Look for These Features When Choosing a Diaper Bag

Getting ready for the birth of your little one?

You're sure to have a long shopping list, starting with a stroller, baby carriers, and plenty of baby clothes.

What you might not have thought about, however is buying a diaper bag. You definitely don't want to go without one!

Your diaper bag will become your best friend when you're out and about with your newborn.

How to Choose backpack diaper bag

It'll feel like you have to take everything but the kitchen sink with you when you take them out during the first few months. You have to be prepared for everything. A diaper bag will make that far easier.

You can carry toys, snacks, books, blankets, bottles and your own belongings in it. Of course, you'll also need diapers and wipes, as the name suggests!

A backpack diaper bag allows you to keep both your hands free for carrying your little one or pushing a stroller. 

But how do you know which is the best backpack diaper bag to go for?

In this review I'm going to tell you about some of the best backpack diaper bags out there. You're sure to find the perfect product for you on this list.

However, first things first. Let's have a closer look at what can actually be classed as a backpack diaper bag. 

What Are Backpack Diaper Bags?

There are various styles of diaper bag out there, but backpack diaper bags are our favourite. They have all the features of a standard diaper bag. However, being a backpack means that they are far easier to carry. 

Anyone who thinks they can get away with using an ordinary backpack as a diaper bag will have a nasty surprise.

A normal backpack will only have one main compartment and perhaps two smaller pockets.

You'll find that all the things you need for your baby will get mixed up. When you need to locate something quickly, that will be extremely frustrating.

A backpack diaper bag, on the other hand, may have up to 14 specially-designed pockets to keep you organised and keep stress levels down! 

A backpack diaper bag is also normally made out of special wipe-clean materials, so you can keep it clean far more easily than you could an average backpack. That makes it very practical for use around a baby. 

Different Types of Best Backpack Diaper Bag

A backpack diaper bag is a sub-category of diaper bag, but there are still lots of different options to choose from within this category. 

At first glance, it might seem there's little difference. However, if you pick one that has a design specific to your needs then you won't regret it. 

Here are a few of the different backpack diaper bag types available. 

How to choose diaper bag

Backpack Diaper Bag for Travel: Great for parents who plan on showing their little one the world. 

Backpack Diaper Bag for Cloth Diapers:  Cloth diapers are a little different to regular diapers and you'll appreciate a specially designed bag.

.Diaper Bags For Twins: If you're packing for two, you'll need extra space!

Leather Type Backpack Diaper Bag:  A popular, durable option. 

Convertible Backpack Diaper Bag: These bags don't always have to be a backpack, which makes them adaptable. Perfect for mothers.

Backpack Diaper Bag for Mom: Some bags are specially made for Mom, with styles to suit them. Great for the fashion conscious mother. 

Backpack Diaper Bag for Dad: Fashion conscious fathers aren't left out either. There are bags especially designed for them.

Backpack Diaper Bag with Cooler: Great for keeping your baby's milk or food cool on a hot day. We also have a guide on dedicated backpack coolers.

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Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Backpack Diaper Bag

Best backpack Diaper Bag

Okay, so you've decided which type of backpack diaper bag you want.

However, before you rush out to buy your backpack diaper bag and start stuffing it with all your baby products there are many different things you need to consider.

Spacious: It needs to be big enough to fit everything inside, obviously. However, it's impractical if a backpack diaper bag has just one main compartment, however large it is. More compartments allow for better organisation. 

Lightweight: Suppose your bag weighs 4 pounds when it's empty. Once you fill it with the things you need for your baby it will become heavy. A lighter bag is a much better choice.

Changing Pad: Luckily, most backpack diaper bags come with a matching changing pad. This is very useful as you can remove and clean it easily and your bag will last longer. It's also hugely practical when out and about.

• Comfortable Straps: Give yourself a break and buy something comfortable, as well as sturdy and durable. You should be able to carry a full pack without ending up with aching shoulders.

• Secure Zippers: You might not have given much though to how important sturdy zippers are for the bag to last a long time. They have to be easy to open and close one handed, too. If you're holding your baby, you won't have two hands available! 


A diaper bag will be one of the most important things you buy when you're getting ready for the birth of your child. 

Make sure you give it plenty of thought and choose the best one you possibly can considering your budget.

You won't regret making an investment in a quality bag, as this is something you'll be able to use in future if you have more children or pass it on to a friend or relative. 

  • Updated October 29, 2021