How To Organize A Diaper Bag (Essential Tips For Portability)

As any parent will be aware, babies come with a lot of stuff, and keeping track of it all can sometimes feel like a full-time job. Figuring out how to organize diaper bag or backpack can help you stay on track and is essential for ensuring that you have everything you need, whenever you need it.  

When you are caring for a baby, it is important to be prepared for anything! Read on for the ultimate guide, and learn everything you need to know.

Why Having A Diaper Bag Is Important? 

A diaper bag is more than merely a stylish accessory; this is a necessary purchase that will benefit parents thanks to being specially designed for the task. good diaper bag or backpack helps you stay organized and focused and, unlike a regular bag, has the added bonus of being leakproof and sturdy - both of which are very important when traveling with a baby! 

In short, a good diaper bag needs to have plenty of space and compartments, allowing you to store and find items quickly and easily. 

mother and daughter carrying a diaper bag

It should also be leakproof, stain-resistant, and able to handle the stresses and strains of daily parent life. 

What To Pack Inside a Diaper Bag (Baby’s Essential Items Checklist) 

So once you have the perfect diaper bag, just what do you need to remember to include? There are a number of essential items you will need for your baby, and we will explore these below. 

Baby Wipes

Baby wipes are a basic essential for any parent - these can come in handy for everything from wiping your baby's face to keeping things clean and sanitary. When your little one is on the move and putting their hands into everything and everything in their mouths, these are a real non-negotiable. Most baby wipes are easy to slip into a diaper bag and should be kept in a side pocket or somewhere easy to reach. 


Bibs are another crucial item, and you should always pack more than you think you will need, as babies have a habit of spitting up at the worst possible moments! Once again, keep these to hand, and preferably close to other food and water supplies, as these items will all be used together. 

Milk Bottles 

Once a baby starts fussing, you need to make sure that you have milk to hand as soon as possible, so milk bottles, prefilled with either formula or breast milk, are a must-have in any diaper bag. 

Water Sippy Cups 

Another easy-to-reach item needs to be sippy cups for water, allowing you to grab one as and when your baby needs it. You should always carry extra water or juice in your diaper bag to make sure you don't run out.

Changing Clothes  

More than one change of clothes is always advised. As any parent can attest, you never know when your child may have an accident. You should always carry extra clothes, shoes, sun hats, and any other item of clothing you might need.

baby clothes being folded

Baby’s First Aid Kit  

Essentials here include some sort of pain relief, teething gel when your baby hits that age, gas relief, saline wipes to keep things hygienic, baby band-aids, anti-mosquito patches, and nail clippers - tiny nails can cause a lot of damage. A baby first aid kit should be packed and ready to go for every occasion.


Keep snacks to hand to stop your little one from getting grouchy - once again, these should be close to hand. You should always carry extra baby food if you're child is not yet eating solid food. Some other snacks, like fruits and veggies, are excellent sources of energy for your child.


Depending on the age of your baby, your diaper bag may also include essentials to keep them entertained, such as a favorite teddy or toy. For slightly older children, you may want to carry around a kid's tablet or other entertainment device.

How To Organize A Diaper Bag (Essential Tips For Parents) 

Learning how to pack a diaper bag is crucial for keeping you organized and one step ahead. There are a few essential tips to remember: 

Organize By Category 

One essential hack to make your life easier is to organize your bag by category. How you define these is a personal choice, but one option is to arrange your items according to food, water, entertainment, safety and first aid, and hygiene essentials. The most important thing here is to have your own system and stick to it. 

Keep Diapers At Hand 

It goes without saying that you need to be able to grab a diaper at any moment - your little one might not offer much warning! Place diapers and changing supplies in the main body of your diaper bag, allowing you to grab them one-handed if need be. In some cases, your bag may come with a separate clutch, allowing you to keep diapers separate and accessible. 

Hang Wipes Outside The Bag 

Another great tip is to hang tissues and wipes outside the bag - this means that they are always to hand, and you do not have to waste time digging through your bag when spills and messes occur - this is especially useful if your own hands are sticky! 

Secure First Aid Supplies 

Make sure that your first aid supplies are all together in one easy-to-access area - preferably a zipped interior compartment. This allows you to grab what you need at a moment’s notice but keeps supplies away from curious little hands. 

Keep Milk Cool 

You should store milk and water in a cool section of the bag - some diaper bags will have a specialist compartment for this, allowing you to place the bottle on a sealed bag of ice or include an ice pack. Keeping milk and bottles in an interior pocket is a good idea, as this tends to be cooler. 

Keep Toys Close 

If you are including toys and other entertainment items in your diaper bag, these should be easily accessible and stored in the main compartment. That way, if your child is getting grouchy, you can easily access their favorite toys. 

diaper bag with bibs and baby clothes

People Also Ask (FAQs)

Can you use a backpack as a diaper bag? 

While you can use a backpack as a diaper bag, you need to make sure that this is large enough to carry everything you need and that it is able to withstand leaks and damage. Look for a backpack designed to be used as a diaper bag, as these often have easy to reach compartments. 

Can I use a tote as a diaper bag? 

While it is technically possible to use a tote as a diaper bag, this is unlikely to have the support that you need - they are not usually waterproof and are unlikely to have a range of different compartments. They can also get very heavy, as you are carrying your weight on one shoulder without a reinforced handle. 

How long do you need to use a diaper bag? 

Exactly how long you will need to use a diaper bag depends on your baby, but on average, you should expect to keep hold of your bag for around three years, so invest wisely and do your research! 

How do you keep a bottle cold in a diaper bag? 

If you want to keep a bottle cold in a diaper bag, you can place it on a small, sealed bag of ice or use a specialist ice pack. Make sure you pick a diaper bag designed to offer insulation, even if it is just in one section. 


Learning how to organize your diaper bag is important for keeping you one step ahead, and ensuring that you always have everything you need to keep your baby happy, healthy and comfortable - and, as the old adage goes, a happy baby leads to a happy parent! 

  • January 12, 2022