How to Choose the Best Office Backpack

Are you a bit of a backpack addict? Join the club. I loved the days I spent studying carrying around a selection of great college backpacks.

These days, however, I go off to the office in the morning rather than off to class. But that doesn't mean I've stopped carrying backpacks!

Backpacks are just as good a solution for your working life as there are for casual use. You just need the best office backpack.

How to choose best office Backpack

You may work in a casual companies where carrying a briefcase is too formal. A lot of your co-workers might carry messenger bags, but they're not really your style.

A backpack is a great way to break the mold and be practical and stylish at the same time. If you think they're a bit too casual, you'd be pleasantly surprised by some of the purpose-made office backpacks on the market today.

Convinced? Before you rush out and buy one, make sure you read this article carefully. We'll share all the features you need to be looking for when choosing the best backpacks for office use.

Follow These Steps to Choose the Best Office Backpack

Choosing a backpack for work is something you need to do with great care. You definitely don't want to look like a college student at the office. You have to pick a backpack that will look professional. 

Although there are more professional-looking backpacks out there than you might think, it's not always easy to find one.

However, if you follow these guidelines then you should be able to select a backpack that looks great and is super practical.–

Step 1: Notice the Straps

Before buying your office backpack, make sure you look carefully at how the straps are sewn on the top of the pack. If they are simply sewn on they may loosen over time or even break off. Look for reinforced straps.

Try to find a backpack whose straps form a slight curve, designed to mould to the shape of your body. This type of bag will give better support when you'e carrying it.

Most backpacks have adjustable straps but you should double check this before you buy. Everyone's different so straps can never be a one-size-fits-all affair. 

Step 2: What Do You Need to Carry?

Before purchasing a backpack, think about what you'll be transporting in it and choose a bag accordingly with helpful storage pockets and slots.

You might need to carry a hard drive, laptop, note pads, business cards, papers, pens... All of these should have a dedicated storage space.

Buy a backpack with spaces and pockets of all sizes and shapes. That way, you'll always know where everything is and be able to locate it quickly and won't end up rooting around for a pen when you need one. 

Step 3: Consider the Color of Your Backpack

When you buy an office pack, pay particular consideration to the color of your bag. Don’t choose excessively bright colors. Pick a color that goes with the majority of your work wardrobe.

Whilst it should be stylish it shouldn't be too eye-catching. After all, it's for professional use. 

Colours like ash, gray, beige or black look great with everything and don't stand out too much. Avoid the school backpack look at all costs! 

Step 4: Never Ignore Quick-Access Pockets

While choosing an office backpack, pay particular attention to quick access pockets. You need to be able to keep things like keys and your phone somewhere where you can access them without any issues.

Secret pockets, perhaps concealed on the back of the pack, are always handy too. 


The days of the briefcase are behind us and we can now be both comfortable and look professional at the same time with an office backpack.

The best office backpacks combine style and practicality and will make your morning commute far easier. 

  • Updated July 29, 2021