the Barlow.

How to Wash Herschel Backpacks: Step by Step Guide

But how to clean your Herschel backpack? You can easily hand or spot wash the bag, but we do not recommend putting your bag in a machine. You'll need some clean cloths, a cleaning toothbrush, mild soap, water, a vacuum, and a laundry rack or line.

1. Remove everything from the bag

Make sure to open every pocket and remove all your items from your bag. Once that is done, you can remove any debris or dirt from the nooks and crannies of your bag using a damp cloth or hand vacuum. Make sure to leave the pockets open for optimum cleaning.

2. Use mild soap

A mild soap is perfect for spot or hand washing. If you are not sure what soap is best, you can try using dish soap or finding a gentle or sensitive skin soap at your local supermarket. Using harsh chemicals or detergents could damage to coloring or material of the bag.

3. Use only soft tools

Soft clean cloths or cleaning toothbrushes are perfect for removing spots of dirt or stains. Using metal brushes or other harsh abrasives could damage your bag's finish or scrape off the leather, making it look worn at best and damaged at worst. Being gentle and careful with the right tools is the way forward here.

4. Remove dirty spots in a circular motion

Once you have removed your items and any dirt, submerge the empty bag into a sink of warm soapy water and rub the surface in circular motions. Being gentle and thorough should remove all the dirt and make your Herschel bag clean again. Please do not leave it to soak in the water to avoid damage.

5. Allow to air dry

Once your Herschel backpack is clean, you can remove it from the water. Turn it upside down and hang it up to dry on the line or a laundry rack. We recommend drying it in a sheltered area out of direct sunlight until it is completely dry to the touch.

6. Avoid using washing machine

Herschel does not recommend machine washing or dry cleaning their products to avoid them getting damaged during the cleaning process.

How To Wash Herschel Backpacks

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Do Herschel backpacks have a lifetime warranty?

According to Herschel, each of their products comes with a Limited Lifetime Warranty. Extended warranties like this are a sure sign that a company stands behind its products and customers.

What is the symbol for do not machine wash?

The symbol for do not machine wash is a simple but often little-known one. It is a tub filled with wavy water and a cross over it.

Which Herschel backpack is best for travel?

Typically, the best backpack for travel is the one with the features that best suit you. If you need a place to start, we recommend the travel series.


Herschel backpacks are a classic and functional style of backpack that can be used for any occasion. However, if you know how to clean a Herschel backpack, it will last much longer; take care of it, and it will take care of you.

  • Updated November 1, 2021